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Rihanna, Coldplay and Katy Perry asked to pay to play 2015 Super Bowl halftime show
Aug 19, 2014 2:31pm | NME
The NFL is said to have approached the artists asking for money before the event or a "contribution of their post-Super Bowl tour income"

NFL narrows down 2015 Super Bowl Halftime acts to Coldplay, Rihanna, and Katy Perry, but wants them to pay
Aug 19, 2014 2:30pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo via Rihanna’s Twitter

The NFL is currently searching for its Super Bowl Halftime Show 2015 headliner, eyeing three big-name acts in Coldplay, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. So, how exactly will the league choose who graces such an enormous stage? Well, for the first time ever, it all depends on which act is willing to pay the big bucks.

“In a twist this year, the league has asked artists under consideration for the high-profile gig to pay to play,” reports Wall Street Journal (via SPIN), naming the above artists as the top three contenders.

According to the WSJ, some NFL employees have already approached and “asked at least some of the acts if they would be willing to contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income to the league, or if they would make some other type of financial contribution, in exchange for the halftime gig.” So far, WSJ claims the responses from have been lackluster at best.

(Read: The Best and Worst Super Bowl Halftime Performances)

While the Super Bowl Halftime Show is arguably one of the most coveted TV spots  garnering more viewers than the game itself this new policy will likely stir up some controversy, especially from those who deride anything that even remotely resembles payola.

In related news, I guess that petition for “Weird Al” Yankovi...

Album Of The Week: Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden
Aug 19, 2014 2:24pm | StereoGum

Pallbearer don’t sound like Black Sabbath. Or they do, sort of, but only to the extent that early Low sounds like a Phil Spector girl group, or that second-album Bon Iver sounds like Bruce Hornsby. The influence is there, clearly audible, underpinning everything Pallbearer do. But it’s all filtered through waves upon waves of oceanic gloop, melting and warping and refracting that original sound until it’s something entirely different. It’s the Sabbath sound when heard through a couple of different Babelfish filters. If, for instance, Iron Maiden were a sped-up drama-class version of Black Sabbath, then Pallbearer sound something like a DJ Screw remix of Iron Maiden, or like Iron Maiden after they’ve been petrified in black tar for a few thousand years. Pallbearer trade in triumphant leads and instinctive juddering caveman riffage and higher-than-the-sun vocal wails, just like so many metal greats before them. But they don’t use those sonic ingredients to batter or scream. Instead, they fold them on top of each other, layering them up like blankets on a cold night, and slowing them down into psychedelic sludge.


TOPS Outside
Aug 19, 2014 2:20pm | Gorilla Vs Bear

Montreals TOPS unveils the softest, most pillowy of jams, our current favorite from their stellar new album (although it could just as easily have come from the Top Gun soundtrack). Picture You Staring is out September 2 via our friends at Arbutus.

Remembering Don Pardos hilarious cameo in Weird Al Yankovics I Lost On Jeopardy
Aug 19, 2014 2:17pm | Chart Attack

Maybe you didn't know his name, and even more likely you don't know his face, but the voice of Don Pardo likely inhabited your world. His clean, ear-grabbing voice has boomed the names of almost every major actor and comedian for decades, as the voice of Saturday Night Live for all but the seventh season. Hearing his voice was a comforting confirmation that it was time for some antics to appear live in New York, and for almost-ready-for-primetime comedians and musicians a sign that they had made it. He passed away Monday at 96.

It's a chicken versus the egg sort of dilemma on whether he fit the gig versus the gig fitting him, many probably not realizing it was one person behind the voice for so many years, but either answer confirms he was perfect for it. Like the loss of Mark Dailey or Don LaFontaine, he created and audible identity that will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

SNL wasn't his only performance, however. He was also the original announcer for Jeopardy!, a role he reprised for Weird Al's "I Lost On Jeopardy," a spoof on The Greg Kihn Band's EZ jam "Jeopardy" (it's a testament to Al that nowadays many don't even know it's a parody). While the video has plenty of cameos from ex-host Art Fleming, the usual Dr. Demento and even Greg Kihn himself. But only Pardo appears in the song itself, berating Yankovic for his terrible performance.

"That's right Al, you lost!" pops in Pardo. "And let me tell you ...

