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RAPID FIRE: Wayne Coynes life philosophy and dinner with Jesus Christ
Oct 24, 2014 10:49am | Chart Attack
Our video series Rapid Fire gets our favourite artists to answer hard-hitting questions from their childhood, imagination, and the future, as fast as they can before our non-existent timer runs out.

I firmly believe that Wayne Coyne, lead singer and blog headline maker of the Flaming Lips, is a child trapped inside an adult's body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and to be honest I'm jealous of his childlike joy. Sitting down on a couch, Wayne showed off his gummy bear necklace, glitter nail polish, and to top it off, he pulled out some fun size candy bars to snack on. All fitting for a band who named their new Beatles cover album With A Little Help From My Fwends (stream it at NPR).

Naturally, Rapid Fire is a perfect fit for Wayne. We learn about his philosophy on life, a hopeful dinner with both Jesus Christ and another historical figure who you most certainly do not want to have dinner with. So sit back, relax, realize you don't have gummy bears and glitter, drive to your nearest bulk candy store, purchase said candy and glitter, rush back home, hit play, and enjoy the video. Please save your applause for after the viewing is completed.

The Flaming Lips' new cover album With A Little Help From My Fwends is coming out on October 28th through Warner Music Canada.

RAPID FIRE: Wayne Coyne’s life philosophy and dinner with Jesus Christ by Ryan Parker | Chart ...

She & Him set release date for Classics album, share Dusty Springfield cover
Oct 24, 2014 10:48am | Cosequence Of Sound

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (tka She & Him) have shared the release date for their latest album, Classics.  The 13-track collection of “carefully-selected, timeless standards” is due out December 2nd via Columbia Records. It’s the duo’s first album for the major label; their previously four albums, most recently last year’s Volume 3, came out via Merge Records.

As previously reported, the pair recorded the covers album live alongside a 20-piece orchestra, “allowing a spontaneity that captured the spirit of the songs in their truest forms.” As Deschanel explained, “It was a dream of ours to record these songs in a way that highlighted the brilliance of the songwriting and the beauty of their melodies.”

To accompany today’s announcement, She & Him have shared their cover of Dusty Springfield‘s classic single “Stay Awhile”. Here, Deschanel and Ward have totally re-imagined the love-sick ballad. What was once a more upbeat, slightly rock-inspired number has been re-imagined as mournful country tune, complete with dusty orchestration and some especially heartbroken wailing from Deschanel. Still, sorrowful and contemplative is sort of this duo’s wheelhouse, and they’re penchant for pristine pain is amped to the Nth degree thanks to the orchestra.

The song is available at She & Him’s official website....

Colin Meloy will be busking at Bedford & N. 7th, playing new Decemberists songs today
Oct 24, 2014 10:48am | Brooklyn Vegan

The Decemberists in Austin in 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

Earlier this year, The Decemberists played their first shows since 2011, and now they have new music on the way... which you can preview in like 20 minutes from now. Frontman Colin Meloy tweeted that he'll be busking in Williamsburg at Bedford and N 7th at 11:30 AM and will be playing new Decemberists songs. "I'll be the bearded and bespectacled guy," he adds.

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Cuneiform Records celebrated 30th anniversary with Ideal Bread, The Microscopic Septet & Number Stations (pics)
Oct 24, 2014 10:46am | Brooklyn Vegan

Photos by Greg Cristman

Ideal Bread / The Microscopic Septet / Number Stations

Cuneiform Records has been home to a stylistically diverse -- yet united in avant-garde leanings -- roster for three decades and the label celebrated their 30th anniversary with a show at ShapeShifter Lab in Gowanus on Wednesday (10/22). Three of Cuneiform's artists played: Ideal Bread injected some whimsy into their set of Steve Lacy covers by using spatulas, books and handbags as percussion to jolt the crowd at the start of their set; The Microscopic Septet's front line of saxophones was impressive; and trombonist Curtis Hasselbring's current project, Number Stations, opened the night. Pictures from the whole evening are in this post and continue below...

