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Owen releases Depeche Mode cover from new LP (listen)
Oct 31, 2014 8:36am | Brooklyn Vegan

Mike Kinsella w/ American Football at Webster Hall (more by Amanda Hatfield)

As discussed, Mike Kinsella is releasing a new Owen album of covers called Other People's Songs on December 2 via Polyvinyl. He's already released the Smoking Popes cover and the Against Me! cover, and now he's put out his cover of Depeche Mode's "Judas." Like the others, he really makes it sound like an Owen song. Check it out below.

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Tim & Barrys footwork documentary featuring Rashad and Spinn to premiere at Londons ICA
Oct 31, 2014 8:34am | Fact Magazine

Go and watch this ace full-length film on Chicago’s legends-in-the-making.

Don’t Watch That honchos Tim & Barry will premiere their documentary on Chicago footwork at the Institute of Contemporary Arts next month.

I’m Tryna Tell Ya is a look at the origins and development of footwork, both as a sound and a dance style, as told by the scene’s most vital personalities, from the late great DJ Rashad and his buddy DJ Spinn to Traxman, RP Boo, DJ Earl and more. As well as meeting some of the best dancers in the city, the filmmakers go behind the scenes with the producers to watch them sampling records, recording vocals and laying down tracks.

NTS Radio and Hyperdub will host the premiere at the ICA on The Mall on November 15 at 8:50pm. Tickets are available now priced from £9.

MTV Unplugged In New York Turns 20
Oct 31, 2014 8:32am | StereoGum

Funny thing about suicide: It’s not a mystery to be solved. When someone you know, or someone you admire, takes her own life, there’s always a temptation to rifle through your memories of that person, looking for some clue of what might happen. It’s not there — or, if it is, there’s usually no reason to think of it as a clue at the time. I once had a next-door neighbor, a guy I didn’t really know, who killed himself one afternoon while I was home on the other side of his living room wall. The street filled up with emergency vehicles, cops milled around outside and refused to answer questions, and the dead man’s loved ones walked and and walked out in some hell-trance. The next morning, everything was gone, and the trash truck picked up the dead man’s garbage just like they picked up mine. This was someone I saw every day or two, someone who grilled outside a lot and had a really pleasant what’s-up wave. The news that he’d killed himself didn’t compute. But then, I didn’t know him, and I never will. It was the same with Kurt Cobain. Millions of us felt like we knew this guy. None of us did. Cobain recorded the live album MTV Unplugged In New York a few months before he died, and it came out a few months after. If you were of a certain age and disposition, you might’ve spent hours combing through the album, looking for some indication of what he was going through. Was that voice-c...

Suspiria is the masterpiece of Goblin: Claudio Simonetti reflects on the best horror soundtrack of all time
Oct 31, 2014 8:31am | Fact Magazine

Its our favorite horror soundtrack of all time, and in Goblin founder member and de-facto frontman Claudio Simonettis own words, Suspiria is the masterpiece of Goblin, and maybe also Dario Argento as well.

Almost four decades have passed since Suspiria was released in 1977, and its rarely dipped from view. Before 1977 Argento and his run of distinctive slasher flicks were very much an Italian concern. Suspiria, however, propelled his unique style across the world. It was his first film to dwell on the supernatural, and this fresh focus helped entice hungry horror audiences in the USA and beyond. In Japan the film was so popular that Profondo Rosso was picked for release afterwards and repackaged as Suspiria Part 2 despite the films being totally unrelated.

This might not have seemed too important at the time, but over the years fans who were merely children when they caught a glimpse of Argentos vivid, often disturbing set pieces or heard a snippet of Goblins twanging score grew up. Recently their name has been bandied about so much youd be forgiven for ignoring them out of spite. From genre-bending rock acts Mogwai and Secret Chiefs 3 to near direct descendants Zombi and Umberto, Goblins influence has sunk into the musical architecture at this point, and theyre still being discovered by legions of new listeners thanks to their accessibility online. Theyre even touring again, in multiple incarnatio...

