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Watch St. Vincent Attempt To Identify Songs By Her Biggest Musical Influences In A Cruel Listening Test
Aug 27, 2014 9:41am | StereoGum

Annie Clark has always been open to talking about her musical influences, from Miles Davis to Steely Dan. She even got to collaborate and release an album with one of her favorite musicians, David Byrne. During some downtime at last weekend’s Rock En Seine festival where St. Vincent was playing a set, French site Sourdoreille decided to play a little game with Clark to see if she could identify songs from her biggest influences and collaborators. “This is a very cruel game you’re playing, allowing me thirty seconds of songs I love. Very, very cruel,” she said at one point. Clark is mostly on-point, though she does mess up when the interviewer plays two Christmas songs from Sufjan Stevens and her old band Polyphonic Spree. Watch below.


Spray Paint Threesomes Can Wait (Stereogum Premiere)
Aug 27, 2014 9:34am | StereoGum

The Austin trio Spray Paint make punk rock that’s appropriately noxious, but also filled with humor and fun. “Threesomes Can Wait” is brimming with oddly tuned guitars and shouted vocals, but there’s a sweetness to balance out the sour flavors. That comes through on the forceful and dynamic percussion layered all around those guitars, and those vocals? It’s hard not to bounce around to the gleefully strange lyrics that cram cat allergies and dead parents into the same line. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming third album, Clean Blood, Regular Acid, which is due next month.


The Body and Sandworm releasing split, touring together and separately (dates, streams)
Aug 27, 2014 9:32am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Ian Chainey

Sludgesters The Body's 2014 M.O. to Voltron with vicious bands across the continent has brought them back to their former homebase, Providence, Rhode Island. It's there that they've found Sandworm, a raw USBM duo who play their music in the spirit of the sand-blasted terrains of the desert. We're streaming a track from their forthcoming split with the Body on Invisible Oranges and had this to say about the micro-sized flayer:

On this track, Sandworm are black metal simplicity and ingenuity incarnate: a few good riffs, a steady beat, and fried vocals. Yet "Desert Warfare" is also teeming with ideas, be it the meter-shifting digressions or the way the guitar crashes around the mix, creating a charged atmosphere presaging bolts of lightning. In under two minutes, Sandworm nail the black metal particulars while also forming a universe that opens up on closer inspection. You lose yourself in the replays. Neat. Also, yeah, bleak.
The Body/Sandworm split is out via Thrill Jockey on October 21 (preorder). It contains one, side-long Body track and a heaping helping of concise cutters from Sandworm. You can stream "Desert Warfare" below.

The split will actually be dropped in a middle of The Body and Sandworm's tour. The jaunt through the western half of North America will run through locations like Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles. Sandworm will actually get things rolling in the...

7 Essential Cassette Store Day Compilations and Reissues
Aug 27, 2014 9:28am | Chart Attack

Visit any thrift store in Toronto and try to find a personal tape deck. It's impossible. The cassette is now the centre of thousands of communities across the globe, creating new music and fan bases around the technology. Then there's the labels who embrace the format for the dated-but-distinct qualities you hear every time play is pushed.

This September 27, the second annual Cassette Store Day seeks to be a boon for both the record stores that host its exclusive releases and the smaller labels seeking exposure outside of their city's borders. You may have seen the list of releases being sent out of all the stuff you can get. It's massive. So big, we ignored the newer releases and focused on the reissues and compilations that are being pressed to tape. If you find one of these on your way back from Craiglisting a Walkman, snap it up.

The Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels compilation

GARY Records by Shape Breaker

Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes by The Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels

One advantage Cassette Store Day has over its more famous sister holiday is the relative affordability of its format makes it much easier for microlabels and musical communities from all over to be a part of the showcase (even a tape sourced from a cassette subreddit).

The Benevolent Order is a Chicago-based consortium releasing punk, psych, and otherwise retromania feel-go...

We Were Promised Jetpacks I Keep It Composed
Aug 27, 2014 9:27am | StereoGum

In an era when many formerly blog-hyped indie rock bands with terrible names have descended into obscurity, Scottish wailers We Were Promised Jetpacks are still going strong, and their third album Unraveling is set to arrive this fall. After sharing the epic, sincere, math-rocking first single “Safety In Numbers,” they’ve hit us with “I Keep It Composed,” which uses elephantine riffage in something resembling a krautrock context and which sounds huge. This thing is absolutely going to kill when they play it live, and it sounds pretty awesome coming from my speakers this morning, too. Check it out below.


Stream: Los Angeles Police Departments debut album
Aug 27, 2014 9:25am | Cosequence Of Sound

California singer-songwriter Ryan Pollie, who performs under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department, will release his self-titled debut album on September 2nd via Forged Artifacts. In anticipation, its streaming in full below.

