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KING celebrated their debut LP at a packed LPR show (pics)
Feb 8, 2016 12:25pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher


LA R&B/soul trio KING brought their tour to NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on Friday (2/5), the day they released their great debut album We Are KING. LPR was more packed than I've ever seen it, probably oversold, and the crowd was loving them. "Who has our new album?" they asked at the beginning of the show, and they were met by the cheers of almost every person in the room. This thing had only been available to listen to for a week, but plenty of the crowd already knew the words. For singles "Hey" and "The Greatest," just about everyone did.

It's just the three of them on stage, with all three singing and one on keyboards/laptop. Their voices are obviously the main draw. The harmonies are gorgeous and KING were nailing them all night. The first time they stretched out a high note in the first song, the crowd was howling.

It was an early show, over and done with by 9:30 PM. Marc Carey & Igmar Thomas opened with a collaborative set. More pictures below...

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Rick Rubin curates new Star Wars-inspired compilation featuring Flying Lotus, Röyksopp, more
Feb 8, 2016 12:25pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo by Philip Cosores

Star Wars completely conquered cinema in 2015, with The Force Awakens emerging as the highest-grossing movie in North American history. Now, Disney is looking to assert its dominance in the world of music with Star Wars Headspace, a star-studded compilation of electronic/dance songs created using various sound effects and elements from films old and new.

Curated and produced by renowned master behind the boards Rick Rubin, the 15-track effort features contributions from a host of DJs/producers, including Flying Lotus, Rustie, Baauer, Röyksopp, Shlohmo, Kaskade, and more. Rubin himself offers up two songs, one of which is a joint remix with A-Trak of The Force Awakens track “Jabba Flow” by Shag Kava, aka J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda. (No sign of Nigel Godrich, unfortunately.)

Star Wards Headspace is slated to hit stores on March 18th through Hollywood Records/American Recordings.

As a preview, Beats 1’s Zane Lowe has premiered submissions from Rubin (“NR-G7”), FlyLo (“R2 Where R U?”), and Baauer (“Cantina Boys”). Stream all three tracks below.

Star Wars Headspace Tracklist: 
01. Kaskade – “C-3P0’s Plight”
02. GTA – “Help Me!”

Ought and Priests touring together this spring (dates)
Feb 8, 2016 12:23pm | Brooklyn Vegan


Montreal's Ought will be on tour this spring with DC's Priests and that includes two NYC shows: Silent Barn on May 7 with Florist and Rough Trade on May 8 with Palberta. Tickets Silent Barn go on sale Wednesday (2/10) at 10 AM; tickets for Rough Trade go on sale Friday (2/12) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday at noon.

This week Priests are on tour with Protomartyr which hits Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday (2/13) and tickets are still available. All Ought/Priests tour dates are listed below.

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Chinah Colder
Feb 8, 2016 12:13pm | StereoGum
ChinahDanish synth-R&B trio Chinah gave us a handful of great tracks last year, "Away From Me," "We Go Back," and "Minds" among them. They'll release an EP called Once The Lights Are On later this week, and today they've previewed it with the release of another quality track. An abundance of slinky, … More »

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats make their triumphant return to The Tonight Show watch
Feb 8, 2016 12:10pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo via Scott Newton

When Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats made their late night debut on The Tonight Show last year, Fallon told audiences at home to “turn up” whatever device they were using to watch the performance. For their return on Friday evening, the host added a few more instructions. “Go crazy,” he advised. “These guys, I’m telling you; turn your TV sets up. Turn it loud. Clap! Have a party! This is rock ‘n’ roll!”

And a party it was. Rateliff and his band were joined by The Roots for a performance of “I Need Never Get Old” from their self-titled debut. From the look on Questlove’s face, he was enjoying watching the shimmying frontman as much as he was playing with him. The audience clearly was into it, as well, as they readily gave a standing ovation as fanboy Fallon screamed, “Come on! No one does that! Come on! That’s what I’m talking about!” See exactly what he’s talking about by watching the performance below.

