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3WK.COM Member Donations

While 3WK continues to focus on independent labels and self released artists, most other internet, satellite, and terrestrial stations spotlight major label artists.

Contribute as much as possible today to help keep 3WK on air providing exposure to Indie, Classic, and 80's/90's Alternative artists through our airplay.

We owe many expenses: streaming servers, royalties, website hosting, data storage, office costs, etc, etc.. We can't support what we do with banner ads alone.

If you'd rather not use PAYPAL for you donation, we welcome your checks or money orders. Send an email requesting our address to mail a check or money order.

Thanks in advance from your music friends on the net and wireless at 3WK!

Jim and Wanda Atkinson/3WK Owners

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A 3WK Member Donation is a great way to pledge your ongoing support. With a Donation as a 3WK Member, you'll be assured continued access to high-quality streams for 3WK Undergroundradio (Indie Rock), 3WK Classic Alternative Radio (80's/90's), and 3WK Classic Undergroundradio (60's/70's).

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