Yung Gleesh returns with ragged new single Since When
Aug 19, 2014 2:04pm | Fact Magazine

Washington DC’s Yung Gleesh is one of the city’s most undeniable talents, and he jumps right back into focus with this latest drop.

A taster of his forthcoming mixtape Cleansides Finest 3, which is set to appear on September 16, ‘Since When’ is skeletal and menacing – a far cry from the quirky club weirdness emerging from Atlanta right now.

The video – shot by Will Hoopes – shows a side of DC that’s far from the tourist-ridden streets of Pennsylvania Avenue, and relates to plenty of the themes Gleesh touched on when FACT’s US team caught up with him at this year’s SXSW.

He’s got a busy few months ahead, aside from the mixtape launch, Gleesh is heading to Reddit for an AMA with subreddit Hip Hop Heads on September 10 at 4:00pm ET, and if you’re in the Brooklyn area, he’s set to perform at this year’s Fools Gold Day Off on September 1.

Sarah Silverman & Brody Stevens on Oddball Comedy Tour, playing last-minute NYC shows THIS WEEK
Aug 19, 2014 2:03pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Sarah Silverman and Brody Stevens appear together at Gotham Comedy Club TONIGHT (8/19). Tickets are on sale.

Brody also appears with a "big secret guest" at The irish Exit tonight (busy night!). Jeffrey Ross (also on the Oddball tour) and many others are on that bill too.

Sarah also appears at Over the Eight in Williamsburg Thursday (8/21), as part of the Kevin Corrigan Show with Damien Echols (Paradise Lost) and Chuck Klosterman too.. Check out the flyer below.

As you can see from the PNC Bank Arts Center show main stage set times (it happened two nights ago in NJ), Sub Pop recording artist Sarah Sliverman (who Instagrammed that photo) is currently playing as part of the Oddball Comedy tour that is hitting big venues. Brody is on that tour too. Remaining dates, including Jones Beach, are listed below...

Continue reading "Sarah Silverman & Brody Stevens on Oddball Comedy Tour, playing last-minute NYC shows THIS WEEK" at brooklynvegan

Listen: Chippy Nonstop Me + You Feat. Kitty (Pryde)
Aug 19, 2014 1:55pm | CMJ

Here’s another song with the iPhone text bloop, because this is the sound of teen lyfe now. And Chippy Nonstop, a genre-less musician from Oakland who’s worked with the likes of Hot Sugar and Ryan Hemsworth, embodies the rattling sugary hormones of everyone born in the ’90s. Me + You, which Chippy teased in her recent Summer Mix, features a bouncing cheerleader beat, some gooey twee rap from Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) and squishy lyrics like “We can grab a burger and a milkshake at the drive-thru/Catch a late night movie, you can call me your boo.” Listen below.

The post Listen: Chippy Nonstop – “Me + You” Feat. Kitty (Pryde) appeared first on CMJ.

These are the actors playing Daft Punk in the EDM-inspired film Eden
Aug 19, 2014 1:50pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Eden is the name of a forthcoming film chronicling the rise of France’s electronic music scene through the eyes of DJ Sven Love, co-founder of the duo Cheers. Described as “largely autobiographical,” the film’s plot centers around a young man named Paul (played by Félix de Givry), who discovers raves and house music, and eventually forms his own DJ project.

The film incorporates many of the clubs and parties synonymous with the scene, as well as prominent DJs like Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, aka Daft Punk. Above is a look at the actors cast to play the legendary duo (Arnaud Azoulay and Vincent Lacoste, respectively).

According to Love, the real Daft Punk members signed off on the film and allowed the use of three of their songs in the soundtrack. “Without their consent, the project could not succeed,” Love told

Eden is set to premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film also stars Greta Gerwig, Brady Corbet, and Laura Smet.

The Wytches stream debut album 'Annabel Dream Reader' - listen
Aug 19, 2014 1:48pm | NME
Brighton band are set to release the record on Heavenly Recordings next week (August 25)

Hear the new album from Vancouvers 1080p label, Mark Wundercastles Cell
Aug 19, 2014 1:46pm | Fact Magazine

There’s a good reason why we’ve been so obsessed by Vancouver’s 1080p imprint in recent months.

Somehow, they’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the overcrowded electronic music world, not by putting out a slew of 12″s from dead-cert artists we all know and love, but by discovering a new family of like-minded producers operating under their own set of rules.

