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Rowlf the Dog and the seven singer-songwriter stereotypes
May 29, 2015 8:07am | Drowned In Sound

What if Tobias Jesso Jr is a real life version of Rowlf the Dog from
The Muppets?

This is the same question I was posed by a friend last week and I can

Kung Fury, an insane, 1980s-inspired kung fu B-movie, is the best film of the weekend
May 29, 2015 8:00am | Cosequence Of Sound

The best movie of the weekend comes not from Cameron Crowe, but rather Swedish writer-director David Sandberg. After successfully raising over $600,000 on Kickstarter, Sandberg set out to film Kung Fury, an over-the-top kung fu B-movie set in 1980s Miami.

Without giving too much away, the 30-minute short features dinosaurs, vikings, an arcade game that transform into a killing machine, and a cameo from David Hasselhoff. Sandberg himself plays the film’s kung-fu protagonist, while The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone is cast as his arch nemesis, Adolf Hitler.

The full film can be seen below. A standalone clip of Hasselhoff’s “music video” is also posted.

Drake Was Used In A Sentence During Scripps National Spelling Bee
May 29, 2015 7:34am | StereoGum
God bless the cool English teacher, the one who sits on his desk chair backwards and cusses in class twice a year. In some sort of ultimate example of cool-English-teacher-ness, one judge dropped Drake's name into the Scripp's National Spelling Bee last night. (If you've seen the great documentary Spellbound, you know that spelling bee … More »

Sunn O))) curate special programme at Le Guess Who? festival
May 29, 2015 7:31am | Fact Magazine

The doom metal overlords will present a special programme at the Netherlands festival this November.

Fresh from last year’s Scott Walker collaboration, Sunn O))) will be headlining the Utrecht-based Le Guess Who? festival this November, as well as hand-picking a special programme of their favourite artists.

Annette Peacock, Magma, Julia Holter, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Einheit Brötzmann are among those selected by the band, while the main festival line-up features Deerhunter, Faust, Destroyer, Adrian Sherwood, Shabazz Palaces and Lotic.

Le Guess Who? takes place across 15 venues in Utrecht from November 19-22. Full information and tickets can be found at the Le Guess Who? website. Sunn O))) should hopefully have new material by then – more on that here.

The post Sunn O))) curate special programme at Le Guess Who? festival appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

premiere: Postiljonen ushers in summer with soaring new single
May 29, 2015 7:00am | Gorilla Vs Bear

Sweden’s Postiljonen follow up their 2013 soft-Balearic-dream-pop masterpiece Skyer with a sweeping, sumptuous new summer night jam, inspired by “the Balearics, widescreen cinema and massive 80s pop anthems.” Best listened to while gazing longingly at a picturesque sunrise/sunset (probably), as the palpable yearning in Mia Brox Bøe’s gorgeous/breathless refrain “If I give my heart away, it will only start a fire” envelops you in her very real blissfully bittersweet summertime sadness. Happy to have these guys back. “Wait” is out June 1st via Best Fit Recordings.

Mogwai have designed a range of skateboards
May 29, 2015 6:58am | Fact Magazine

You know what’s cool?

Skateboarding is cool. Yeah, still. We know so because not one but two of our favourite acts have launched custom decks within weeks of each other, and while Daft Punk’s 70s-inspired offering was highly covetable, Mogwai have one-upped them by with some merch that includes a donation to a good cause.

The band have collaborated with Focus Scotland to create the series of limited edition skateboard decks and some rather nice T-shirts, with £5 from every deck sold going towards the GUSM74 skate park project in Glasgow.

Sibs Roberts of Focus explained: “We reached our 14th year in business last month, and each year we like to mark it with something special that we can look back on with pride: this project with Mogwai definitely fulfils that criteria. Being a fan of Mogwai’s music and knowing Stuart’s love of skateboarding, I suggested the idea over a number of off the cuff emails, and here we are. Hopefully people will be as stoked on this as we are.”

Buy them from Mogwai

Download a collection of unreleased Dean Blunt music
May 29, 2015 6:47am | Fact Magazine

Hyperdub has just posted a WeTransfer link to a folder of unreleased Dean Blunt music from 2014.

Containing both vocal and instrumental tracks, the eight-track collection certainly sounds like Dean Blunt, and if the embedded artwork is anything to go by, it comes under the title Babyfather. Grab it from WeTransfer while you still can.

Last year FACT was there to document one of Blunt’s live shows in support of his album Black Metal – check the photo gallery here.

