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Deadmau5 Takes Issue With Arcade Fires EDM Jabs, Fires Shots On Twitter
Apr 23, 2014 5:48pm | StereoGum

Arcade Fire have been pretty grumpy about dance music lately, which has led to the extremely popular DJ Deadmau5 lashing out on Twitter. This seems to be a response to something started a few weeks ago during the Arcade Fire’s headlining set at the first week of Coachella, when Win Butler shouted out “to all the bands playing instruments this weekend.” The next weekend, the band featured what seemed like a guest appearance by Daft Punk, but who were in fact impersonators playing a mangled and mockingly bad version of “Get Lucky.” Deadmau5 took to Twitter, asking the band, “dafuqs yer problem?” It’s easy to argue that Arcade Fire were being dicks with the Coachella business, although it’s worth pointing out that Deadmau5 doesn’t seem totally on-base asking, “Do you even score bro?” to a band whose members who were nominated for a “Best Score” Oscar. Still he makes a pretty good point here in a good-humored way (finishing it off with that Richard Kiel scene from Happy Gilmour was great) and you can read all of the tweets below and weigh in in the comments


Woods, Cassie Ramone, Weyes Blood and The Woolen Men played the BV-curated RBSS show at Baby's All Right (pics)
Apr 23, 2014 4:50pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Pink Baby

Woods / Cassie Ramone / Weyes Blood / Woolen Men

It had been a while since I'd seen Woods, a few years probably. The last time, whenever that was, was when the band still had Kevin Morby and that guy who spent most of his time on all-fours messing with a cassette deck and yelling into an old pair of headphones repurposed as a mic.  The Woods that played Baby's All Right last night (4/22) as part of our latest BrooklynVegan-curated installment of the Red Bull Sound Select series was a much different creature, a more "proper" band and all the better for it.

The was the record release show for Woods' new album, With Light and Love, which is a good example of how Woods operate these days: song-focused, poppy, tight, and when they do stretch things out, there is purpose and direction (and serious chops) to the jams. The whole band is accomplished, but singer/guitars Jeremy Earl and guitarist/producer Jarvis Taveniere's interplay in the instrumental portions was seriously impressive. The band also have enough records at this point where the set pretty full of "hits." If you had prviously decided that Woods were not your thing, maybe it's time to revisit.

Portland, OR's The Woolen Men flew in special for this show and I was pretty taken by their set too, though as a big fan of last year's debut which came out on Woo...

Fleet Foxes Update: Robin Pecknolds Going To College, Working On New Music
Apr 23, 2014 4:35pm | StereoGum

For anyone else who may have been wondering lately, “What the heck happened to Fleet Foxes?” we’ve got an answer for you. In an udpdate on the band’s Facebook page today, frontman Robin Pecknold explained to fans that he actually moved to New York a while back and enrolled at Columbia University as an undergrad. He also explains that he has been working on new music and that he’s excited for what comes next. Read the entire post below.


DJ Sprinkles Midtown 120 Blues Reissue Details
Apr 23, 2014 4:26pm | StereoGum

DJ Sprinkles, aka Terre Thaemlitz, had been DJing since the ’90s, but waited until late 2008 to finally release her first official album. That album, Midtown 120 Blues, wasn’t really noticed until 2009, but by the end of that year, it had left a massive impact on those who had heard it. In less than 12 months it cemented itself as one of the greatest electronic albums of the decade, and it’s not hard to hear why. Over nearly 80 minutes, Sprinkles examined deep house with an unprecedented vision and unflinching honesty, crafting a political statement that nonetheless won followers at clubs. Her few spoken monologues spread throughout the album revealed the brutal and painful history of house music and its ties with the transgender and gay communities, while simultaneously showing its transformative and transcendent power through some of the best deep house productions ever recorded. With every year that has passed since, Midtown 120 Blues has been reverently spread to a wider audience, despite having been out of print for some time. But now it will receive a much-deserved reissue treatment.


