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Song : Blooms : Guilty (prod. by Kobina)
Nov 26, 2014 3:48pm | My Old Kentucky Blog

Irish born and London-based siren Louise Cunnane, who uses the moniker Blooms, proved herself to be an artist with potential mass appeal earlier this year with her lustful debut EP, If. It appears that she is looking to build upon her notoriety from this year going into 2015 with fantastic new song “Guilty”. Produced by Kobina and originally slated to be on her debut EP, she is instead offering it up as a one off ahead of her first headline show. The foundation is layed out with brooding, almost ominous instrumentation allowing Cunnane to really lay down some restrained, yet powerful vocals from the shadows. Stream below.

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz played Hammerstein, did a Strokes song w/ Dev Hynes (pics, video, setlist)
Nov 26, 2014 3:34pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Julian / Blood Orange (via Jeanette Diaz)

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz brought their tour to the Strokes frontman's former hometown of NYC at Hammerstein Ballroom last night (11/25) in support of their zany debut album, Tyranny. While Julian's most known (and most loved) for his Velvet Underground/Television-inspired leather jacket rockers, and has since also ventured into synth pop and new wave, his new album with The Voidz has him making weirdo out-there psychedelic pop that has more in common with Ariel Pink than Lou Reed. They played most of the album, but did dip into Julian's solo career for "River of Brakelights" and into The Strokes' catalog for two off 2005's First Impressions of Earth, "Ize of the World" and "You Only Live Once," the latter of which saw Dev Hynes joining the band on vocals (video below).

Dev also opened the show with his Blood Orange project, and was sporting a shirt emblazoned with "BLACK LIVES MATTER," the hashtag that's been trending since the Ferguson case ruling was announced. Julian mentioned Ferguson on stage too, and after the show Dev took to Twitter to reflect:

Tonight I got to sing with a hero onstage in the city I love on a day I woke up alive and well. This is luck. It's all luck. We are told that our lives don't matter. Daily. Not just in situations like this that bring it to light. Let's look ...

Song : Young Ejecta : Your Planet (NSFW Artwork)
Nov 26, 2014 3:14pm | My Old Kentucky Blog

Young Ejecta’s new LP, The Planet, is one we are looking forward to going into 2015. It is scheduled for release on January 27th through member Joel Ford’s Driftless Recordings. From it, we have already heard the beautiful “Welcome To Love”, now we get the bouncy Italo-disco track “Your Planet” found below. The song is joyous in delivery and one to dance away all your stress to from start to finish. Leanne Macomber says about the inspiration of the song:

“I wrote ‘Your Planet’ for my dear friend Josiah who died when we were just shy of 21. Josiah remains one of the most incredible people to have ever walked this planet. My fantasy is that he now has his own world and that when he looks back to earth he remembers me and knows how much I love him.”


Mudhoneys Guy Maddison Discusses His Day Job As A Registered Nurse
Nov 26, 2014 3:06pm | StereoGum

Mudhoney have been around for over two decades and released nine albums, but that doesn’t mean the whole band can (or wants to) quit their day jobs. Bassist Guy Maddison — who has been with the band since 2001 — works as a registered nurse and splits his time between that and playing with the band. In a new interview with University Of Washington’s NewsBeat publication, he sheds some light on how he juggles his two jobs. “For me, music is more of an area of fun and entertainment,” he explains. “Nursing fills a different space; it is a career. My time in Mudhoney is a very extensive and elaborate hobby. I think the other guys would say the same thing.”


Future Islands' share BadBadNotGood rework of "Seasons" ++ more pics from DbA farewell
Nov 26, 2014 3:00pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Alex Olsen

Future Islands @ Death by Audio last week

Future Islands's "Seasons" topped NME's Tracks of 2014 list and will likely be on others before best-of list season is over. The band just released a "reinterpretation" of the song by avant-jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, who turn it into a '70s-style soul/funk jam. That band's bassist, Chester Hansen, talks a little about what they did with "Seasons":

We all love the original version of the song, and we were honored to have the opportunity to try and remix it. We heard Sam's isolated singing and realized how soulful and emotive it was and what seemed to sound the best was re-harmonizing the chords and taking it in a soul direction. We came up with a slow groove for the verse that let the vocals breathe, and played the chorus double time to make it more powerful. After we laid down the rhythm track, we overdubbed guitar, keys and a bunch of other parts to fill it out. We're very proud of it and so excited to share it with everyone.
You can stream BADBADNOTGOOD's "Seasons" remix below and you can download it from Amazon today for free.

Future Islands were one of the many bands who said goodbye to Death by Audio last week, playing last Tuesday (11/18) with The Immaculates (with Tim Harrington on one song), DJ Dog Dick and Adam Schatz & The Farewell to Deat...

Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow
Nov 26, 2014 2:39pm | StereoGum

(Most of) Wu-Tang Clan performed on Letterman last night and they’ve followed that up by releasing the title track from their forthcoming album A Better Tomorrow. The track samples the Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and Teddy Pendergrass collaboration “Wake Up Everybody.” It follows a long string of singles that have included “Ron O’Neal,” “Ruckus In B Minor,” and “Necklace.” Listen below.


The Adventures of Danny and Mike discuss Deep Dish Dodgeball listen
Nov 26, 2014 2:20pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Back in October, Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna stopped by Chicago to record another episode of their podcast, The Adventures of Danny and Mike. The live recording took place at Lincoln Hall, as part of our celebration of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, which also featured a headlining performance by the show’s house band, Polaris.

Tamberelli, Maronna, and engineer Jeremy Balon are joined by comedian Candy Lawrence. Together, they discuss their adventure in the Windy City, which included deep dish “slices” at Pequods Pizza and a game of dodgeball between The A.V. Club and yours truly. (Spoiler alert: We lost.) So, if you couldn’t make it out on that legendary day in October, consider this your lucky day.

Stream the episode below and stay tuned for more adventures by subscribing here.

Kid Rock Admits His Last Album Was Bad, Targets Coldplay, Coachella, Social Media, And Hipsters On New One
Nov 26, 2014 2:14pm | StereoGum

Kid Rock — alleged possessor of glass dildos, singer of songs — will release his tenth album, First Kiss, early next year. In advance of the new record, Rolling Stone sat down with the aging rocker to get a preview. And he’s angry about a lot of things! First off, he admits that his 2012 album Rebel Soul was bad — “I didn’t spend enough time on it at all,” he says — but insists that the new album contains one of the best songs he’s ever written. Kid Rock also describes a few specific tracks on the album. One, called “Good Times And Cheap Wine,” targets “Coldplay, Coachella, social media, and hipsters.” Seriously. “I’m fucking old,” Rock explains. “I’m not going to fit in, I’m fucking fine with that, I don’t fucking understand the Internet or Coachella or any shit. And I just can’t fucking try to pretend like I know. I like good times, cheap wine and back-beat rock & roll.” Another one is called “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” and on the song, Rock takes aim at politicians who “talk about taking my guns away.” Rock bravely states, “It’s not going to be considered politically correct. But it says what’s going on.” Sounds fascinating! First Kiss is out 2/24.

CBS enlists John Mayer, Drew Carey, Judd Apatow to guest host Late Late Show
Nov 26, 2014 2:05pm | Cosequence Of Sound

At the end of next month, Craig Ferguson will make his exit from CBS’ Late Late Show after an impressive 10-year run. A few months later, on March 9th, 2015, British actor/comedian James Corden will assume the reins as the shows new permanent host.

If youve done the math, that still leaves close to 10 weeks of television thatll need a-hostin. To fill the gap, CBS has enlisted an all-star roster of guest hosts to hold down the fort from January 5th through March 6th. The lineup begins and ends with Drew Carey (whom appeared alongside Ferguson on The Drew Carey Show) and also features director Judd Apatow, musician John Mayer, and actor/comedians Will Arnett, Wayne Brady, Jim Gaffigan, Billy Gardell, Sean Hayes, Thomas Lennon, and Kunal Nayyar.

It’s worth noting, though, that none of those names are women, a notorious problem for the entire late-night TV industry. Back in September, shortly after Corden was announced as the replacement, Kathy Griffin revealed that CBS wasnt even considering women for a permanent hosting position. CBS later denied the charges, explaining that network execs were considering all potential options. When Chelsea Handler departs E! to host a new Netflix series early next year, the number of female late-night hosts will drop to zero.

And just because, some highlights from Fergusons run.

CMJ Charts: November 25, 2014: Preatures Is Most Added
Nov 26, 2014 1:50pm | CMJ
1 4 TV ON THE RADIO Seeds Harvest
2 1 CARIBOU Our Love Merge
3 3 DEERHOOF La Isla Bonita Polyvinyl
4 7 PANDA BEAR Mr Noah Domino
5 5 FOXYGEN And Star Power Jagjaguwar
6 12 HOOKWORMS The Hum Weird World

Decibel's Top 40 Albums of 2014
Nov 26, 2014 1:50pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Metal mag Decibel has published their Top 40 Albums of 2014 list in their newest issue, which you can check out in more detail if you're a subscriber. And thanks to Stereogum who transcribed it, you can also browse the full thing below. Though Decibel have tended to lean towards veterans for their top spot, a much newer band takes the #1 album this year. And if you're into modern metal, their choice is pretty hard to argue. Those big veteran comeback albums show up soon after though, with At the Gates taking #2 and Godflesh coming in at #5. There's plenty more on there too -- see for yourself below.

At the Gates, related band Vallenfyre (#8 on this list), and 2012 winners Converge will head out on the 2015 Decibel tour next year. As discussed, that hits NYC on April 12 at Webster Hall. Tickets for that one are still available.

