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Dean Wareham Discusses Luna Reunion Shows And Plans For The Future
Oct 29, 2014 2:18pm | StereoGum

Yesterday Luna announced a run of dates in Spain next spring, their first shows in 10 years, and insinuated that North American dates would follow. Today, in a Rolling Stone interview, Dean Wareham offered further information on the reunion. It seems the band “had a jam” over the summer when guitarist Sean Eden flew to Los Angeles to join ex-bandmates Wareham, Britta Phillips, and Lee Wall for a barbecue. That sparked conversations about playing some shows, so when a promoter from Spain called with an offer, Luna were primed for it. Wareham said the band will probably play US shows in “fun places” such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. “We’re going to wait and see what offers come in,” he told RS. “The news just got out. My inbox is blowing up a little bit, yeah.”


Mark Kozelek recorded himself reading The War on Drugs' response to his diss, called it "Adam Granofsky Blues" (listen)
Oct 29, 2014 2:17pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Hey, remember when Mark Kozelek was in 'Almost Famous'?

Here's the latest volley in the never-ending feud between Mark Kozelek and The War on Drugs. If you've been following along, you know that TWOD frontman Adam Granduciel (real last name: Granofsky) addressed Kozelek's song "The War on Drugs: Suck My Cock" in a Swedish interview, saying, among other things, "He's such a fucking child. And then the song is just idiotic, he's just a fucking idiot. I don't have time for idiots."

Of course, Kozelek responded. How? By reading the whole interview transcript aloud over light acoustic guitar backing and posting it on his site. Mark can't seem to get through a sentence without cracking up. He calls it "Adam Granofsky Blues." Listen to it here.

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Here Are Some Game Tips From Scrabble Enthusiast Stephin Merritt
Oct 29, 2014 2:08pm | StereoGum

Magnetic Fields songs often hinge on witty, erudite turns of phrase, so it’s not that surprising that band mastermind Stephin Merritt plays a lot of Scrapple. It’s a bit surprising, though, that he’s devoted an entire book to the two-letter words that can often affect the outcomes of Scrabble games. Merritt just published 101 Two-Letter Words, a book of 101 poems for each of the game-beaters. And now he’s given Billboard a few of his tips, most of which are fairly common-sense. Here’s what he offers:


Video Premiere: Little Cinema Birdwatchers Of The World, Unite!
Oct 29, 2014 2:08pm | CMJ

Little Cinema is the project of Brooklyn and Austin’s Tyler Womack and Shawn Jones. Their music is refreshingly sincere and hopeful even in the face of hopelessness. Birdwatchers Of The World, Unite! is a jaunty, jazz-filled pop shrug from the band’s recent album, Adventure, and today we’ve got the premiere of the video for it.

The clip was shot by director Lucas Smith in Prospect Park and Fort Greene, Brooklyn and features choreography by Wheaton Simis. It follows a woman (played by Adeline Thery of Space Meow) post-breakup as she—what else?—goes birdwatching. Luckily, the birds are slightly more extravagant than your standard NYC pigeon. But as it so often happens after a heartbreak, reminders of the past are inescapable, even when you’re birdwatching. Here’s what Womack told us about the video:

Birdwatchers Of The World, Unite! is about telling someone you love that youre leaving town, and yes, its autobiographical. For the video, we thought wed try to tell the girls side of the story. Shes rejecting her abandonment by going to do what she loves instead of sticking around for a tearful goodbye. Even in the midst of birdwatching, however, she keeps getting these reminders about her disintegrating relationship. Of course, with the direction and costumes and choreography, you dont actually need the extra level of story to enjoy the video. It all sort of co...

The Dead Weather streaming new single "Buzzkill(er)" (listen)
Oct 29, 2014 1:51pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Allison Mosshart w/ The Kills last week (more by Ebru Yildiz)

Jack White and Allison Mosshart's band The Dead Weather have been in the process of releasing singles leading up to their TBA new album which is supposed to come out in 2015. The next one, "Buzzkill(er)" b/w "It's Just Too Bad" comes out next week (11/4) and it's blues rockin' a-side can be streamed below.

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Dan Bodan released 'Soft' on DFA (stream it), playing NYC w/ Physical Therapy ++ other dates
Oct 29, 2014 1:47pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Canadian-born, Berlin-based songwriter Dan Bodan released his new album, Soft, via DFA this week. Soulful and genre-defying, you can stream the entire thing below.

Dan will be in NYC to play Baby's All Right on Novmeber 14 with Physical Therapy, Sadaf, and "Special Guests." Tickets are on sale now. It's Dan's only North American date at the moment but he does have European shows coming up. All dates are listed, along with the album stream, below...

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Band To Watch: Chumped + Hot 97 Summer Jam Video (Stereogum Premiere)
Oct 29, 2014 1:46pm | StereoGum

There’s one song on Chumped’s upcoming debut, Teenage Retirement, that’s built around the following refrain: “We get old/ Time moves faster/ You stay the same.” The song is called “Pains Of Being…” and it serves as something of a thesis statement for the album as a whole. Teenage Retirement attempts to navigates the messy transition from adolescence into adulthood; it’s a treatise on both the perils of growing up too fast and not growing up at all. The band views “teenage retirement” as a state of being — “moving out of your mom’s basement but not losing what was awesome about living in your mom’s basement,” as one of the band members put it. Each song on the album explores that theme in some way.


