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Boosie announces a release date for Life After Death Row, his first project since being released from prison
Oct 28, 2014 7:02pm | Fact Magazine

Life After Death Row, his first project since being released from prison" src="" width="685" height="365" />

The Louisiana rapper’s mixtape will arrive on Thursday.

Last week Baton Rouge’s favourite son announced that he will now perform under the name of Boosie Badazz, putting the Lil Boosie moniker to rest.

Today the rapper has announced the release date for Life After Death Row, the first collection of Boosie material to arrive following his release from prison in earlier this year.

Although no tracklist has been released at this point, Boosie has confirmed that Life After Death Row will arrive on Thursday 30 October. The mixtape will be Boosie’s first solo effort since 2010′s Gone til December.

Boosie’s long-awaited Touchdown 2 Cause Hell album is yet to receive a concrete release date having been pushed back numerous times this year.

Boosie Badazz, real name Torrence Hatch, served five years in Louisiana State Penetentiary on drug charges before being released in March this year.

Boosie’s collaboration with Meek Mill received the highest score in this week’s Singles Club.

Buzzcocks Its Not You Video
Oct 28, 2014 6:40pm | StereoGum

Back in May, Buzzcocks put out their PledgeMusic-funded record, The Way for backers only. It’s their first album in eight years, and it’s not getting an official release on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, and they’ve shot an video for album track “It’s Not You.” It features images of the band members washed out and playing superimposed on a brick wall lit up in funky colors. Watch below.


Scouse beatsmith Melé unveils his new Quadrant imprint
Oct 28, 2014 6:13pm | Fact Magazine

The Liverpudlian producer will inaugurate his own label with a new 12″ next month.

Melé first garnered the attention of club music connoisseurs in 2010 when he made waves with his high-energy brand of UK Funky-infused bass music. Since then Melé has gone to to release EPs for Mixpak, Grizzly and Toddla T’s Girls Music imprint, collaborating with the likes of Kano and Nu Brand Flexx along the way.

Melé’s desire to avoid sticking to one strain of sound has resulted in a dynamic, wide-ranging output that has also seen the artist have trouble when it comes to finding a home for his often difficult-to-classify creations. ”I steer away from the genre box and therefore my sound can chop and change, so over the last few years I’ve struggled to find a label where my music fits perfectly,” he says.

As a solution to this Melé has launched his own Quadrant label, set to be inaugurated by the man himself. The first release will be a two-track 12″, with further efforts set to come from Mak & Pasteman and unknown production duo Callahan.

You can stream QUAD001 below. The record will be released on November 10.


A The Ritzy
B Learn 2 Love

Watch Wayne Coyne Tell A Halloween Story On Comedy! Bang! Bang!
Oct 28, 2014 6:09pm | StereoGum

Wayne Coyne makes an appearance on the next episode of IFC’s podcast-turned-TV-show Comedy! Bang! Bang!. He’s (badly) dressed as a bloody Carrie (from the movie Carrie, of course) and tells a whole Halloween story using only the names of candy bars (and a few other food items that sneak in towards the end). He also appears on Reggie Watts’ web show, Reggie Makes Music, where he makes some spooky music while still dressed in his Carrie costume. You can watch both below.


Lemonade Orchid Bloom Video
Oct 28, 2014 5:53pm | StereoGum

Lemonade’s video for “Orchid Bloom” is a dizzying look at our darkest nights, those ones when you’re drunk and maybe a little high and your mind keeps flashing back to a past love, where your whole being is filled with a desire for a missed connection. Subtitles stand in for our own subconscious worries and thoughts — one of them reads “What’s wrong with you, dude?” and they get more esoteric as the video continues: “So there’s infinite parallel dimensions where every possible outcome is happening. I’m gonna go there.” The quick cuts and bright lights are a little overwhelming at times, but it perfectly captures the feeling that it’s trying to recreate. Watch below.


Hear For Jack, Eric Claptons Tribute To Jack Bruce
Oct 28, 2014 5:32pm | StereoGum

Last week, Cream’s Jack Bruce passed away. Now, Eric Clapton has shared a song called “For Jack” that’s dedicated to his former bandmate. It’s a quiet and reflective instrumental that features no words, but you can feel the emotion behind it. Clapton posted it to his Facebook page earlier today, along with the following message: “He was a great musician and composer, and a tremendous inspiration to me.” Listen below.


