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Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Sep 30, 2014 5:40pm | StereoGum

We just posted this month’s Black Market a few hours ago, which means the new song from Primordial — which just dropped a few minutes ago — won’t be eligible for inclusion till October’s column. But you can rest assured, it will be included. I was actually under the impression the Irish band’s upcoming eighth album, Where Greater Men Have Fallen, wasn’t out until next March, but either my intel was bad or it’s been moved up by four months, because apparently it’s now set to arrive in November. That’s a pretty good time of year to listen to Primordial: cold, windy late autumn, on the verge of winter: a good time for leather jackets and over-ear headphones and loud, burly, epic Irish heavy metal. And this record delivers just that. Primordial had been trending away from harsher black-metal sonics and toward a more traditional metal sound for some time, but Where Greater Men Have Fallen goes all-in: This thing is almost Maiden-esque in its majesty. The album’s opener/title track is a snarling, wild beast; it is available to stream now, and I encourage you to do just that.


Ryan Adams I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)
Sep 30, 2014 5:04pm | StereoGum

One of the things I love so much about Ryan Adams’ new self-titled LP is the way in which he incorporates all these atavistic, objectively uncool ’80s sounds and wrings from them this absolutely devastating emotional power. Scott rightly compared the record to Bryan Adams; Chris Ryan at Grantland — also rightly — compared it to Tom Petty. And that’s all in there! By way of additional evidence, Ryan Adams covered Foreigner’s inescapable 1984 ballad “I Want To Know What Love Is” as part of his performance on NPR’s World Cafe. And today, audio of that track has landed. The original doesn’t exactly skimp on the portentous gloom, but Adams strips the song down to its essential components and makes it both bigger and sadder. The guy is having a great year, and this only adds to it. Listen.


victim of drunken brawl during Billy Joel concert suing MSG
Sep 30, 2014 5:01pm | Brooklyn Vegan

As you may know, Billy Joel is in the midst of a neverending residency at Madison Square Garden, and apparently the Piano Man's melodies aren't getting everyone feeling alright. At the recent September 17 show, attendee Ari Ganeles was allegedly the victim of some drunken violence and he's now suing the venue. NY Daily News reports:

Ari Ganeles, 39, suffered a beatdown after he joined other attendees in objecting to the behavior of a drunken group, according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. He wound up with fractures to his nose, arm and ribs, a torn rotator cuff and facial injuries. "They were being abusive to everyone around them, spilling drinks on people in front of them," Ganeles' lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said Tuesday.

Prior to the attack on Ganeles, ushers working for Madison Square Garden asked the men to behave, but other staff continued to sell them alcohol at their seats, Jaroslawicz said.

Page Six adds that MSG offered a statement: "We do not welcome anyone into The Garden who behaves in an inappropriate and violent manner in any way, and they will not be welcomed back. We are looking into the particulars of this incident."

Now you have another reason to say no the next time your mom asks you to see Billy Joel with her. Safety first.

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Stream Allo Darlin We Come From The Same Place
Sep 30, 2014 4:55pm | StereoGum

Yesterday we published a fun, insightful interview with Allo Darlin’ ringleader Elizabeth Morris along with “History Lessons,” the final teaser single from the band’s third album. Today the entirety of We Come From The Same Place hit the internet, and it’s well worth your time. Morris remains one of the most preternaturally charming songwriters working today, capable of wringing powerful universal sentiment from intensely personal sketches. These ones come delivered with a casual immediacy that makes you feel like you’re standing right in front of Allo Darlin’ in some tiny pub rather than hearing recordings from across the world. Stream the album at Pitchfork.


FULL SCREEN: DeJ Loaf flexes her style, Arcas almost human twerk, and more
Sep 30, 2014 4:41pm | Chart Attack
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the last 24 hours.

DeJ Loaf, "Try Me / We Good"

The severity of DeJ Loaf's threats on "Try Me"'s hook is sweetened by the beat's billowy nature, something like a veiled curtain onto a beachfront balcony. The Detroit rapper's Jigglypuff-meets-Lil' Kim flow marches in step, as does her stoic and commanding performance in this two-for-one clip. Sharp, crisp crew love and abandoned houses mark the footage, as does a refreshing new style (that WWF jersey! The dressing gowns!) In near record time she's already positioned herself with a palatable chart-ready image. It's why Drake and Wiz Khalifa wanted the remix that Ty Dolla $ign landed. And she's self-aware: Her pledge on "Try Me" never to sign to a label shifts on "We Good," to demands for "a couple mil" from Def Jam and Interscope. It's less than A$AP Rocky got, the last rapper to make such a convincingly designed come-up. Seems reasonable.

Buy "Try Me" on iTunes.

Last Ex, "Girl Seizure"

Hot damn! Gabe Mangold's animation is so out of space and time you feel like someone's soaked your retinas in LSD. But you're grateful, because some golden age NFB shit plus whatever psychic vein Jodorowsky tapped for The Holy Mountain are both literally unravelling before your eyes. Fitting perfectly is the new track from Last Ex, the duo of Timber Timbre's Simon Trottie...

