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Lil Jabba takes a break from footwork on meditative Murky Moon hear it now
Apr 17, 2014 12:47pm | Fact Magazine

The Brooklyn-based producer steps away from footwork on his latest track.

When Teklife-affiliated producer Lil Jabba spoke with FACT’s Angus Finlayson last year, he described his post-Scales material as “really rich… really ambitious” and slower than his uniquely tuned footwork material.

A few departures from footwork have popped up on his Soundcloud since last summer, affixed with the tongue-in-cheek “jabbawerks” tag. As dense and druggy as his footwork tracks but with narcotic tempos and rap-inflected beats the material shows the other side of the Jabba coin.

His latest track, ‘Murky Moon’, lives up to its “swamp bathed in moonlight” description, but there’s also a gentle playfulness amid the synth swells and late night shadows, with jazzy electric piano and sinewy synth melodies in the mix. Stream it below.

Nada Surf, Guided by Voices, The Wrens members, Palomar & more playing PS154 benefit; The Fab Faux playing shows too
Apr 17, 2014 12:43pm | Brooklyn Vegan

The Wrens at Maxwell's in 2009 (more by Anna Scialli)

A number of local indie musicians will be teaming up to play a benefit for Windsor Terrace's PS154 at Brooklyn's Bell House on May 30. The lineup features Bambi Kino -- aka the Beatles cover band made up of Doug Gillard (ex-Guided By Voices), Mark Rozzo (Maplewood), Ira Elliot (Nada Surf), and Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power) who dedicate their shows to the band's early days in Hamburg, Germany -- Charles Bissell & Kevin Whelan of indie veterans The Wrens (who have been promising a new album for a loooong time), and an original lineup reunion by Palomar. Also on the bill is The Big Bright (mems of Ollabelle) and White Collar Crime. Tickets for the benefit show are on sale now.

Speaking of Beatles cover bands, The Fab Faux are presenting "John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney - The World Heavyweight Songwriting Championship!" in NYC on October 18 at Beacon Theatre with Hogshead Horns and The Creme Tangerine Strings. Tickets for that show are currently on AmEx and Chase presales, and go on sale to the general public on Friday (4/18) at 9 AM. The Fab Faux also play Port Chester, NY's Capitol Theatre on June 28 (tickets).

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Watch: The Horrors So Now You Know Video
Apr 17, 2014 12:42pm | CMJ

If ’80s movies have taught us anything, it’s that the only thing you can do when you’re stuck in a one-horse town is dance. This is obviously not lost on U.K. synth-rockers the Horrors who have just released the dusty and angsty video for So Now You Know. This sweeping pop track from their forthcoming Luminous LP provides the soundtrack for lead singer Faris Badwan’s leather-clad stroll through a lawn-less desert town where tension is eventually relieved with some starry-eyed interpretive dance moves. The album is due out May 5 in the U.K. and May 6 in the U.S., via XL, but you can check out the new video below.

The post Watch: The Horrors – “So Now You Know” Video appeared first on CMJ.

Wu-Tang Clan deny affiliation with rapper who cut off own penis
Apr 17, 2014 12:32pm | NME
Andre Johnson of Northstar allegedly attempted suicide in Los Angeles yesterday

6 Record Store Day Releases Well Probably Never See (But That Would Sell Out Fast)
Apr 17, 2014 12:27pm | Chart Attack

Record Store Day is this Saturday, and everyone's making their wishlists. There are some undeniable records on the list of this year's exclusives, but if the purpose of Record Store Day is to help preserve independent brick-and-mortar record stores, we say to the musicians and record labels: open your minds and your catalogues, and put out some exclusives that are sure to fatten their coffers. This list is our own top six improbable RSD cash cows, and will hopefully inspire many more to re-release their most despicable songs for the common good.

Brad Paisley feat. LL Cool J, "Accidental Racist"

Format: Confederate Flag 7" vinyl 

Paisley's olive branch to southern blacks reeks of white saviour self-congratulation, thinly-veiled frustration that his own internal "struggles" don't fully vindicate him, and a passive aggressive attitude to the song's addressees. But both the superficially conciliatory racists and ironic-but-actually racists would flock to record stores for a chance at this limited edition release. "I'm just a WHIIIIIITE MAN." Just. Just.

Prince, The Black Album

Format: 666-gram, sulphur-scented vinyl

Prince's vault is filled with cancelled records, including the fantastic return-to-form The Black Album. Rumour has it the record has canned because the artist (now a devoted Jehovah's Witness) considered i...

