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Beyoncé Blasts North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law
May 4, 2016 12:30pm | StereoGum
MIAMI, FLORIDA - APRIL 27: In this handout photo provided by Parkwood Entertainment, Beyonce performs during the opening night of the Formation World Tour at Marlins Park on April 27, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Parkwood Entertainment via Getty Images)

Morrissey gives Magic Mikes Joe Manganiello permission to make a Smiths film
May 4, 2016 12:26pm | Fact Magazine

It’s not a biopic, but Shoplifters Of The World is definitely a Smiths film.

Joe Manganiello (best known for Magic Mike and True Blood) has announced his next project is a film centered around the Smiths and he’s received Morrisseys blessing to move forward and use the band’s catalog in the soundtrack, Showbiz411 reports.

Part of why Morrissey has approved of the film (and not others) is because Shoplifters Of The World is not a biopic. The film stars Manganiello as a radio DJ named Mickey and centers around a 1987 incident where a Smiths fan held a Denver radio station at gun point in response to the band’s breakup. The story involves the fan forcing the station to play only Smiths songs on repeat, making soundtrack (and Morrissey’s permission) essential to the film.

It worked out due to screenwriter Stephen Kijak’s previous relationship with Morrissey, a connection that Manganiello told Collider helped them strike a deal over song usage.

“Morrissey agreed to give us the catalogue for a nice, affordable fee. Well, it’s not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, but we have Morrissey’s blessing to move forward with a the Smiths project,” he said. Manganiello, a big fan of the Smiths, is excited to move forward.

“Its just really...

Nite Jewel Dont Turn Me Away (Feat. Zoë Kravitz & Samantha Urbani) (Rexy Cover)
May 4, 2016 12:22pm | StereoGum
nitejewel-rexyEarlier this year, Samantha Urbani reissued '80s British duo Rexy's first and only album, Running Out Of Time, via her new URU label (with help from Lucky Number), and put out a cover of the group's track "Alien." Now, a few months down the line, Nite Jewel has shared a cover of … More »

DJ Shadow The Mountain Will Fall Video
May 4, 2016 12:22pm | StereoGum
DJ Shadow - DJ Shadow debuted the first video for his new LP The Mountain Will Fall, which is due out this summer. The title track came out last month after a relatively quiet period for the producer, and in the accompanying clip, an astronaut hurtles through space in slow motion. Watch below. More »

Roland Emmerich to destroy more things with Battle of the Midway film
May 4, 2016 12:17pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Look, we all know that director Roland Emmerich has a wee habit of blowing things up and detailing all sorts of on-screen destruction for the popcorn munchers. Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012 are all fine examples of this eccentric fetish of his, and one that has yet to wear off, as he’s about to double down on some more extraterrestrial chaos this summer with Independence Day: Resurgence.

Yet, wedged between Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow lies one of his better films, 2000’s Mel Gibson-starring The Patriot. Sure, the Revolutionary War blockbuster was more of a revenge fantasy film than a historical meditation on patriotism, but it’s nonetheless a broad departure from his signature style, an accessible war epic that thrived from solid performances and intriguing tension. Which is why his next project has us intrigued.

As Variety reports, Emmerich wants to make a film about 1942s Battle of the Midway. The producer and director announced his plans Tuesday night prior to a 20th anniversary screening of Independence Day. We’d like to imagine he sounded like a cross between Bill Pullman’s President Whitmore and our country’s late President Kennedy, pounding his fist on the podium and screaming, “I will take us to Midway!” Here’s what he actually said, tho...

Inter Arma share "The Paradise Gallows"; Withered share "Downward"
May 4, 2016 12:17pm | Brooklyn Vegan

The two bands are touring together, and their NYC show now includes Pyrrhon opening.

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Fear of Men share "Sane" from new LP, announce North American tour (BV presenting their NYC show)
May 4, 2016 12:12pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Fear of Men have just shared "Sane" from new album Fall Forever when it drops June 3. With a rat-a-tat snares and toms that are like stones skipping on the water, "Sane" is featherframe light and quite beautiful...

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Martha Goldmans Detective Agency Video
May 4, 2016 12:08pm | StereoGum
Martha - Martha's video for "Goldman's Detective Agency" is framed as a noir mystery in which the band's Naomi Griffin is a private eye that has to go undercover as a "fashion detective" to find a client's missing husband. After a shadowy start, the video (which was directed by Nathan Stephens Griffin) switches over to something … More »

Stream Gorguts Pleiades Dust
May 4, 2016 12:07pm | StereoGum
Gorguts - Pleiades' DustProgressive death metal benchmarks Gorguts are streaming their fantastic new album-length composition Pleiades' Dust today. This recording is currently the frontrunner -- you might say presumptive nominee -- for my 2016 AOTY. I've gone ...