Alt-J headlining Madison Square Garden in 2015 with Phantogram (updated tour dates)
Sep 30, 2014 4:20pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Alt-J at LPR earlier this month (more by PSquared)

Alt-J's slightly weirder sophomore album This Is All Yours came out this week, and now they've announced what is by far their largest NYC show yet. They recently played intimate shows here at Le Poisson Rouge and Le Poisson Rouge and have a larger sold-out show happening at Beacon Theatre on November 16 on their proper tour, but now that seems intimate too. The UK band have announced they'll be returning in 2015 to headline Madison Square Garden on March 30 with support from Phantogram. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (10/3) at 10 AM.

Presumably more North American dates happening around then will be announced. All currently known dates are listed below...

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Movement on tour w/ Banks, playing their own Brooklyn show on Wednesday after tonight's T5 show (dates)
Sep 30, 2014 4:19pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Australia's Movement are currently in North America bringing their nocturnal R&B to Banks tour. That tour hits NYC tonight (9/30) for a big show at Terminal 5 which is sold out. Even if you don't have tickets to the T5 show tonight, you can still catch Movement in NYC though. They headline a much smaller venue Wednesday (10/1) at Glasslands with The Mast and a DJ set from Lemonade before heading back out with Banks. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Movement dropped their moody self-titled EP earlier in the year, so expect to catch jams from that on both the Banks tour and the few off-date shows they're playing. Their NSFW video for "Ivory" from the EP, with their list of dates, below...

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Peter Jefferies cancels US tour (visa problems)
Sep 30, 2014 4:11pm | Brooklyn Vegan

New Zealand scene vet Peter Jefferies was set to begin his North American tour on Wednesday (10/1) at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room. Unfortunately, Visa Issues have caused the whole tour to be canceled. A short statement from his label, Superior Viaduct:

Unfortunately, Peter Jefferies was denied entry last minute due to a visa issue. Hopefully we can re-schedule for next year. Advance tickets refunded by the venues. We are very sorry, folks.
The tour was in support of Superior Viaduct's reissue Jefferies' 1994 album Electricity (the same year as his last US tour). Let's hope he gets those visa problems worked out soon.

All (canceled) dates are listed below...

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Tom Morello Feuds With Seattle Restaurant That Didnt Give Him Special Treatment
Sep 30, 2014 4:10pm | StereoGum

Last Friday, Tom Morello performed at the 15 NOW benefit to promote raising the minimum wage in Seattle to $15. Later that night, the Rage Against The Machine guitarist went to The 5 Point Cafe and was denied entrance due to the place being at capacity. Morello then tweeted that they were rude, anti-worker, and they had the shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Later he offered to forgive the restaurant only if they fully embraced the $15 minimum wage hike. Someone pointed out that it’s not really forgiving them if he has conditions, so now Morello is offering leniency. Check those out below.


Pixies, Gogol Bordello, Cat Power @ Hollywood Bowl: September 28, 2014
Sep 30, 2014 4:06pm | CMJ

Sunday night was the final evening of KCRW’s World Festival, which every summer has various eclectic groupings of artists play together on Sunday evenings at the Hollywood Bowl. It was certainly an eclectic group this Sunday, but it worked. Cat Power provided a sultry, slow session to relax everyone’s troubles away, Gogol Bordello then encouraged everyone to get up and dance until the crowd was ready to embrace their inner rock sprite with a surprisingly spry Pixies.

While Kim Deal is no longer bassist for the Pixies, the crowd could have easily mistaken Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, for the alternative rock goddess. Cat Power was adorned with a flannel shirt and jeans giving off a serious ’90s grunge vibe as she sported Deal-like short, jet black hair. While Marshall’s voice was sweet and sultry, her face and movements were slightly off as she talked with the audience saying she was, “As sober as a good judge.” Although she seemed to be drinking from a large wine bottle filled with water, the audience whispers guessed it was vodka. Marshall went on after another song or two to talk about how good she was performing despite not being professional, and how much happier she is with her good performances when they aren’t professional.

Gogol Bordello were confusing as well, but in a very different way, with their think accents and scat-like lyrics. But what no one was confused about was that they should be having fun...

Mark Kozelek: There is an epidemic of people being offended
Sep 30, 2014 4:04pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Sun Kil Moons Mark Kozelek has been in the headlines plenty this month, but not for his music.

It all started a few weeks ago at North Carolina’s Hopscotch Festival, when he called noisy audience members “fucking hillbillies” and proceeded to tell them to “shut the fuck up.” Kozelek later issued similar belligerent remarks at the Ottawa Folk Festival, annoyed at the fact that The War on Drugs set was bleeding into his own. He went on to describe The War on Drugs as “beer commercial guitar shit” and even introduced one of his songs as “The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick”.