Coachella 2014: Weekend 2, Day 2
Apr 23, 2014 4:22pm | CMJ

If Friday at Coachella was for the Queens of Rock, those who meandered to the main stages on Saturday realized soon that this was the day for the Kings of Electronic. Galantis played their second show ever. That’s right—the two weekends of Coachella where they played the prime 9:35pm spot at the Gobi tent, were Christian Karlsson (of Miike Snow) and Linus Eklow’s first shows together, ever. And while it may have been partially due to all the free cat masks they handed out before the show, the audience loved them. Fatboy Slim amazed his audience by making it snow on them right when the festival’s roaming astronaut installation (Escape Velocity by Poetic Kinetics) entered the Sahara tent. Empire Of The Sun shredded as their dancers portrayed everything from unicorns to robot bird women, and Usher could be seen rocking out to the beginning of the band’s set before he rushed off to make a special guest appearance during Pharrell’s set.

There was no shortage of rock tunes though, with newbies and vets like Drowners, Future Islands, the Dismemberment Plan, Holy Ghost! and more standing their ground with the laptoppers and the massive poppers like Lorde and Pet Shop Boys.

While Solange didn’t have Beyonce in tow, Saturday still brought out the all-stars. Nas was joined by Damian Marley to sing Marley’s Welcome To Jamrock and Road To Zion, and was also joined by Lauryn Hill fo...

Duck Sauce NRG Video
Apr 23, 2014 4:12pm | StereoGum

A-Track and Armand Van Helden of Duck Sauce inject their senses of humor into their entire collaboration, and the duo’s new infomercial-inspired video for “NRG” is no exception. While the group’s dance track plays, an infomercial demonstrates the many uses for a fake “Everything Gel” product and stars Jon Daly from Kroll Show. Surely some insane entrepreneur is already preparing such a product/infomercial to go to market right now, no? Watch below.


Fleet Foxes Robin Pecknold explains bands hiatus
Apr 23, 2014 3:46pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Fleet Foxes aren’t on a hiatus per se, but they’ve certainly remained out of sight for quite some time now. The last we heard from the Seattle indie-folkies was their excellent sophomore album, 2011′s Helplessness Blues. Sure, it’s only been three years, but three years easily feels like a lifetime in music land. Consider this: in that time, former drummer J. Tillman has not only launched his project Father John Misty, but is already prepping his second LP.

For those of us itching to hear from the Fleet Foxes camp we’ll take any bit of news, really today’s our lucky day. Frontman Robin Pecknold has shared a short update via the band’s Facebook page, explaining the reasons for their radio silence (spoiler: he went back to school), as well as assuring that new music is on its way. Read the full message below:

For anyone whos curious, this is a short Fleet Foxes update been a while! So, after the last round of touring, I decided to go back to school. I never got an undergraduate degree, and this felt like the right time to both see what that was about and to try something new after a while in the touring / recording lifestyle. I moved to New York and enrolled at Columbia, and Ive mostly been doing that, but Im working on songs and excited for whatever happens next musically, even if its down the line. Hope all is well out there.


RZA says Wu-Tang Clans A Better Tomorrow might not be released without Raekwon
Apr 23, 2014 3:43pm | Fact Magazine

A Better Tomorrow might not be released without Raekwon" width="685" height="513" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-211723" />

The latest salvo in the war of words between The Abbott and The Chef.

With Raekwon continuing to take shots at what he sees as RZA’s mismanagement of the Wu-Tang Clan, the chances of the rapper appearing on the oft-delayed A Better Tomorrow look slim.

RZA has said that all members of the group would have to agree to release a Rae-less Wu-Tang album, and in a forthcoming interview with SI Now, he says it’s possible that the album may never be released.

“The album is slated to come out in July,” he explains. “If we dont come to terms within the next 30 days, then this will be an album without Raekwon or the album that will not see the light of day.” However, he says his “gut feeling” is that the album will be released as scheduled with everyone’s participation.

Watch the clip below.

DIANA deal with love in the 1950s for Strange Attraction music video
Apr 23, 2014 3:40pm | Chart Attack

On Saturday DIANA tore the roof off of Sonic Boom for our Record Store Day showcase and replaced it with a greenhouse's, thanks to a set of zinc-heavy synth-pop (stay tuned for video). The staff didn't seem to mind. But "Strange Attraction" probes the darkness beneath the shine. Frontwoman Carmen Elle plays three women - or three phases of one woman - navigating the pain and pleasure of a relationship from within a single small apartment. Aside from the temporally displaced band performances (with creepy future ski masks), the video's set in the middle of the 20th century. So it's full of Nancy Sinatra hairstyles that look detachable and capable of crushing a small animal. If you're feeling George Fok's clip, check out the more formally realized Jailhouse Rock tribute of US Girls' "28 Days."

