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The very best marketing comes right out of the mouths of 3WK listeners. But if you tend to be the quiet, deep type, here's some other ways to spread the word about 3WK:

3WK.COM Banners For Your Website:

Show the world you support independent radio! Save the below banners to your computer (right click to save) and display them brazenly on your website. Please don't alter the images and link to https://www.3wk.com. A commentary on how much you love 3WK wouldn't hurt either.

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indie rockers:

classic rockers:

artists and labels, here's some for you:

...and here's a leaderboard size banner to place on your site. just link to 3wk.com!

3WK.COM Pets:
Display these little cuties in a prominent place on your desk or in your cubicle. We'll give you the cat and dog, but if you're into giraffes, you're on your own. Take a picture of your own 3WK pet and send it to us so we can add it to the 3WK zoo. Just click on the dog or cat to open the template, then print out, fold, and then glue, tape, or staple. Adoration required.

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