The post Download a collection of unreleased Dean Blunt music appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Girlpool - Before the World was Big
May 29, 2015 6:34am | Drowned In Sound

I remember the exact moment my parents left me alone at my new university halls. Surrounded by a box full of cheese graters, shower poufs and those IKEA mugs where the handles are just a bit too small to function properly, I was 18 and essentially alone in this world for the first time. As I looked around my boxed, clinical room, there was the relief of leaving the mundanity of my hometown, the excitement of stepping foot in a new city and the difficult decision whether to accept that nu-rave invitation (it was 2007, the Klaxons were still a thing).

Being thrown into the 'real world' is the best and the worst thing ever and Girlpool have personified those feelings in their debut LP Before the World was Big. Made up of Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, the pair produce a wise-beyond-their years honesty, that you can still totally relate to, no matter your age. Speaking of sexuality, gender, loneliness, finding your friends

The Darkness - Last of Our Kind
May 29, 2015 6:20am | Drowned In Sound

In the grand scheme of things, it's strange that the whole Darkness story even happened on the scale that it did. At the time of their breakthrough in 2003, popular guitar music was firmly planted in another part of the spectrum. We were on the eve of emo's Noughties revival, in which vulnerability and introspection were all the rage, while the charts had the mirthless fuckery of Keane to look forward to. It wasn't particularly fertile soil for big-haired, big-riffed cock rock. Nevertheless, the Lowestoft lads' bold, brash debut Permission To Land struck light a bolt of lightning and thundered its way to the top spot.

Perhaps it was the sense of carefree, over-the-top fun in a more straight-laced music scene, a piece of escapism for a country in the midst of a war on terror, or a nostalgia trip for the old and a history lesson for the young. Whatever the case, the mainstream took to said record like Justin Hawkins to a catsuit. Unapologetically anachronistic with their pyromaniacal, falsetto hijinks, the first incarnation of The Darkness burned brightly but all too briefly. Picking up awards and festival slots like they were going out of fashion, they rode the wave of fame

Bruce Brubaker - Glass Piano
May 29, 2015 6:07am | Drowned In Sound

On the face of it, concert pianist Bruce Brubaker recording Philip Glass piano pieces isn't exactly a massively exciting proposition. Aside from the fact that both are close friends, Brubaker has actually recorded Glass a few times before, so the thought of another CD of some of Glass' best known works isn't going to set the world alight.

What is an interesting twist in the tale though, is the involvement of revered French electronic label InFiné - usually home to people like Rone, Downliners Sekt and Almeeva. The story goes that upon asking for a few remixes of Brubaker's earlier Glass interpretations, the two parties discussed various ideas, and eventually the American-born pianist decided to jump on a plane to France, and re-record the works entirely at a theatre in Poitiers, close to InFiné's legendary summer workshop.

The end result is Glass Piano - an hour's worth of intimately recorded solo piano from Glass' catalogue. On offer are all his better known piano pieces: 'Mad Rush', all five 'Metamorphosis' movements, 'Knee Play', and 'Wichita Vortex Sutra' - his music to the Ginsberg poem of the same name.

BRUCE BRUBAKER - "GLASS PIANO" - on June 1st 2015 (Europe) / 2nd (USA) from InFine Music on Vimeo.

For the Glass fans, there's probably little new on offer here, as despite Brubaker's claim that he's re-interpreting these pieces, the changes are so subtle to be unidentifiable - ther...

Ministry of Sound to host Larry Levan Birthday Bash with former Paradise Garage DJs
May 29, 2015 5:52am | Fact Magazine

Ministry of Sound will pay tribute to the Paradise Garage’s iconic DJ this July.

The Larry Levan Birthday Bash has been held in New York since the club’s glory days, but for the first time this year the DJ’s life and legacy will be celebrated in London. Levan himself had connections with Ministry, helping to launch the club in 1990 just a couple of years before his death aged just 38.

The Birthday Bash begins during the day in the Courtyard, moving into The Box at sundown, with resident Garage DJs David DePino and Joey Llanos, a special appearance from dance music pioneer François K, one of the only DJs to maintain a regular spot at Larry

Dekmantel to reissue Fatima Yamaha
May 29, 2015 5:02am | Fact Magazine

Bas Bron

May 29, 2015 4:54am | Fact Magazine

Having claimed his band Korn invented dubstep a few years ago, Jonathan Davis is looking to colonise the country genre.

According to an Instagram post, the vocalist is in the studio with country duo Big & Rich. The picture came adorned with the hashtag

A$AP Rocky Freestyles on Sway in the Morning
May 29, 2015 4:53am | Fact Magazine

With his album

Irish electro RnB artist Blooms reveals a delicate, determined
May 29, 2015 3:45am | The Line Of Best Fit
"Love" is taken from Blooms' forthcoming Still EP, slated for a summer release>
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