Decibel's Top 40 Albums of 2014 below...

Continue reading "Decibel's Top 40 Albums of 2014" at brooklynvegan

20 Covers Of Radioheads Creep, Rated
Nov 26, 2014 1:37pm | StereoGum

In the never-ending curious case of Radiohead, you have a slew of their most iconic songs out there — beloved, covered, cited. Songs that have little to nothing to do with them now, whether they’re off The Bends or even something like “No Surprises.” First and foremost of those, of course, is “Creep,” from their 1993 debut Pablo Honey, AKA the Radiohead Album That Never Actually Happened. Much like Blur’s Leisure, Radiohead was a band that began with derivative, comparatively uninspiring music that would evolve into something much grander, much more exciting, much better. Unlike Blur, Radiohead released “Creep,” a song whose shadow would linger throughout their career, despite the fact that by now they’ve distanced themselves very far from Pablo Honey, both musically and in the their ethos. (Some people still go to Radiohead shows expecting to hear it which, at this point, is simply confounding.)


Scott Stapp says hes broke, living in a Holiday Inn, and under attack
Nov 26, 2014 1:33pm | Cosequence Of Sound

In a harrowing new video posted to Facebook, Creed frontman Scott Stapp claims to be broke and currently living in a Holiday Inn hotel. The 15-minute video confessional sees Stapp recount a series of alleged incidents, which have left him “completely penniless.”

Stapp, who maintains he is sober, says he recently conducted an audit of his record company and personal finances and discovered several irregularities. “A lot of money was stolen from me, or royalties not paid,” he explained.

“That’s when all hell began to break loose,” Stapp continued, explaining that around the same time of the audit, the IRS froze his bank accounts and prohibited him from accessing any money. Stapp says after contacting the IRS, he was told it was a “clerical error,” but it would take “9-10 months” for his funds to be returned.

All this left Stapp broke and homeless. He says he lived out of his truck for several weeks, oftentimes with no money for gas or food. He also claims to have gone two days without eating and ended up in an emergency room.

Stapp suggests that he came under attack once he threatened to go public with his money issues and says he knows the identity of the perpetuators. At one point in the video, he seems to suggest that individuals at a former record label are among those responsible.

He now intends to fight these people in court and closes his ...

THE CATCH UP: Six soulful new releases from a jacked fourth quarter
Nov 26, 2014 1:31pm | Chart Attack
The Catch Up is Anupa Mistry's monthly look at Canadian hip-hop and R&B that deserves more attention. This month, rounding up all the solid R&B and genre-bending R&B distracting us at the end of the year.

According to Drake, shit is hot up in The Six right now. If you havent been paying attention to the rappers SoundCloud, thats shorthand for things are pretty nuts in Toronto these days. On the song 6 God Drake attributes this to his influence as a rapper and cultural figure. And its true, between the Toronto Raptors hard-earned winning streak, well-received new music from Junia-T and Jazz Cartier (who performs at The Garrison this Friday as part of Wavelength & Dalton Higgins' "culture clash" NICE series), and the announcement of an upcoming collaborative album between BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah, shit really is hot up in the six right now.

I bring all this up to say that its been an unusually jacked fourth quarter. Distracting even. PARTYNEXTDOOR played his first solo tour, starting in Montreal and travelling throughout the States before a penultimate hometown show, to barely a peep. And theres been a grip of solid R&B and genre-blurring hip-hop thats come out in the past month and a half thats building on the strengthened scaffold of the new, Canadian scene. Here are six soulful new releases from the Six and beyond that you should know about.

Merna, The Calling

Theres a lot o...

Our Favorite Acts From M For Montreal
Nov 26, 2014 1:15pm | CMJ

OBGMs at M For Montreal

Montreal is very well known for the indie music community fostered Goodspeed You! Black Emperor and, of course, the always acclaimed Arcade Fire, but last week’s M For Montreal showcased both a thriving indie rock scene, but also bourgeoning hip-hop, electronic and punk acts. So, last weekend, amidst lovely dinner parties and slip-sliding around Mount Royal, I saw a nice smattering of artists spanning handful of genres. There was many exciting acts—Le Couleur, Heat, Weaves—but the following were notable stand-outs.


Sometimes you know a band will be good. Operators, lead by Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs and Wolf Parade, is obviously one of those bands, as their late summer EP can attest. But, damn, was I surprised and delighted by how commanding Operators were on stage.


M For Montreal had so many talented acts it feels a bit disingenuous to pick a favorite, but Toronto’s OBGMs are a simply electric. And they know how to throw a proper party by packing in the sweat and silly string. (Perhaps you were lucky enough to catch them at Afropunk this summer? I wasn’t, so I made sure to catch them twice in Montreal).

Milk & Bone

While this talented and darling duo could have easily turned their songs into saccharine duets, they instead punctuated each track with a trembling bass that blew through a room silent. It’s al...

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