Fallon then stepped to the microphone to take lead on a few bars of NR&TNS’ smash hit, “S.O.B.”. Once his apparent nerves shook off, the host hit Rateliff’s howling notes with impressive aplomb. Check out that clip below, followed by Rateliff and drummer Patrick Meese explaining how they wrote “I Need Never Get Old” in an...

Flying Lotus promises new album this year
Feb 8, 2016 12:10pm | Fact Magazine

The producer talks about his You’re Dead! follow up on Beats 1.

Flying Lotus spoke about his plans this year, including a new album, in a short interview on Beats 1 Radio today. Initially talking to Zane Lowe about his work on Rick Rubin’s Star Wars album he then shifted to talking about his own solo work.

“I think this will be my most prolific year if I can get out of this slump”, said the producer, after premiering his new Star Wars-themed song ‘R2 Where Are You?’. Though he held back on details, he confirmed that we can all expect a new album from him later this year. Most recently the producer scored a short film which you can watch here.

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CROSSTALK: What did we think of Beyoncé and Coldplay at the Super Bowl?
Feb 8, 2016 12:08pm | Chart Attack
In Crosstalk, two or more Chart Attack writers get together to pick apart a piece of media and maybe make some dumb jokes while they're at it. Today: the Super Bowl halftime show.

The Super Bowl was last night, and naturally we were all watching... at halftime... during those moments that Beyoncé was onstage. But Coldplay headlined and they were... there. So were Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. It was all pretty innocuous, with some surprising moments of sort-of subversiveness.

So Chart Attack's editor Richard Trapunski and head writer Chris Hampton got together to trade takes and Left Shark candidates.

Chris Hampton: Coldplay is one of the biggest rock act of the last two decades, so, yes, on paper this sounded about right. But they're also like weak tea in band form. Never really been swayed by their cinematic aunt rock. And certainly nothing about them suggests "electrifying stage show." You know, the kind of thing the Super Bowl and its super budget are uniquely positioned to stage. Thank god for Beyoncé (and Bruno Mars; he's welcome onstage whenever). This was her show. Coldplay was just the conduit for new Bey. They were the house band, not the headliner. What did you think?

Richard Trapunski: I mean, Coldplay's alright in the same way that eating a bowl of plain white rice might be alright. I wouldn't order it, but if I was hungry and you offered it to m...

Rudy Giuliani Thought Beyoncés Super Bowl Performance Was An Attack On Police
Feb 8, 2016 12:02pm | StereoGum
Beyonce at Super BowlDuring last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, Beyoncé debuted her new song "Formation" and generally kicked ass. She also put up the Black Power fist and dressed vaguely like a futuristic Black Panther. Her dancers, at one point, formed an X on the field. (Bey's husband Jay Z also recently pledged to … More »

Rick Rubin Curates Star Wars Headspace Comp Feat. Flying Lotus, Rustie, A-Trak, & More
Feb 8, 2016 11:59am | StereoGum
Rick Rubin Curates Star Wars Headspace Comp Feat. Flying Lotus, Rustie, A-Trak, & MoreRick Rubin has announced that he's curated and produced a new compilation, Star Wars Headspace, which features songs created using sound effects from the Star Wars films. It'll contain new tracks Flying Lotus, Rustie, Röyksopp, Baauer, and includes a solo Rubin track as well. "Shag Gava," one of the listed artist's on the compilation, is … More »

Listen: Dinner Turn Me On
Feb 8, 2016 11:58am | CMJ

Still lamenting you weren’t born early enough to party at a boho apartment in 1986? Then close your eyes whilst listening to the new single “Turn Me ON” from Dinner. Yes, that’s a difficult-to-Google band name, but makes sense when you get into the Morrissey-with-synths sound of this Danish producer (aka Anders Rhedin), as it’s […]

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Comedy Bang! Bang! on tour with Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus & more (BrooklynVegan presale for NYC shows)
Feb 8, 2016 11:57am | Brooklyn Vegan

Comedy Bang Bang

Scott Aukerman's very popular podcast Comedy Bang! Bang! just released its 400th episode, featuring guests Jason Mantzoukas (How Did This Get Made) and Andy Daily (Review). You can listen to that below.