DIANA's new video Perpetual Surrender is out now via Paper Bag Records.

DIANA deal with love in the 1950s for “Strange Attraction” music video by Jordan Darville | Chart Attack.

Listen: PANES Bones Without You
Apr 23, 2014 3:35pm | CMJ

The relatively green London duo PANES is prepping a debut self-titled EP for Smalltown Supersound imprint Brown Rice. Vocalist Tyson McVey (whose mother happens to be Neneh Cherry) and producer Shaun Savage teamed up to create this dreamy synth-pop project, which sonically aligns with Phantogram and Weeknight, but with slightly more chill swag. Theyve shared their first single, Bones Without You, a velvety electronic take on R&B, with glittery bells chiming along in the background. Listen to the smooth track below.

The post Listen: PANES – “Bones Without You” appeared first on CMJ.

Prince William and Kate Middleton learn to DJ - watch
Apr 23, 2014 3:35pm | NME
The royal couple attempted to scratch during their Australian trip

Q&A: Courtney Barnett On Her Much-Delayed Debut Album And Possibly Quitting Her Day Job
Apr 23, 2014 3:30pm | StereoGum

Considering the amount of love and affection that’s been showered on Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett for the past few months, it seems kind of insane that her excellent debut, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, is only now getting a proper physical release here in the States. The record (if you haven’t managed to hear it already) is a 12-song exercise in masterly exposition — a bunch of story-songs that run the gamut from detailing a panic attack while gardening to masturbatory confessionals, all tossed off with the kind of casual aplomb that would be annoying if the songs themselves weren’t so insanely catchy. I called up Barnett at home in Melbourne just as she was about pack her bags and fly out to California with her band to play Coachella. We talked about her new/old record, and what she plans on doing next.


Who Is Boots? Identity of Beyoncé collaborator revealed
Apr 23, 2014 3:15pm | Cosequence Of Sound

When Beyoncé released her surprise self-titled visual album last December, it came with another mystery: a producer listed only as “Boots”. Boots is credited as a producer on 85% of the platinum certified album, but questions remained about the individual behind the alias. Today the Internet got the answers they craved as New Yorker Jordan “Jordy” Asher revealed himself as the man behind the name, while also dropping “Dreams”, a duet with Bey herself. In an interview with Vogue, Asher divulged what it was like to work in anonymity and the support he’s gotten from Roc Nation.

“I never set out to be some ‘mystery dude,’” Asher said in the interview. That was just a side effect from my sidestepping the normal conventional thing most people do. Most people would have just ridden that wave and then probably just ridden it right down a well. Its not hard to get caught up in the hype.

Asher went on to praise Roc Nation for encouraging him to continue to put out his own tracks after the Beyoncé album dropped, telling him “because if you dont keep releasing things it means youre afraid that you cant write something better.” When pressed further on why he avoided fame after Beyoncé‘s release, he said it’s “not the point of what I’m doing...

Win An Official Blur Britannia Tea Set
Apr 23, 2014 3:15pm | StereoGum

Since we’re already running a big Oasis sweepstakes for Britpop Week we just had to have one for the other titan and rival of the genre. Plus, it wouldn’t be a proper Britpop Week if we didn’t include tea somehow. The official Blur Britannia Tea Set we’re giving away retails for $107 and includes a collectors box, tea pot, two tea cups, and two saucers. Just like Damon Albarn has at home, probably. Instructions for entering this giveaway are below, underneath some step-by-step Wikipedia instructions on how serve tea in the British style.


Reasons Dave Grohl is Awesome: As Told In Photos
Apr 23, 2014 3:08pm | Cosequence Of Sound

It goes without saying, but Dave Grohl is pretty well-liked around these parts. Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light ranked among our favorites albums of 2011, and we’ve been chomping on every bit of detail regarding its follow-up. But Dave’s awesomeness extends beyond his vast musical accomplishments. Case in point, via LOLsnaps, check out a series of photographs depicting Grohl’s many desirable traits.

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