Pollie previously played in Warm Weather, an LA-based pop-rock band known for its jaunty, upbeat tunes. During that same time, he began releasing solo material under the name Shara, an homage to his mother. As he experimented with increasingly fuller arrangements, Pollie decided he needed a name that sounded more like a full band, opting for his current tongue-in-cheek moniker.

Pollie wrote and recorded each of the records 11 tracks in his Hollywood home over the course of a single day. In a statement, Pollie said this process helped him overcome the misconception “that the music that I was making, which wasnt recorded in a studio with a band, was illegitimate or not real for some reason.”

In an interview with Stereogum, Pollie explained that the album is about “this one girl that I was seeing for a summer. Basically all of the first seven songs on the album, minus ‘Enough Is Enough’, which is a party song. It kind of follows the same relationship and just different subject matter. But the same girl was in my head the whole time.”

The haphazard production approach definitely works in Pollies favor. The rec...

Midweek chart update: Royal Blood set for Number One with debut album
Aug 27, 2014 9:24am | NME
Brighton duo are in competition with Ariana Grande for this week's top spot

Kate Bush, Hammersmith Apollo 26/8/14: "There's someone who's loved you forever"
Aug 27, 2014 9:20am | Drowned In Sound

I was barely one week old when Kate Bush quit touring. Thirty-five years, three months and thirteen days later, tonights return to the live stage was literally the event of a lifetime. Arms pinched red, not quite able to believe that something this good was really going to happen, I was one step away from a cardiac arrest Kate freaking Bush! In real, actual life! Suffice to say, this is not an objective review.

Eighteen months in the making, and with a running time of nearly 3 hours plus interval, it was clear from the outset that we were here to see a piece of theatre rather than a concert. That said, the first of the three acts is surprisingly spare as Kate gives herself not much more to do than a lot of gesturing, pointing and small, slightly awkward twirls around the stage. The focus is entirely on her voice and the flawless musicianship of her seven-strong band, though lighting designer Mark Henderson deserves every ounce of praise for his outstanding contributions. There are no dancers, no props, no distractions, just humble, happy Kate and a five-piece chorus starring her 16 year old son and Before The Dawn creative advisor Bertie, who claps his hand over his heart when mum reveals the extent of his involvement in bringing her back to live performance. Move aside Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, parental moment of the year belongs to tonight.

Its tempting to speculate on how Kate chose the six songs that make up this first act, dr...

Sleep played Stage 48 with Holy Sons (pics)
Aug 27, 2014 9:18am | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Mathieu Bredeau, words by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Sleep @ Stage 48 - 8/25/14

Soon after releasing their first new music in 20 years, stoner-doom icons Sleep took their tour to NYC this past weekend, playing Stage 48 on August 25 with support from Holy Suns (the first Bowery Presents show at the Manhattan venue). Pictures of the show are in this post.

Holy Sons, a project of Al Cisneros's OM bandmate Emil Amos, kicked things off at the neon-lit Stage 48. With a large crowd already packing in to the generous space, Amos ran through a bunch of gloomily melodic material that the project is known for, with a lineup that was making its live debut adding heft to the few songs from earlier in his career that he played. The set was mostly made up of new, heavier material from the band. The effect was chunky while still maintaining the hypnotizing quality of the Holy Sons brand. It was a strong set, but by the end you could feel the crowd basically shaking in anticipation of Sleep.

Flanked by cosmic graphics on the many-layered onstage screens, Sleep proceeded to generally melt the crowd down for an hour and a half. I've seen both High on Fire and Om live multiple times, but nothing compares to seeing one of the best guitar/bass combo this side of Butler and Iommi hitting the stage together. Musical ubuntu this beautiful simply doesn't come about very often, and with the addition of Neurosis's Jason Roeder on...

Watch A Very Intense EMA Make Her TV Debut On Letterman
Aug 27, 2014 9:12am | StereoGum

At this point, we’re used to seeing indie bands catapult from relative obscurity to national TV exposure. But if you’ve every been lucky enough to see Erika Anderson stalking the stage of a tiny club, with her old band Gowns or on her own as EMA, then you know what an unlikely triumph it is to see her standing in a late-night show’s spotlight, hearing David Letterman splutter, “Holy crap, South Dakota?!” while introducing her. Anderson is a noise-scene veteran with a gut-ripping emotional intensity; she is not supposed to be there. And yet, there she was, fronting her future-punk backing band and seething her way through “Neuromancer,” one of many highlights on her great new album The Future’s Void. I’m delighted to report that the confrontational power of her live show translates way better on television than you’d ever expect. She looked like a star last night, and you can, and should, watch her performance below.