You can witness the Comedy Bang! Bang! experience live when Aukerman takes the podcast on the road for live tapings this spring, and he's bringing Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, and Neil Campbell along with him. That includes a stop at NYC's Gramercy Theater on May 13 for an early (7 PM) and late (9:30 PM) show. Tickets go on sale Friday (2/12) at 10 AM but you can get them early via a BrooklynVegan presale which starts Tuesday (2/9) at 10 AM. Check back Tuesday morning for the password.

All dates are listed below...

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Flying Lotus and Rick Rubin are making a Star Wars album
Feb 8, 2016 11:46am | Fact Magazine

Star Wars Headspace is an album built from “the sounds of Star Wars.

Star Wars is truly back following the smash success of The Force Awakens, so if there was ever a time to create an album inspired by the galaxy far, far away it’s probably now. Rick Rubin has announced he will helm Star Wars Headspace a new album including Flying Lotus, Baauer, A-Trak, GTA, Kaskade, JJ Abrams, Rubin himself, and more due February 19.

Flying Lotus spoke about the album with Zane Lowe earlier today on Beats 1 Radio, describing it as an album of electronic music built from “the sounds of Star Wars”. He explains they were given the entire library of sound effects from the series and were given full creative control, provided they left John Williams’ score alone. He then debuted a new song titled ‘R2, Where Are You?”, which features sound effects from R2D2. Listen to that, alongside new tracks from Baauer and Rubin, below.

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FACT mix 535: Fatima Yahama
Feb 8, 2016 11:41am | Fact Magazine

Dance music loves a good story. 

Fatima Yamaha was the short-lived alias of Dutch producer Bas Bron. He released just the one record under that name, 2004’s A Girl Between Two Worlds on Dublin label D1. It closed on a track called ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’.

As Jackmaster – far from a famous DJ in 2004, and best known for working at Glasgow record store and distributor Rubadub – puts it, when he first heard ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ he bought 200 copies for the store. Of course, “this was in the days when you could sell a record just by talking it up in a mailout,” as he remembers, and Simon Rigg from London store Phonica Records subsequently bought most of that 200 off him. The track slowly developed into a cult classic, championed not only by Jackmaster and his Numbers comrades but Hudson Mohawke, Midland and other DJs.

Bron quickly ditched the Fatima Yahama name, focusing on other aliases like Bastian, Gifted and, er, Seymour Bits. ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ continued to grow, however, and it’s now been reissued twice: first through Magnetron and then last year by Dekmantel. Second time was the charm: it was inescapable last summer, closing the year as Resident Advisor’s best track of 2015. Not bad for a single from...

Watch: A Giant Dog Trailer For New Album
Feb 8, 2016 11:34am | CMJ

Well you’re not going to get too much of a sense of what the music will be like with this trailer for the upcoming A Giant Dog album. And it may make you want to lay off the weed for awhile after seeing it. The good news is that it turns out Tostitos might be […]

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Pixies tease new material with short trailer
Feb 8, 2016 11:23am | Fact Magazine

Pixies have put 20 seconds of distortion on the internet.

But it could well be an album trailer. The cryptic-ish short film features a slideshow of in-the-studio stills, rounded off with the dramatic words: “Pixies: COMING 2016, hinting that a new LP might be in the works for this year.

Since reforming in 2004, the band have released a series of EPs featuring new tracks and amalgamated these into the Indie Cindy album in 2014, their first full-length since 1991s Trompe le Monde.

The band are set to tour Europe later this summer, kicking off with a performance at the Portugese branch of Primavera, Nos on July 7, and taking in number of UK & Ire dates, including two sold-out shows at London’s O2 Academy Brixton (July 11) and Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens (July 14) and Live at the Marquee in Cork on July 13.

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