Avey Tares Slasher Flicks Catchy (Was Contagious) Video
Oct 31, 2014 8:30am | StereoGum

Avey Tare’s music is already pretty cinematic, but his new video for “Catchy (Was Contagious)” takes his compositions to new heights. He creates a film score that gurgles, twists, and pulls for his nine-minute long homage to monster movies. We follow our protagonist, a young blonde-haired boy, as he encounters realistic-looking versions of monster tropes: we see Frankenstein’s creation, a werewolf, the creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Invisible Man. It’s all foreboding and very little follow-through, until the second half of the video when the actual song begins, and then it turns into a desperate chase. Slasher Flicks band member Angel Deradoorian makes a cameo as a shop owner. The elaborate video, which is shot in soft black-and-white, was directed by Abigail Portner. Watch below.


DEMS Muscle Memory
Oct 31, 2014 8:30am | The Line Of Best Fit
A record of lush electronica that's as rewarding as it is exhausting.

Watch The War On Drugs Play Their Beer Commercial Lead Guitar Shit On Conan
Oct 31, 2014 8:23am | StereoGum

Right now, the War On Drugs are embroiled in the bitterest alt-rock blood feud since Pavement/Smashing Pumpkins. (Somehow, though, both the War On Drugs and Sun Kil Moon are Pavement in this one, albeit in different ways. Does Mark Kozelek really think beer commercial music supervision hasn’t advanced in the last 25 years? What’s he been watching on TV?) The ongoing clash did not, however, prevent the War On Drugs from performing on Conan mere days after Kozelek spent an entire song doing the Nelson Muntz point-and-laugh thing at them. On the show, they played the Lost In The Dream track “Burning” and sounded fucking great doing it. This is probably the best riposte they could offer any foe: Just playing their music, on a large platform, and doing it searingly well. Watch it below.


Stephen Colbert sets date for final episode of The Colbert Report
Oct 31, 2014 8:12am | Cosequence Of Sound

Next year, Stephen Colbert will take over as host of the Late Show on CBS. With the new gig, however, comes the end of Colbert’s long-running Comedy Central program, The Colbert Report. On last night’s episode, Colbert announced the date of the show’s final episode: Thursday, December 18th.

The announcement was cleverly worked into a pitch for the paperback edition of Colbert’s latest book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t. “There’s an even more important reason for you to buy my book,” Colbert explained, “because on December 18th my show is ending.”

(Read: 10 Bandleaders for Stephen Colberts Late Show)

Colbert continued. “After long nine years, I’m taking a well earned vacation — though, I’m not sure where yet.” He then cut to his travel agent, “Grimmy,” who pointed to Colbert’s fire place, alluding to the fact that Colbert’s conservative-leaning character would end along with the show. Watch the segment below.

Colbert has yet to announce the exact date he’ll be taking over for David Letterman on the Late Show. Meanwhile, Comedy Central plans to replace Colbert with The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore.

tix on sale: Television, Sharon Van Etten, The Hold Steady, Mates of State, Broncho, Blacklisted, Black Breath & more
Oct 31, 2014 8:07am | Brooklyn Vegan

(via @cooper_the_frenchie)

If you missed out on getting tickets to the Television shows in NYC, Philly and NJ in the BrooklynVegan presale, you'll have another chance in the general on-sale starting today at noon.

Tickets for the Sharon Van Etten show at Warsaw go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the The Hold Steady and The So So Glos NYE show at Music Hall of Williamsburg go on sale today at noon.

Mates of State are playing Mercury Lounge on December 19. Tickets for that show go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the BRONCHO show at Rough Trade go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Milo Greene shows at Bowery Ballroom and MHOW go on sale today at noon.

Jack + Eliza are playing with Plume Giant at Rough Trade on December 9. Tickets for that show go on sale today at noon.

Tickets for the Doomriders show at Saint Vitus are on sale now.

Tickets for the Black Breath show at Saint Vitus are on sale now.

Tickets for the Haymaker show with Rival Mob, Sex Prisoner, and Brain Slug at The Acheron are on sale now.

Tickets for the Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band show at Baby's All Right are on sale now.

Tickets for the Blacklisted show at The Acheron are on sale now.


