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Kanye Wests The Life of Pablo to be released on Friday, tracklist expanded to 17 tracks
Feb 12, 2016 10:10am | Cosequence Of Sound

Following its premiere at Madison Square Garden on Thursday afternoon, Kanye West intends to release his new album The Life of Pablo later today. “The album is being mastered and will be out today, Kanye tweeted, “added on a couple of tracks”

“Added” is a bit of an understatement as the tracklist has been expanded to include seven additional tracks, including the newly released G.O.O.D. Friday track “30 Hours”. His Kendrick Lamar collaboration “No More Parties in L.A.” has also returned to the tracklist, as has the Nike diss track “FACTS”.

The Life of Pablo marks Kanye’s seventh solo album to date following 2013’s Yeezus. He’s described the new album as “gospel music with a whole lot of cursing.”

Other guest contributors include Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper, Rihanna, Sia, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, The-Dream, Vic Mensa, and Young Thug.

The Life of Pablo Tracklist:
01. Ultra Light Beams (feat. Chance the Rapper, The-Dream, Mary J. Blige)
02. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 (feat. Kid Cudi and Desiigner)
03. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2 (feat. Kid Cudi and Desiigner)
04. Famous (feat. Rihanna and Swizz Beatz)
05. Feedback
06. Low Lights
07. Highlights (feat. Young Thug)
08. Freestyle 4
09. I Miss the Old Kanye<...

BBC unearths six crucial rave documentaries from the archives
Feb 12, 2016 10:09am | Fact Magazine

Here’s your weekend entertainment sorted.

From the crusty happenings of free party anti-heroes Spiral Tribe and Belfasts erstwhile rave mecca Ulster Hall, to a documentary about ecstasy presented by Stacey Dooley, the BBC has unearthed six free rave-themed documentaries from the archives.

The list of documentaries available are: Rave: The Beat Goes On, Witness: The Haçienda nightclub, Stories in Sound: The Roots of Rave, Behind the label: Ram Records, The Amen Break, AND Stacey Dooley Investigates: Ecstasy Wars – dive in.

We’ll leave you with this clip of Peep Show‘s David Mitchell pretending he used to be a raver: “I’ve always been passionate about rave culture. And I’m a very personal journey to discover the roots of this fascinating scene:”

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Kanye West 30 Hours
Feb 12, 2016 10:07am | StereoGum
Kanye West - 30 HoursOn Twitter, Kanye West claims that he'll release his new album The Life Of Pablo later today, that it's just being mastered now. The retain version of the LP will be different from the one that he premiered in grand fashion at Madison Square Garden last night. It'll include a few new songs, including … More »

Video Premiere: Alice On The Roof Lucky You
Feb 12, 2016 10:05am | CMJ

It’s one of the truisms of music videos: you can never have enough pink flamingos in them. That’s even truer if you do slick, catchy, rearview ’80s dance pop the way 21-year-old Belgian songstress Alice Dutoit, aka Alice On The Roof, does. The premiere of this new video for “Lucky You” looks like someone doing […]

The post Video Premiere: Alice On The Roof – “Lucky You” appeared first on CMJ.

Tim Vocals The Things You Do For Love Video (Stereogum Premiere)
Feb 12, 2016 10:01am | StereoGum
Tim VocalsWhen considering Tim Vocals' 2014 mixtape Timtations, we noted that the Harlem singer often employs his lithe falsetto in service of the kind of street-life stories usually reserved for rappers. But Valentine's Day is this weekend, a day when even the hardest R&B singer offers up something romantic. So here's a video for "The … More »

Kanye West says new album will be out today, added more tracks to it, including "30 Hours" (listen)
Feb 12, 2016 9:59am | Brooklyn Vegan

Kanye West

Kanye West still hasn't actually released his new album, but now he tweeted "Now that the album is finally finished it's back to Good Fridays" and released a new song. It's called "30 Hours." It samples Arthur Russell's "Answers Me." Listen below.