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Buzz Records & Ipsum Magazine: Weaves, HSY, Vulture Shit, Mexican Slang, The Beverleys @ Shea Stadium: October 23, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 10:36am | CMJ

Last night at much-loved Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium, Buzz Records and Ipsum Magazine presented a slew of impressive new artists, including Muuy Bien, The Beverleys, Mexican Slang, Vulture Shit and HSY. Rounding off the gig with an incredible bang was Toronto weirdo-poppers Weaves.

Photos by Martha Naranjo Sandoval and Steven Trotman.

The post Buzz Records & Ipsum Magazine: Weaves, HSY, Vulture Shit, Mexican Slang, The Beverleys @ Shea Stadium: October 23, 2014 appeared first on CMJ.

Oct 24, 2014 10:26am | StereoGum

With the ascendance of Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, fellow Odd Future members like Hodgy Beats and Mike G and Domo Genesis have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle. Domo, for one, is not ready to let that happen. Last night, he shared “STRICTLY4MYNIGGAZ,” the first taste of his forthcoming Under The Influence 2 mixtape, and it’s a good one. On the track, Domo, whose delivery used to be relatively sleepy, absolutely attacks a hard ’90s-style horn-sampling boom-bap beat from producer Sap, going in on race in a way that the OF guys seldom do. Listen below.


The Antlers Doppelganger (Daniel Lanois Anti-Thesis Remix) (Stereogum Premiere)
Oct 24, 2014 10:18am | StereoGum

Legendary producer Daniel Lanois and esteemed indie-rockers the Antlers have a show together next month at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. It’s called Anti-Thesis, a reference to their shared record label, Anti-, and it also features labelmates Tinariwen and Lonnie Holley. That’s the poster for it up top. To mark the occasion, Lanois — whose new album Flesh And Machine is streaming at NPR this week — remixed the Antlers’ Familiars track “Doppelganger.” Hear the haunting results below.


Twin Peaks, Happyness, Wytches, Spring King, Nai Harvest @ Rough Trade: October 23, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 10:17am | CMJ

Some faves of the fest so far took the stage again last night at Rough Trade. Twin Peaks continues to pull folks up front with their fevered, fun times hook-rock; and Wytches bashed through their neo-grunge. Happyness, Spring King and Nai Harvest added to this bill of baseball hat and baggy pants rock. But if such normcore is going to survive (we’re looking at you, Happyness), it might need to get less normal, like Twin Peaks insane, amazing, monster-pound drummer who is worth the price of admission alone.

Photos by Thomas Boucher and Jed Gerlach

The post Twin Peaks, Happyness, Wytches, Spring King, Nai Harvest @ Rough Trade: October 23, 2014 appeared first on CMJ.

Pirate radio anthems, instrumental grime and Korean karaoke: the weeks best free mixes
Oct 24, 2014 10:15am | Fact Magazine

Each week, FACTs Mixtape Round-Up trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you dont have to.

Change is afoot here at FACT HQ – the weekly mixes column will now be coming to you every Friday, with the mixtapes column being compiled into a biweekly list dropping every other Thursday.

This week’s selection is a no-brainer, with booming pirate-friendly garage anthems, more grime than you can shake a pointy stick at, K-pop edits and a brief look at New York City’s club scene.

Use your keyboards arrow keys or hit the prev / next arrows on your screen to turn pages (page 1/7)

Courtney Love Cast In Hip-Hop TV Drama Empire
Oct 24, 2014 10:12am | StereoGum

Courtney Love just played a recurring role on the final season of Sons Of Anarchy, and she’s not done with TV acting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Love will make the leap from cable to broadcast, becoming a recurring guest star on Empire, a new music industry drama from Fox. Lee Daniels, director of Precious and The Butler, is the man behind the show, and it’ll star Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and Gabourey Sidibe. Love will play “hard rocker Elle Dallas part of the titular record label’s stable of musicians.” This should not be too difficult for her!

Q&A: Team Spirits Ayad Al Adhamy Talks About His Tattoos
Oct 24, 2014 10:07am | StereoGum

Sponsored by Dead Bolt Wine. Break into Dead Bolt wines responsibly.