Watch: FKA Twigs Video Girl Video
Oct 29, 2014 1:39pm | CMJ

Video Girl was one of the stand-out tracks on FKA Twigs’ great and challenging recent full-length LP1. Its backbeat flutters and jumps like a pinball across a tin floor while Twigs sings like a demonic breeze. The video for the track, directed by Kahlil Joseph, features an extended ecclesiastical intro and a horrifyingly sparse heartbeat interlude. The clip follows Twigs as she watches the execution of a prisoner and then dances around his body. It’s a dark direction to send your afternoon in, but you should watch it anyway below.

The post Watch: FKA Twigs – “Video Girl” Video appeared first on CMJ.

Mixtape Of The Week: Mykki Blanco Gay Dog Food
Oct 29, 2014 1:31pm | StereoGum

Mykki Blanco can rap. Last year, I walked into a Swedish hotel ballroom during the Way Out West festival and saw him, shirtless and sweaty, barking bars while standing on the bar in the middle of the room, Scandinavian kids freaking out all around him. He tends to keep that same focused intensity on-record, too; it’s there, for instance, in “Unclassified,” the collaboration with the producer Etnik that Etnik released last month. On a track like that, he’s like the living embodiment of mixtape-era Lil Wayne’s freakiest impulses, dialed way up and rewired for a confrontational club-rap context. When he’s in attack mode, he’s something to behold. So it’s fascinating that Blanco is basically not remotely interested in rapping on Gay Dog Food, his new mixtape. Instead, Gay Dog Food is a work of fiery noise-punk catharsis, a sneer-scream pointed in every direction. It’s closer to being a Cabaret Voltaire album than it is to being a rap mixtape — which, paradoxically, makes it a really good rap mixtape.


Mercury Prize 2014 - DiS Does A Live Blog
Oct 29, 2014 1:25pm | Drowned In Sound

Hello and welcome to Drowned In Sound's live coverage of the Mercury Prize 2014. Once upon a time the word 'live' used to be reserved for special EastEnders episodes and ropey cash-in albums, but then the Internet happened and here we are for the evening.

For the most immediate musings from myself and DiS' editor, Sean Adams, follow the Drowned In Sound on Twitter. To compare at our subpar coverage and complain at East India Youth being robbed of victory, hop over to our Music Board.

Refresh the page for updates

7.46pm - Anna Calvi is on now. She's been nominated for the Mercury Prize twice already but isn't expected to walk away with the winners statute tonight. Clearly her career hasn't quite survived Sean Adams' review of her self-titled debut.

7.30pm - Wow. Young Fathers. 'Get Up'. The Edinburgh collective gave it everything there. If the Mercury Prize was awarded for frantic arm waving, we'd have a clear winner already.

7.24pm - That's something our Marc Burrows will openly admit to, by the way.

7.19pm - ...Damon Albarn gets easily the biggest cheer of the night for his album Everyday Robots. Probably because he used to be in Blur, but maybe because everyone really people loved 'Mr Tembo'.

7.15pm - Although the judges technically make their decision after the performances, we'r...

A-Trak Push (Feat. Andrew Wyatt)
Oct 29, 2014 1:21pm | StereoGum

Between his work behind the scenes at Fool’s Gold, his world-conquering DJ sets with Duck Sauce and as a solo act, his recent hip-hop crushers with Lex Luger as Low Pros, and his stints as a live DJ for rappers including Kanye West, A-Trak has accrued one of the most impressive careers of any DJ/producer in the game. That continues with “Push,” a new solo single he dropped today exclusively on Spotify, which is part of his upcoming Full EP. “Push” puts A-Trak’s own spin on today’s dominant electro-house sound, resulting in something like a Calvin Harris song with more class. Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow handles the delicate yet commanding vocal. Listen below.


Listen: Zun Zun Egui - I Want You To Know
Oct 29, 2014 1:21pm | The Line Of Best Fit
"I Want You To Know" is an acidic, grinding taster of what's to come when their new LP is released 26 January.>

Watch: Eyedress - When Im Gone (feat. GEoRGIA)
Oct 29, 2014 1:09pm | The Line Of Best Fit
The track features soul-pop crooner GEoRGiA on vocals amidst a bubbling 16-bit buffet.>

Braid's Bob Nanna releasing a new City on Film album (stream a track); Lifted Bells 7" out now
Oct 29, 2014 1:06pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Andrew Sacher

Bob Nanna (photo by Katie Hovland)

Bob Nanna is a busy man. Not content with just releasing the first Braid album in 16 years this year and a new 7" with his band Lifted Bells with Mathew from Their/They're/There and others (out this week, streaming below), he'll also be releasing the first new album since 2005 with his solo project, The City on Film. (Not to mention he's recently played solo shows and duo shows with his wife as Jack & Ace.) The new album's called La Vella and it will be out December 16 via Topshelf (pre-order). The premise for the album is he "sourced stories from 9 fans" via his custom songwriting website,, "and turned them into tracks on this new album." He recorded it backed by Kyle Geib and Seth Engel, both of whom he plays with in Lifted Bells.

The first single, "You Wild Thing (An Illuminous Life)," "tells of a chance meeting and a bonding over The Pogues, Ted Leo, and gym shoes." While sometimes Bob is in a more stripped down mode for The City on Film, this one sounds like it could have been right off that new Braid record. Good thing he's been so prolific lately because he's clearly got a lot of jams in him right now. That track premieres in this post -- check it out, with the artwork and tracklist, below.

The City on Film's only upcoming dates at the moment are The Fest this weekend and two hometown Chicago shows. Lifted Bells are p...

Listen: TL - Everybodys Free
Oct 29, 2014 12:56pm | The Line Of Best Fit
TL's cover of Quindon Tarver's Romeo + Juliet's most enlightening moments will lift your soul and weep for a 22-year-old Leo DiCaprio>
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Buy it at Insound!


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