UPDATE: Now he says, "The album is being mastered and will be out today... added on a couple of tracks." (Leave it to Kanye to add more tracks after hosting the album listening party at Madison Square Garden.) "30 Hours" is one of the tracks. Check out the new tracklist below.

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Kanye West drops new track 30 Hours
Feb 12, 2016 9:56am | Fact Magazine

G.O.O.D. Friday returns.

UPDATE: Kanye West has amended the T.L.O.P. tracklist to include 30 Hours’.

Says it will be released later today:

The album is being mastered and will be out today added on a couple of tracks

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 12, 2016

Kanye West has still not released T.L.O.P. as promised, but has resumed Friday loosie drops that Kim Kardashian teased earlier this year. ’30 Hours’ is not on the tracklist he’s most recently released and samples Arthur Russell’s ‘Answers Me’. Check it out below.

The post Kanye West drops new track 30 Hours appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Kanye West debuts new song 30 Hours listen
Feb 12, 2016 9:54am | Cosequence Of Sound

Still no word on when Kanye Wests new album The Life of Pablo will receive its commercial release. But “now that the album is finally finished its back to Good Fridays,” tweeted Kanye late Friday morning. He included a link to a brand new track called “30 Hours”, which samples Arthur Russells “Answers Me”. As it does not appear on the latest tracklist for The Life of Pablo, presumambly this is a leftover from the recording sessions.

Update – Friday, February 12th at 10:15 a.m. CT: Moments after releasing “30 Hours”, Kanye revealed that The Life of Pablo “is being mastered and will be out today.” He’s also expanded the tracklist to 17 tracks, and among the new additions is “30 Hours”.

Elton John - Wonderful Crazy Night
Feb 12, 2016 9:47am | Drowned In Sound
Who still buys Elton John albums? His latest, Wonderful Crazy Night has, as anyone who spends much time on the tube in London will attest, been marketed to shit, so you could be forgiven for thinking this is a major release. But its now almost 15 years since Songs from the West Coast: his last record that, if were being really generous, would actually improve your record collection (not counting his greatest hits compilations).

Its fair to say that few music critics and even fewer DiS readers had Wonderful Crazy Night on their list of albums to look forward to this year. When you think of fans of Elton John 2016 youre picturing someone who maybe buys four or five albums a year, normally in Tesco. Youre thinking of someone who would see him live on a summers afternoon, perhaps in the grounds of a stately home in the south of England, or a cricket ground, or a provincial town hall. They listen to Radio 2, their MP is probably a Tory and they probably voted for them and told themselves it was to keep Ukip out. Im sorry if I just described your parents.

Elton John is a curious one. Of the seven artists to have sold more than 250m records, he has garnered the least critical acclaim. In 47 years of releasing records he has built an enormous following through writing some utterly majestic pop albums but, unlik...

London time-traveller Shape Worship unearths the politics of everyday life
Feb 12, 2016 9:46am | Fact Magazine

Techno and anthropology arent obvious bedfellows.

Its no surprise, really a typically wordless form of contemporary dance music doesnt necessarily seem the best vehicle for socio-cultural and historical introspection. But perhaps thats disingenuous. Microcosms of dance music have long been synonymous with specific times and places, while strands of house, techno and dubstep have been inextricably linked to the American midwest, Berlin and Croydon. Yet few artists of this ilk have created works actually about a city, not least one as complex and fractious as London. Shape Worships A City Remembrancer is one.

Over the past couple of years, Ed Gillett has carved out an idiosyncratic niche in leftfield dance music. His first two singles as Shape Worship, Observances and Throughways (both released in 2013, on Jonny Mugwumps dormant Exotic Pylon label and Gang of Ducks, respectively), were neat exercises in glacial techno, accomplished but far from indicative of the form Gilletts first full-length would take.

Though originally set for release on Exotic Pylon that year, A City Remembrancer eventually appeared on the Front and Follow label at the end of 2015. It was a conspicuous step up in terms of concept and realisation. Exploring the capitals secret histories, from the Necropolis Railway to the traditional pastime of mudlarking, its architectural identity and its tumultuous social policies, the record is...