Modern Vices Taller In The Sunshine (Stereogum Premiere)
Aug 27, 2014 9:06am | StereoGum

Chicago rockers Modern Vices call themselves a “dirty doo-wop” band, but that’s not a very good description of what they do on “Taller In The Sunshine.” The song is much closer to the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand — swaggering urban garage rock with discordant guitar leads and a battered, hi-hat-heavy drumbeat topped off by a commanding croon. Thankfully the quintet is a lot better at making music than they are at describing it. This track, from their self-titled EP coming this fall, reminds me that the oft-maligned garage rock revolution of the early aughts was a worthwhile enterprise after all. Join “a romantic revolution” below.


Caught On Tape: the months essential cassette releases, August 2014
Aug 27, 2014 9:04am | Fact Magazine

Summer 2014 just won’t stop when it comes to awesome tape releases – everyone is stepping up their game.

This month we get into the deconstructed dubs of SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, Bewilderbeast’s cut & paste r&b, Rain Drinkers sprawling effort, avant-whatever from Attempt, pummeling techno from Marreck, and Topdown Dialectic’s minimalist gestures.

Use your keyboards arrow keys or hit the prev / next arrows on your screen to turn pages (page 1/7)

Giveaway: Win Two Tickets To Basilica SoundScape Contest Ends Today
Aug 27, 2014 9:00am | CMJ

Our recent report on the Woodsist fest seemed a metaphor for the way this busy, busy summer music festival season seems to be catching up with everyone. The music’s still good, the sunsets still gorgeous, but the constant hutzpah needed to run around to all these things might be reaching that autumnal tamp-down. Then again, maybe it’s just the realization that there are only so many times you can see the Flaming Lips.

Fear not! The creatively curated, third annual Basilica SoundScape festival is coming to add an intriguing, unexpected program. It runs from September 12-14 in a reclaimed 1880s factory in Hudson, NY, called Basilica Hudson, run by Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) and her husband, filmmaker Tony Stone. The booking (we are of the mind that the term “curate” has reached satuation) is provided by auf der Maur and Stone, plus Pitchfork Senior Editor Brandon Stosuy and Brian de Ran of Leg Up Management. Together they’ve concocted an interconnected program of music, literature and visual arts that they hope doesn’t fall into the usual summer fest parameters.

The psych-rock-leaning musical menu includes Michael Chapman, Julia Holter, Endless Boogie, Deafheaven, White Lung, Majical Cloudz, solo sets from members of bands you may or may not have heard of, Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire playing material from his upcoming solo album, and the Swans doing a planned two-hour set. There will be nume...

Morrissey takes a swipe at Robin Williams, for no real reason
Aug 27, 2014 8:59am | Cosequence Of Sound

Not that it should come as a surprise, but Morrissey managed to botch a well-intentioned tribute to film legends Richard Attenborough and Lauren Bacall.

In a statement posted to True To You, Moz said he was bothered that Bacall’s death was overshadowed by Robin Williams, because “It was Lauren, not Robin, who changed motion picture history. Yet modern media has an odd way of forgetting the more senior servers of the arts,” he explained.

Not that the comparison even makes sense (it would be like weighing the importance of Elvis vs. Morrissey’s own The Smiths), but his comments couldn’t be more ill-timed and insensitive: Williams was laid to rest less than a week ago and the coroner’s investigation is still ongoing.

But again, none of this should come as a surprise.

Read the full statement below.

“I was thrilled beyond words to have met Richard Attenborough, who, of course, played Pinkie in Brighton Rock (1947), a central theme of my song Now my heart is full. When I met Sir Richard he was delightful, and I asked him if Brighton Rock seemed like a hundred years ago. He replied ‘Oh, much more than that …’.
I also had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting the recently deceased Lauren Bacall … so beautiful, so cautious … and so sad that her death was overshadowed by that of Robin Williams. It was Lauren, not Robin, who changed...

Usher She Came To Give It To You (Feat. Nicki Minaj) Video
Aug 27, 2014 8:58am | StereoGum

Usher begins the video for his new song “She Came To Give It To You” by walking through a gambling ring in the back of an empty electronics shop before ending up at the club, where everything isn’t as okay as it seems. Subtly creepy visuals invade the dance floor, stuff like eyes popping out of sockets and whole heads turning into skulls. When Nicki Minaj comes in to deliver her song-elevating guest verse, she has a tarantula crawling over her and is posted up in front of a row of television security monitors. Watch the video below, plus some bonus footage from the set of Drake and Minaj goofing around in a convenience store.


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Buy it at Insound!

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