Just days after the trash talking (and much bad press), Kozelek addressed the incident in a note on Sun Kil Moon’s website. “I hope to catch your set someday when it’s not drowning out my own,” he said. “The schedule wasn’t your fault I get it. That was my third rodeo with The Ottawa “Bleed” Fest. They’re still figuring things out over there. I hope they get it together someday.”

Today, however, Kozelek posted a new message with the headline: “I DID NOT APOLOGIZE TO WAR ON DRUGS AND I CHALLENGE THEM TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR OCTOBER 6TH AT THE FILLMORE.”

Whether you side with Kozelek or not, enjoy his “sense of humor” or find it hurtful, the letter is worth a read purely because it address...

Communions So Long Sun
Sep 30, 2014 3:52pm | StereoGum

Copenhagen’s Communions are inextricably tangled up with the Danish scene that spawned bands like Iceage, Lower, Vår, and Lust For Youth: Communions share a rehearsal space with the former two bands (among others), and they have released music on Posh Isolation, the label owned by Loke Rahbek, who is a member of the latter two bands. But Communions do not sound anything like any of those bands. For my money, they are so much better! When I listen to the band’s new two-song 7″ (which follows the Cobblestones EP from earlier this year), I can hear some early Real Estate, some La’s, some Go-Betweens, but it reminds me of nothing so much as the Stone Roses’ 1989 debut — which is about the highest praise I can think of. It’s a warm gust of spindly, spider-y guitars and heavy-lidded, heavenly vocals, all soaked in good LSD and set to a bubbling, effortless, joyous rhythm. I’ve now listened to the A-side, “So Long Sun,” a few dozen times over the past hour, and I’m already starting to itch for a full-length. You can check it out below, and you definitely should do just that.


Queen unearth lost version of Freddie Mercurys Love Kills listen
Sep 30, 2014 3:36pm | Cosequence Of Sound

On November 11th, Queen will release Queen Forever, a brand new anthology featuring three unreleased tracks with singer Freddie Mercury. Along with There Must Be More to Life Than This”, a striking collaboration woth Michael Jackson, the band is previewing the release with the stripped down ballad version of Mercury’s 1984 Giorgio Moroder-produced single, “Love Kills”.

(Read: Queen Turns 40: How rare was Freddie Mercury?)

The original version of “Love Kills” was much maligned and was even nominated for “Worst Original Song” at the 1985 Razzies. While the original has aged better than the criticism would suggest, the new “rock version” of the track sounds like classic Queen. With shooting guitar solos and bombastic balladry, Mercury’s unparalleled voice finds a better backdrop with Queen for “Love Kills” than it did with Moroder’s electronic soundscape. Listen in below.

Here’s the original for comparison.

Queen Forever will be available as a 20-track single CD and as a 36-track two-CD set.

Sleepy Kitty (ex-Harvey Danger) made a video, playing shows including NYC tonight (dates)
Sep 30, 2014 3:22pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photo by Shervin Lainez

Sleepy Kitty, the duo of Paige Brubeck and former Harvey Danger drummer Evan Sult, released their sophomore album Projection Room earlier this year. After putting out a video for its track "Don't You Start" in August, they've now returned with another video for "Hold Yr Ground," both of which you can watch below.

The band have a couple shows coming up, including one in NYC TONIGHT (9/30) at Pianos with The Liza Colby Sound, The Prettiots, Fiona Silver and Alice Limoges. Tickets for tonight's show are available.

Their only other date announced at the moment is in Chicago on Mischief Night. Full tour schedule, with those videos, below...

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Williamsburg venue Muchmore's suing New York City, saying cabaret laws are unconstitutional
Sep 30, 2014 3:15pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Shamir's dance-friendly set at Muchmore's during Northside (@brooklynvegan)

Enacted in 1926, the New York City's cabaret laws were originally to put the kibosh on illegal booze. After the repeal of prohibition, the law -- which requires clubs and bars to get an expensive permit for dancing -- went largely unenforced until the Giuliani administration and his efforts to clean up the city. Williamsburg club/coffee shop/venue Muchmore's is taking a stand against cabaret laws, suing the city:

Andrew Muchmore, owner of Muchmore's Cafe in Williamsburg, filed suit in Brooklyn federal court to challenge New York's cabaret laws - which prohibit dancing by more than three people at one time unless the venue has a cabaret license.

In the suit, he cites the first and 14th amendments and claims the tight restrictions against patrons shaking their money makers have forced him to play sedate if not dreary tunes at his nightspot and coffeehouse.

The real estate attorney argues the stricture prevents him from cranking beats that might actually tempt patrons to want to dance - and thus break the law, according to his suit.

To avoid any potential skirmish with code enforcement officers, Muchmore avoids hosting acts that "involve dancing or would tend to elicit dancing," the suit states.

Instead, Muchmore plays safe wallflower genres including "folk music, rock music, experimental electronic music, jazz and other form...

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