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We're so excited here at 3WK! We've adapted to the times and moved to Youtube playlists. You can now listen at 3WK.COM or in Youtube (search for the the official 3WK.COM channel playlists). So far, we've had great feedback on our change from audio streams to video playlists. We play the same 3WK music, with just a slightly different way to listen. Listen at 3WK.COM with no audio ads. We've reduced the banner ads in our players, although if you become a 3WK Member, you can listen with no banners at all.

There are many advantages to moving to Youtube including their huge catalogue and getting 3WK in front of a new audience. We've found well over 90+% of the music we play on Youtube. We encourage all artists, labels and promoters to make sure entire albums are available on Youtube if they'd like to be included in the 3WK playlists and chart. If you listen at 3WK.COM, you can pause the player, easily see what is playing, played, and what's going to play. You can even skip ahead in the playlist.

To listen to 3WK in a minimized player on mobile devices, we recommmend getting a Youtube Red account and using the Youtube Music Player, it'll let you switch to "audio only" to save bandwidth. Wanda and I signed up for a Youtube Red multi user acct. We listen on multiple devices in our office and in the cars (bluetoothed to the car stereo). 3WK makes no money from any ads in Youtube itself.

Advice for listeners not in the U.S., use a VPN browser extension. Set your location to the U.S. and you'll hear all the videos. If you're listening in the Youtube app, goto: "general", then "location" and choose "United States" to hear all the videos.

3WK continues to to do all we can to be your spot on the net for the coolest new indie, along with classic alternative from the 80's/90's, true deep catalogue classic rock from the 60's/70's, hip classic jazz from the 50's-70's, and ClassicalMusicAmerica which highlights cool composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

As we won't be running membership announcements in our streams any longer, please remember to help out the cause by making a 3WK Member Donation in any amount or support 3WK thru an ongoing membership. Here's an easy way - Paypal your contribution to [email protected]. Thanks in advance for your continued support. Write [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

Jim, Wanda, James, Laura, Ken, John, Sunyatta, Eli, Colby, Dana, Greg

3WK.COM Site News And Action Points

  1. 3WK.COM wants our listeners to feel secure when visiting our site. We've taken the step of making our site https (SSL), ie; a Secure Site. SSL provides authentication, confidentiality, and integrity. As your visit to our site is encrypted, this is especially good for 3WK visitors who make Member Donations or login. Help out the cause - this is the perfect time to make a 3WK.COM Member Donation. To make our site secure for our visitors, we've had to spend extra money on top of our normal monthly expenses. Visit the 3WK.COM Store/Donation page today. It's important.
  2. Very Important : Please Turn Off Adblockers While Visiting 3WK.COM. Better Yet, Whitelist 3WK.COM In Your Adblocker Extension/Plugin.
  3. Spread the word about 3WK.COM. Like 3WKRadio on Facebook. Follow @3wkradio on Twitter.

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