The latest 1080p signing to come to our attention is Kiwi techno producer Mark Wundercastle who welds together airs swirls of Detroit techno with traces of New Zealand’s club scene (whatever that might be). It’s absorbing, unusual stuff, and just the kind of vanguard oddness we’ve come to love and expect from the 1080p lot. You can hear the entire thing below, and buy it on cassette and digitally from the 1080p site.

If you fancy reading more about 1080p, FACT’s very own Chal Ravens picked five of her favorite releases from the label, and asked boss man Richard MacFarlane to talk us through each one – check it out here.

Toro Y Mois Chaz Bundick announces new album as Les Sins, shares Bother
Aug 19, 2014 1:45pm | Cosequence Of Sound

When hes not performing under the Toro Y Moi moniker, Chaz Bundick indulges his more straightforward, dance music-inspired tendencies as Les Sins. Over the last few years, Les Sins has released a handful of singles and a 12-inch LP called Lina.

On November 4th, Bundick will issue the projects first full-length LP with Michael. The 11-track effort is the first release under Bundicks brand new label, Company Records, an imprint of his longtime label Carpark Records.

As our first taste, Bundick has shared “Bother”. Those more accustomed to the gentle chillwave of Toro Y Moi may be shocked by the bouncy, infectious amalgamation of 90s dance grooves and sturdy alt rap bass. Theres little going on lyrically (save for slightly robotic repetition of the title), but thats the point: Les Sins isnt about emotions, but getting people on the dance floor and into a tizzy of pure passion.

Listen in below.

Michael Tracklist:
01. Talk About
02. Past
03. Toy
04. Why (feat. Nate Salman)
05. Bother
06. Minato
07. Bellow
08 Sticky
09. Call
10. Drop
11. Do Right

Quit Your Day Job: Lemonade
Aug 19, 2014 1:43pm | StereoGum

Quit Your Day Job is a series that ran on Stereogum from 2007 to 2013, and in that space, we talked to dozens of indie artists — from Girl Talk to the National to Deerhunter to the Hold Steady — about the work they did when not making music, the things they did to make, y’know, money. Today, we’re bringing back QYDJ … in video form!


Joanna Gruesome Announces Split 7-Inch With Perfect Pussy, Shares Psykick Espionage
Aug 19, 2014 1:40pm | CMJ

Cover/Comic by Phil McAndrew

Today, Cardiff noise-poppers Joanna Gruesome and Syracuse, NY, punks Perfect Pussy announced their plans to release a split 7-inch, to be sold in limited quantities on the band’s upcoming U.S. tour. The 7-inch features four songs total, with each band contributing one original new tune and one cover. Joanna Gruesome takes on a tune by ’90s emo titans I Hate Myself, whereas Perfect Pussy tackles the Sugarcubes’ Leash Called Love. The record also comes with a 24-page comic by Phil McAndrew, brother of Perfect Pussy’s guitarist Ray McAndrew. In the comic, whose cover appears above, a superhero (who is half-Alanna McArdle of Joanna Gruesome and half-Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy) battles misogynistic online trolls and other assorted enemies.

The 7-inch will see a joint release from Slumberland, Captured Tracks and Fortuna Pop, and fans can expect a digital release this fall. Joanna Gruesome has also shared one of their contributions to the split single, the fiercely hooky Psykick Espionage. Check out that track and Perfect Pussy’s cover below, along with the full tracklist for the split single and Joanna Gruesome’s upcoming tour dates, among them a handful of shows with Perfect Pussy.

Tracklist For Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy Split:
Side A: Joanna Gruesome
01. Psykick Espionage
02. …And ...

Listen: The Unicorns unreleased song Let Me Sleep
Aug 19, 2014 1:30pm | Cosequence Of Sound

To coincide with their reunion tour, The Unicorns recently reissued their acclaimed 2003 LP, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?. The set tacks on four bonus tracks, including a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “Rocketship” and an original, never-before-released song called “Let Me Sleep”. The latter is streaming below.

The Unicorns will return to the stage this weekend, supporting Arcade Fire for their trio of shows at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Then, next month, they’ll headline the Pop Montreal music festival.

(Read: The Unicorns Nick Thorburn: More Than Horses)

The Unicorns 2014 Tour Dates:
08/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center *
08/23 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center *
08/24 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center *
09/21 Montreal, QC @ Pop Montreal

* = w/ Arcade Fire and Dan Deacon

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