Jucifer touring, playing Acheron w/ Cleanteeth (dates)
Apr 17, 2014 12:13pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Doug Moore

Jucifer at Acheron, 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)

ALWAYS ON TOUR!!!! january to december every year!!

-Jucifer Facebook

RV-bound sludge duo Jucifer really are on tour pretty much perpetually -- check their website's show history page and prepare to scroll for about 5 minutes before you even reach the end of 2013. The band currently have a few Ohio dates scheduled to round out the month of April, followed by an appearance at the UK's Temples Music Fest in early May.

The month that follows is uncharacteristically quiet for them -- they currently don't have any further live appearances announced until June 6, when they'll hit NYC for a show at The Acheron alongside Cleanteeth & Mammal. Tickets for the NYC show are available now. No further dates announced yet, but as long as this band exists, it's a given that they're planning more appearances.

Check out the list of Jucifer's announced dates and stream their latest album (which is conveniently titled ) below...

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Love Letters
Apr 17, 2014 12:06pm | Fact Magazine

Available on: Because Music

Look, I know I go on about this, but why isn’t there a name for this? I keep trying to say indietronica, after all, it’s indie bands with electronic instruments, but nobody seems interested. It’s not that I want to tag or stake a claim to anything, it just seems quite odd that a whole broad section of modern music doesn’t have a descriptor.

Metronomy are of course the joint leaders of this area along with Hot Chip, and four albums in they’re pretty well established as a landmark on the ever-so-slightly-left-of-centre musical landscape. Everything about them is instantly identifiable, from Joseph Mount’s cracked tones through the So Very English language and references to the retro FM radio pop atmospheres or, in short: they do their own thing and they do it well.

On this album they’re doing it as well as ever, although it will take you a few goes to realise this. There’s a couple of reasons for that. First, that’s always the case with Metronomy records: even though people will now claim that The English Riviera is basically a pop record, it was never an easy listen on first play, and like all their releases resists affection and only gave up its secrets given a bit of love and coaxing. Second, this whole album is slathered in tape hiss. OK, I know, I know, all analogue, all live, recorded at Toe Rag, blah-di-blah-di-blah, but really, how...

Donovan Wolfington On New Orleans, LA
Apr 17, 2014 12:00pm | CMJ

Donovan Wolfington

In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on whats going on sonically in their hometowns. This week Donovan Wolfington gives us the scoop on New Orleans, LA. Their new EP, Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark, is out now on Topshelf Records.

Simply put, New Orleans kills it in terms of talent and diversity. There are scenes within scenes that I don’t even necessarily know about. There’s all sorts of great punk, metal, indie, rap, experimental and rock. It makes it really hard to keep track of, but we’ll try and give you an idea of what’s good right now in New Orleans. This will be really hard.

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The post Donovan Wolfington On New Orleans, LA appeared first on CMJ.

Its time for a new fucking game plan. Raekwon blasts RZA, new Wu-Tang album
Apr 17, 2014 11:53am | Fact Magazine

The Chef is pissed.

Earlier this week, RZA revealed that Raekwon will not be rejoining the Clan for 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow, claiming that Raekwon hasnt shown up at all.

Raekwon has aired his side of the story in an interview with Rolling Stone, and it’s not pretty. Not only does he call RZA’s claim that the two hadn’t spoken a “bold-faced lie,” but he lays out why he’s unhappy with RZA’s management of the Clan and new musical direction.

“RZAs the type of dude where, in the 90s, he ruled. Now its a new day. Youre not attached no more,” he says. “Its like being a coach and you won rings back in the day, but now your team is in ninth place. Its time for a new fucking game plan.”

Raekwon maintains that he’s doing it for the fans, but it’s definitely gotten personal: “The bottom line… Im not happy with the direction of the music and Im not happy with how dudes is treating dudes business.” He puts his odds of appearing on the album at a two out of ten: “Its like climbing up a fuckin’ mountain if you got on slippers.”

The entire interview is definitely worth a read.

Daedelus touring, playing Round Robin Duets & Undead Music show with Shigeto (dates)
Apr 17, 2014 11:51am | Brooklyn Vegan

Daedelus in Austin in 2012 (more by Tim Griffin)

Instrumental hip hop/electronic production vet Daedelus has a number of dates coming up this year, including multiple US festivals like Moogfest and Hangout Fest. Just before Hangout Fest, he'll be in NYC for two appearances.