Shamir On The Regular Video
Oct 28, 2014 5:17pm | StereoGum

Shamir debuted earlier this year with his impressive Northtown EP, which was put out on Godmode Records. He’s now transitioned over to XL (along with fellow new signee Låpsley) and announced that move in a big way with “On The Regular,” his first single for the big-name indie label. It’s a bratty schoolyard dis track that snaps like a rubber band, featuring mile-a-minute rap and a bubblegum-smacking beat. Shamir knows how to switch it up, too: the bridge is a beautifully sung ode to disco diva culture that’s accompanied by a ferocious grin: “Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample/ Step to me and you will be handled/ See, that’s my crown on the mantle and if you try and touch it, yes, there will be scandal.” The video asserts the song’s Shamir-as-king stance, with visuals that pop with color (sometimes literally). Listen below.


Ariel Pink visited PS 22 Chorus who covered two songs from his new album (video)
Oct 28, 2014 5:07pm | Brooklyn Vegan

PS 22 Chorus w/ Ariel Pink earlier this month (via PS 22 Chorus)

You may remember that Staten Island's famed PS 22 Chorus covered Ariel Pink's song "Round and Round" a few years ago. On a recent trip to NYC to promote his forthcoming album, pom pom, Pink visited the PS 22 Chorus who had worked up some special renditions of a couple of the album's tracks: the lighthearted "Jell-o" (which makes a lot more sense when sung by kids) and the more grim "Picture Me Gone," covering a few blips on the massive spectrum that Pink's music occupies. Check the videos out below.

The chorus members also had the opportunity to ask Pink questions. As a former art teacher, Pink's rapport with the kids was endearing, explaining his writing process, the meanings behind the songs and more. One member even went on to say, "When you're dead, I think that they should call you a legend."

Pink's upcoming tour stops in NYC at Terminal 5 on February 25. Tickets for that show (a much bigger venue than Pink's played here) are still available.

Check out the new videos from PS22, as well as their 2011 cover of "Round And Round," as well as well as Pink's full tour schedule, below...

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The Woolen Men releasing new EP (stream a track), playing East Coast dates, including NYC at DbA, Cake Shop & Shea
Oct 28, 2014 4:59pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Woolen Men @ Baby's All Right in April (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Portland, OR trio The Woolen Men will release a new EP, titled Rain Shapes, via Loglady Records in early 2015. You can check out a song from that, "Rain Shapes" -- a driving number in the band's catchy understated style. It premieres in this post and you can watch it below.

Woolen Men, who played the BV-presented Red Bull Sound Select show back in April, will be on a short East Coast tour starting next week, including a few NYC shows. They'll play one of the final shows at Death by Audio on November 6 with Lame Drivers and a mystery TBA headliner. They'll also play Shea Stadium on November 11 with Hamish Kilgour, and Cassie Ramone, and finally Cake Shop on November 12 with Journalism and Lures.

All dates are listed, along with the new song stream, below...

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5 Hidden Gems from Dirty Beaches Deep Back Catalogue
Oct 28, 2014 4:56pm | Chart Attack
Photo via: Cody Hicks

Released in 2011, Badlands catapulted Alex Zhang Hungtai's moody home recordings as Dirty Beaches onto world tours and festival stages. The record was an organizational and stylistic leap; loops of earth-rending guitar noise t-boning pop samples with the vinyl scratches left on, and a sui generis atmosphere that always seemed to defer to something true rather than the character Hungtai had created.

This reality, elicited by the charged music, could have been both a complex set of feelings or a set of images (hence all those cinematic comparisons). Everyone loves a sequel, and 2013's double album Drifters/Love Is The Devil didn't shortchange anyone who appreciated Zhang Hungtai for his Tarantino levels (had to do it one time) of accoutrement, or the smouldering passion from which everything flowed.

Today, Alex Zhang Hungtai announced that his new album, Stateless, will be his last as Dirty Beaches. But if you're lamenting the loss of a project that still seemed to have so much potential, Dirty Beaches didn't just arrive fully formed at Badlands. Before all that, he developed his lo-fi experiments in Montreal at a prolific rate. His back catalogue contains both sketches of his sound to come and tangents that stand alone as great compositions in their own regard.

His discography is well wort...

HAIM team with Calvin Harris for Pray to God listen
Oct 28, 2014 4:50pm | Cosequence Of Sound

In recent months, the three sisters of HAIM have found themselves teaming with a rather interesting pool of collaborators. From Stevie Nicks to Kid Cudi, The Killers to Mumford and Sons, and  even ASAP Ferg himself, each new team-up has brought the siblings a little higher on their ascension up the pop music ladder.