The Essex Green working on first new LP in 10 years, playing Vermont's Waking Windows fest (line-up)
Feb 12, 2016 9:38am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Bill Pearis

The Essex Green

Former Brooklynites and makers of '60s-inspired baroque psych pop, The Essex Green, have been, for the most part, in hibernation since 2006's Merge-released Cannibal Sea. They regrouped last year and are finishing up work on their first album in 10 years. The band's website offers up the portrait above and promises "details soon" of a new record and tour, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can listen to 2003's The Long Goodbye and Cannibal Sea.

The Essex Green have announced they'll be playing the sixth edition of the Waking Windows Festival takes place May 6-8 in downtown Winooski, VT. This year's lineup also includes includes YACHT, Protomartyr, Waxahatchee, Mac MacCaughan, Speedy Ortiz, Plants and Animals, Low Cut Connie, Lady Lamb and more. Tickets are on sale, and the full lineup is listed below.

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NZCA/Lines - Infinite Summer
Feb 12, 2016 9:35am | Drowned In Sound
Its may have been a while since you thought about NZCA Lines. After starting to find success with his brilliant debut album, Michael Lovett seemed to disappear just as he was starting to gain traction. His brand of Eighties synth-pop seemed to be the refined answer to the turn of the decades batch of bands mixing squelchy synths and punk ideals.

NZCA Lines was always sleeker than the likes of Klaxons and CSS, like Lovett had taken all the synths and disco basslines to an underground club in Berlin instead of an East London boozer.

Since this first album, NZCA Lines has grown from just being Michaels solo project. After finishing up the debut, Michael became part of Metronomys live setup and when he decided to restart the project he added former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley and Sarah Jones, who has spent time playing with both New Young Pony Club and Hot Chip. This new experience has changed NZCA Lines from the introverted, sometimes timid, one-man pop loner, into the bigger and more confident incarnation that we find on Infinite Summer.

You should obviously never judge a book by the cover, but Infinite Summer's sleek Eighties sci-fi-indebted cover, sporting the kind of sleek runway and perfect sunset youd expect to find in A Brave New World neatly sums up what youll find inside. Indeed...

Run The Jewels Tease RTJ3 On Instagram
Feb 12, 2016 9:33am | StereoGum
Run The Jewels2016 is going to be a big year for rap events, and now there's another one to get excited about: The impending release of the third album from Run The Jewels, the duo of Killer Mike and El-P. We've known for months that they've been working on the follow-up to 2014's wonderful Run The … More »

Stream: Danish trio CHINAHs new EP Once the Lights Are On
Feb 12, 2016 9:30am | Cosequence Of Sound

When Copenhagen trio CHINAH formed in 2014, they were playing Nordic folk music with an electronic undercurrent. It quickly became clear that singer singer Fine Glindvad had a voice built for something a little smoother, and so they made the shift to an electropop R&B sound. Ever since, the anticipation for their debut release has steadily grown. Today, that release, the Once the Lights Are On EP, is finally available to stream in full below.

Past singles like “Colder” and “Away From Me” lead to easy comparisons to fellow electro-R&B upstarts Wet, with Glindvad delivering swooning vocals akin to Kelly Zutrau. Elsewhere, like on new track “Never the Same”, guitarist Simon Kjær and multi-instrumentalist Simon Andersson set the band apart with their carefully layered instrumentation, slinking up from underneath a murk of reverb. Once the Lights Are On is a lush effort brimming with an abundance of surprising, arresting moments slowly revealing themselves through the tracks.

Take a listen to the whole thing below.

The Score Turns 20
Feb 12, 2016 9:22am | StereoGum
Fugees - The ScoreSometime in the mid-'90s, Wyclef Jean read a magazine that fucked up his day. "If you read the magazine, it says the girl should've went solo / The guys should stop rapping, vanish like Menudo," he'd rap on his group the Fugees' 1996 track "Zealots." Looking at that line right now, with 20 years of … More »

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