Since retiring from his position as the keyboardist in Passion Pit, Ayad Al Adhamy has become best known as frontman of the Brooklyn-based band Team Spirit, and founder of Black Bell Records. Team Spirit released their debut LP, Killing Time, last month, and if you’ve seen any of their videos, you know the band is just as committed to their visual aesthetic as they are to their off-kilter brand of aggressive garage-pop. At 29, Al Adhamy has acquired somewhere around 20 tattoos, adding between three and six new ones every year since he started “collecting” at 23. Aside from getting tattooed, Al Adhamy has been giving a few tattoos, decorating the bodies of some of his closest friends after acquiring his own bootleg equipment.


Run Them Jewels Faster: Killer Mike and El-P leak RTJ2 early
Oct 24, 2014 10:00am | Chart Attack

It's an early Christmas f*cking miracle: Run The Jewels' new free album RJT2 is out now. The album was supposed to come out this Monday, but Killer Mike and El-P developed itchy trigger fingers and fired it into their fans' inboxes in the middle of the night. The culprit? Same as always. A leak.

#RunTheJewels 2 is here fuck that other leak!

— Killer Mike (@KillerMikeGTO) October 24, 2014

The album's free anyway, so might as well grab it from the source. Download it here. The album features Zack de la Rocha, Foxygen-offshoot Diane Coffee and Travis Barker, among others. And despite that Blink-182 feature, it goes hard.

Get the all-meowing version soon.

Stream RTJ2 above and download it here. You can also buy it in stores or on iTunes starting October 27 via Mass Appeal.

Run Them Jewels Faster: Killer Mike and El-P leak RTJ2 early by Richard Trapunski | Chart Attack.

Mark Kozelek Christmas Time Is Here (Vince Guaraldi Cover)
Oct 24, 2014 9:58am | StereoGum

The announcement that Mark Kozelek would, in 2015, release an album of Christmas standards came last December, along with some of the songs that would appear on that album. We were given “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “O Come All Ye Faithful” in time to add them to our Christmas 2014 playlists, and today, we get another: “Christmas Time Is Here,” the profoundly melancholy choral number from A Charlie Brown Christmas, written by Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson. I don’t think I’m alone in saying the original is one of the very best winter-specific songs in recorded history, and I’ll add that Koz’s interpretation is every bit as lovely, ethereal, and transporting. Koz includes the dialogue from the film that was featured on the soundtrack version, but he adapts that, too: Kozelek, appropriately, plays the role of Charlie Brown, while a friend stands in for Linus. The names are changed, though. Says the Linus character to his glum companion: “Mark, you’re the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem … Of all the Mark Kozeleks in the world, you’re the Mark Kozelek-iest.” Perfect. The whole thing is perfect. You gotta listen.


Champion: The Kills, Moon Duo, Nuns, Slothrust @ Bowery Ballroom: October 23, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 9:55am | CMJ

Last night’s sold-out Champion showcase at the Bowery Ballroom brought the Kills’ loaded riff-rock to the forefront of a nostalgic crowd. The Kills were backed by Moon Duo’s heavy psychedelia, Nuns’ scuzz punk and Slothrust’s busy garage flair.

Photos by Aehee Kang Asano, Courtney Schenck and Lisa Walker.

The post Champion: The Kills, Moon Duo, Nuns, Slothrust @ Bowery Ballroom: October 23, 2014 appeared first on CMJ.

Allo Darlin Bright Eyes Video (Stereogum Premiere)
Oct 24, 2014 9:53am | StereoGum

Last month, we shared Allo Darlin’s single “Bright Eyes” from their most recent record We Come From The Same Place , which we also posted for you to stream. Now we premiere for you the silly, tongue-in-cheek video for “Bright Eyes,” one of the emotional highs on Allo Darlin’s most recent release. Since the song is more or less a conversation between a man and a woman about the happiness they experience being together, it makes sense that the theme for the video is relationships. The brighter side of being in love is shown through the random pairing of objects on the wedding cake, while a recurring couples therapy type situation serves to comment on the pitfalls of relationships. Still, the patients are inanimate objects only serve the purpose of setting up a cringe-worthy (in a good way) pun that flashes across the screen. Check out the video, directed by Casey Raymond, below.

We Come From The Same Place is out now on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop. Read our interview with Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris.

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Buy it at Insound!


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