Dan Deacon performing new piece 'An Opal Toad With Obsidian Eyes: Movement 1′ at Fields Festival (listen to an excerpt)
May 4, 2016 11:59am | Brooklyn Vegan

The forever-eccentric Dan Deacon is playing his hometown-area fest Fields Festival this summer, and his set will have him performing the new and unreleased piece An Opal Toad With Obsidian Eyes: Movement 1 in its entir...

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Fields Festival is a 3-day MD Fest w/ Sun Ra Arkestra, Dan Deacon, Wolf Eyes, Deakin, Lower Dens & many more!
May 4, 2016 11:57am | Brooklyn Vegan

Fields Festival is a three-day camping/music festival happening 30 minutes north of Baltimore City in rural Darlington, Maryland's Camp Ramblewood (just outside of Havre de Grace). 2016 is the festival's third consecutive year, and this one happens from August 19 - 21 with an impressive lineup including The Sun Ra Arkestra, Dan Deacon, Wolf Eyes, Deakin, Deradoorian, Weyes Blood, Pictureplane, Lower Dens, Container, Prince Rama, Abdu Ali, Princess Nokia, Flock of Dimes, Eartheater, Horse Lords, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Outer Spaces an...

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Heres Mac DeMarcos sun-soaked Prince cover
May 4, 2016 11:56am | Chart Attack

Weeks after his death, the world is still mourning the loss of Prince. Fans are reflecting back on his legacy, people are mowing football field sized love symbols into their farm fields, and artists are paying their tributes with one Prince cover after the next. Well, now it's Mac DeMarco's turn. He's released a his own rendition of "It's Gonna Be Lonely," from Prince's 1979 self-titled.

Performing with his band by the shore of Brooklyn's Far Rockaway Beach, Mac sticks pretty close to Prince's original, opting to gently colour it with his own sun-soaked indie rock vibe that, now that I think about it, owes quite a bit to Prince.

There's also a dude dancing in the background with a leather sex mask on, because, you know, it's Mac DeMarco. That same mask made an appearance a few weeks ago in the video for his James Taylor cover. Seems to be his thing lately.


Prince New Girl playlist

Prince made a real playlist for his fictional house party on the show New Girl

Mac teased the release of this cover last week on Instagram, writing: "We lost a true hero of mine the other day. Although it's sad, I'm sure he's ripping a hot solo right now in the next dimension. RIP. Got a #treat in his #honor #comingsoon"

Broken Beak Saint Video
May 4, 2016 11:41am | StereoGum
Broken Beak -

Hip-Hop Evolution tells the origin story of hip-hop from the inside out
May 4, 2016 11:39am | Chart Attack
Hot Docs is North Americas largest documentary film festival. This week, we're zooming in on the festival's music-related films.

Hip-hop has come a long way from its humble beginnings in The Bronx. Today, the genres most successful artists have reached superstar levels of fame, and for many fans, recalling a time when hip-hop wasnt at the forefront of pop culture would be a difficult task. Hip-Hop Evolution, directed by Darby Wheeler, investigates the social, political, and economic landscape that gave birth to the genre in hopes of bringing this knowledge back into the scenes collective consciousness.

In the first installment in the four-part series courtesy of Banger Films, Canadian hip-hop artist and connoisseur Shad takes a trip to New York to speak with some of the folks who laid the foundation for the artists who are doing it today. Hes charismatic and entertaining throughout, and his love for the music is clear as he speaks to the godfathers of the genre Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel, and Russell Simmons. Each share their own insights into how hip-hop began, what kind of role they played in its evolution, the techniques they used, and where they got the inspiration.

Hip-Hop Evolution is more than a mere list of names and dates though. The film does a great job painting a vivid picture of what exactly was going on in late 70s New York, using vintage footage, firsthand accou...

Vallens ready debut LP (listen to mournful single "Devour") playing Northside Fest and other shows
May 4, 2016 11:36am | Brooklyn Vegan

Toronto's Vallens will release their debut album, Consent, on June 24 via Hand Drawn Dracula. We've got the premiere of its first single, "Devour," and like 2014 single "Tennessee Haze" (which reappears here), it's druggy, mournful, shoegazy rock. Listen up...

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