Flying Lotus Ready Err Not Video (NSFW)
Oct 31, 2014 8:03am | StereoGum

Flying Lotus follows up the instant-classic “Never Catch Me” with another fantastic video for “Ready Err Not” that takes his new album’s obsession with death to gruesome ends. Directed and animated by David Firth (best known for the webseries Salad Fingers), it stars a lot of creepy-crawlies and spooky man-babies whose intestines always seem to be falling out. Flying Lotus gets his head chopped off within the first 30 seconds. It’s gory, but also oddly beautiful: bodies get ripped apart in slow-motion and it reads like poetry. Watch below.


Foo Fighters Congregation
Oct 31, 2014 8:00am | StereoGum

You probably already know that Foo Fighters recorded their new Sonic Highways album at eight famous studios in eight music-rich cities and that their new HBO show is tracing their trip through all these places. The band has already shared two of those songs: The Chicago-recorded “Something From Nothing” and the D.C.-based “The Feast And The Famine.” With the Nashville episode of the show set to air tonight, the band has now shared “Congregation,” the song they recorded in Nashville and teased a little while ago. The band recorded this one at the Southern Ground studio, which doesn’t quite have the storied history as some of the other studios the band used on Sonic Highways, though people like Neil Young and Kris Kristofferson have recorded there. It’s now the homebase of the Zac Brown Band, a weird country jam band who’s gotten unexpectedly huge in recent years. That band recorded a recent EP with Grohl producing, and Brown himself sat in with the Foo Fighters when they covered Black Sabbath on Letterman. He guests on “Congregation,” a song that manages to have basically no country music flavor to it. Instead, it’s a basic and effective Foo Fighters rocker with a big, explosive chorus and some impressive psych-funk guitar work. Give it a listen below.


Rita Ora puts in late contender for 2014s funniest Twitter fail
Oct 31, 2014 7:52am | Fact Magazine

Think A$AP Mob tanked at last night’s Culture Clash? At least they’re not Rita Ora.

The ‘Hot Right Now’ singer, who actually appeared at 2012′s Culture Clash with Major Lazer, put in a late contender for social media fail of the year this morning, tweeting that she would release a new single on Monday if said tweet got 100,000 retweets.

Despite Ora having almost 4 million followers, the tweet was only retweeted by 1,000 people, and was swiftly deleted (though Ora did RT a couple of sympathetic tweets from fans).

If you see ads emerge for a new Roc Nation social media manager in the coming weeks, you’ll know why.

Perfume Genius gives powerful performance on Letterman watch
Oct 31, 2014 7:50am | Cosequence Of Sound

Mike Hadreas new album as Perfume Genius, the gorgeous Too Bright, is all about an artist bringing his insecurities into the light. Last night, Hadreas went one step further with a gripping performance for the entire world on Late Show with David Letterman. Watch his intensely powerful rendition of “Queen” below.

Hadreas is currently in the midst of a massive tour behind Too Bright. His North American leg just recently wrapped, and he’ll be traveling through Europe beginning November 11th in Paris. See his full itinerary here.

Also be sure to check out the latest episode of our podcast, Relevant Content, which features Hadreas as the special guest.

mp3: CFCF NIGHT BUS 3 mix
Oct 31, 2014 7:45am | Gorilla Vs Bear

[CFCF drops the latest installment of his genre-defining NIGHT BUS mix series, featuring Young Thug, Burial + more]

Spoon represent Austin, TX on The Daily Show watch
Oct 31, 2014 7:35am | Cosequence Of Sound

The Daily Show is in Austin, Texas this week as part of its “Indecision 2014″ coverage running up to the midterm elections. As part of what he’s aptly dubbed, “South by South Mess,” Jon Stewart has been welcoming a number of local figures onto the show over the week. Last night, he was joined by the city’s favorite musical sons, Spoon. The band supported the release of their new album, They Want My Soul, by performing renditions of “Inside Out”, “Do You”, and “Rent I Pay”. Watch the replay below.

Following their Daily Show appearance, Spoon will head across the Atlantic to kick of a fresh leg of tour dates. They’ll bounce through Europe in early November and return stateside come December, including a New Year’s Eve show at the Dallas House of Blues. See their full itinerary here.

“Inside Out”:

“Do You”:

“Rent I Pay”:

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