Today, they find themselves a new ally in the realm of EDM as they team with Calvin Harris for “Pray to God”. Thanks to their other musical dalliances, the sisters Haim seem more than prepared for the bass-centric world of modern dance music. Their multi-part harmonies are especially bright and warm over the cascade of lasery synths and spurts of wubby drums, sounding like a poppier version of some mid-’70s Gloria Gaynor disco anthem. I can’t say this is the start of a new side gig within EDM, but they definitely bring some romantic fire to the scene.

Listen in below (via Teco Apple).

“Pray To God” is off Harris’ new album, Motion, due out November 4th via Fly Eye/Columbia/Sony.

San Antonio Plans $100M Museum Named After Phil Collins
Oct 28, 2014 4:47pm | StereoGum

This year Phil Collins announced his first concert since 2010, sang “In The Air Tonight” for the first time since 2005, reunited with Genesis’ classic lineup (in person, not on stage). But the most fascinating bit of Collins news in 2014 might have been the revelation that he donated a massive collection of Alamo memorabilia to the state of Texas. Apparently the man spends a lot of time remembering the Alamo! Now Reuters reports that San Antonio will build a $100 million museum named after Collins, which will include his memorabilia plus other Alamo artifacts.


Mac DeMarco did a Reddit AMA, so we turned it into a YouTube playlist
Oct 28, 2014 4:27pm | Chart Attack
Photo by: Laura-Lynn Petrick

Mac DeMarco is a very talented singer/songwriter, but sometimes that takes a backseat to how his fans receive him: as a living internet meme. So naturally that makes him a perfect candidate for a Reddit AMA. Like Mac himself, it's a synthesis of casual music geekery and dick jokes. Starting at 1pm, fans could ask him anything, and most of them asked if they could hang out with him (his answer, most of the time: sure, why not?). In between, he shouted out some cool music they might not know.

Of course, some will be more interested in his penis size ("there are days I can't find it down there"), his odour ("I don't actually smell that bad usually, probably like cigarettes, but at least I don't smell like a gym bag. right now I actually smell pretty funky.") and the names of the songs on his in-progress new album ("New Jersey Horse Fuck Face, Hold That Pepper Close Bitch, The Testicle Saloon"), but we're a music website, so we're going to focus on his music recommendations. Read the whole thing here.

Below is the Mac DeMarco AMA YouTube playlist, with commentary from Reddit user Msldemarco.

Favourite current album: "hmm... tokyo joe by ruichi sakamoto maybe, been listening a lot."

Favourite Modern Lovers song: "girlfriend is a good song"

Favourite punk "other" than Jonathan Richman: "hahaha jonathan isn't too punk last ...

Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ2
Oct 28, 2014 4:09pm | StereoGum

I don’t know how this is even possible, but Run The Jewels are getting better. They were already a mean motherfucking machine last year, when Killer Mike and El-P got together for their self-titled RTJ debut. These two guys, with vastly different backgrounds but similar mentalities and complementary visions, had somehow found each other. They’d figured out that what the world needed was a hard, merciless, frill-free 40-minute shit-talking monster of an album, and they delivered it. Mike and El had no greater purpose on that first album. They just wanted to let you know, in exquisite detail, how happy they would be to slap your face off your skull. Now, a year and a half later, they’re back again, still cracking bones with their teeth. And they’ve expanded things, talking about a few things beyond the whole I’m-the-shit thing, while still letting you know, on no uncertain terms, that they are the shit. RTJ2 is as hard and blunt and all-crushing as their debut, but it’s bigger and deeper and prettier. They’re a meaner motherfucking machine now, and there’s a very good chance that RTJ2 is the best album anyone will release in 2014, in any genre. (As with the first album, RTJ2 is a free download, which would normally put it into Mixtape Of The Week contention. But you can buy it, if you want, which complicates things. And anyway, these guys are calling it an album, and I don�...

Calvin Harris & Haim Pray To God
Oct 28, 2014 4:05pm | StereoGum

When Calvin Harris released the tracklist for his new album Motion, one of the most intriguing guests was Haim. Now that Motion is streaming, their collaboration is out there in the world. It’s called “Pray To God,” and it sounds like the best possible outcome of a Calvin Harris song featuring Haim. The melody and chord progression boast that effervescent swagger that made Days Are Gone so satisfying, and Harris lends a luxuriant fullness to the beat. It’s as formulaic as any Harris hit, yet “Pray To God” feels like more than just a cookie-cutter EDM-pop song. Hear it below.


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Buy it at Insound!


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