The first is part of this year's Red Bull Music Academy Night of Improvised Round Robin Duets which happens on May 14 at Town Hall, and also features fellow electronic producer Shigeto guitar greats Marc Ribot and Nels Cline, David Byrne/Amanda Palmer collaborator Jherek Bischoff, New Orleans R&B veteran Allen Toussaint, ex-P-Funk member Amp Fiddler, free jazz veteran David Murray, that dog. member Petra Haden, and more. Tickets for that show are on sale now. More info on the event, which is curated by RBMA and Undead Music, here.

The day after the Round Robin Duets show, Daedelus and Shigeto will team up once again for another Undead Music-presented show at Littefield (5/15) in Brooklyn. That show is with jazz drummer Mark Guiliana, bassist Eivind Opsvik, and cornetist/trumpeter Graham Haynes. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Meanwhile, you can also see Daedelus not far from NYC TONIGHT (4/17) at Princeton University in the college's Terrace Club. Joining him is Delaware's No Sir E.

La Sera Running Wild
Apr 17, 2014 11:50am | StereoGum

Vivian Girls breathed their last breath earlier this year, and now former Vivs bassist/vocalist Katy Goodman, once known to the world as Kickball Katy, is soldiering on with her La Sera solo project and getting ready to release the new album Hour Of The Dawn. We’ve already shared first single “Losing To The Dark,” and now Goodman has given us another one, the sprightly and welcoming “Running Wild.” It’s a fun song, and you can download it below.


Percussions Sext
Apr 17, 2014 11:49am | StereoGum

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet aka no-really-he’s-not-Burial just blessed us with two new tracks under his Percussions alias yesterday, and now he’s given us a third. Just over an hour ago Hebden tweeted a link to “Sext,” maybe the finest of the three excursions into experimental four-on-the-floor thump. I could actually imagine provocative SMS messages sounding like this while traveling through circuits, getting ready to digitally titillate whoever’s on the other end. Listen below and be titillated yourself.


PREMIERE: DAS RADs Vacuum video gives April snow one last hurrah (sludge, too)
Apr 17, 2014 11:47am | Chart Attack

Following the annual mid-April snow day (and subsequent freakout), Toronto's weather finally seems to be settling down for the spring. We're giving winter one last hurrah with the premiere of DAS RAD's "Vacuum." Directed by Dean Tzenos of Odonis Odonis (who's almost as passionate about B-movies as he is about industrial music), the video plots the members of the Toronto sludge-pop band in the middle of a snow-covered forest. And when you look into the vacuum of their eyes, you just know something's about to go down. Something about those mutton chops...

DAD'S heavy new Radiation EP will be out this spring on Pleasence.

PREMIERE: DAS RAD’s “Vacuum” video gives April snow one last hurrah (sludge, too) by Richard Trapunski | Chart Attack.

Listen: Chromeos new song Ezras Interlude, featuring Ezra Koenig
Apr 17, 2014 11:46am | Cosequence Of Sound

After busting a move at Coachella last weekend, Chromeo break off another piece of their forthcoming LP, White Women, with the short but sweet “Ezra’s Interlude”, featuring — you guessed it – Vampire Weekends Ezra Koenig.

Momentarily stowing away their funky dance kicks for two minutes of tenderness, the track’s a downtempo love song perfect for soundtracking a 1984 high school prom. “I just can’t pretend I’m gonna make you mine,” Koenig croons over a bed of plushy piano chords. Take a listen to the swoon-worthy track below.

(Watch: A Conversation With Chromeo)

White Women is due out May 12th via Atlantic Records. For more sounds, be sure to check out the Toro y Moi-aided Come Alive”, Sexy Socialite, “Jealous (I Ain’t with It)”, and Over Your Shoulder.

White Women Tracklist:
01. Jealous (I Aint with It)
02. Come Alive featuring Toro Y Moi
03. Over Your Shoulder
04. Sexy Socialite
05. Lost on the Way Home featuring Solange
06. Play the Fool
07. Hard to Say No
08. Ezras Interlude featuring Ezra Koenig
09. Old 45S
10. Somethingood
11. Frequent Flyer
12. Fall Back 2U

Hopscotch 2014 Lineup
Apr 17, 2014 11:40am | StereoGum

Each year, music festival Hopscotch has grown bigger and better. Spread out across various dive bars, elegant theaters, and art spaces in Raleigh, NC, you can find whatever you want among the well-curated blend of hip-hop, rock, metal, and experimental music. They’ve just announced the lineup for the 2014 festival, which will be held from 9/4 – 9/6. This year’s biggest acts are Spoon, Mastodon, St. Vincent, and Sun Kil Moon, but look a little lower on the bill and there’s just as exciting stuff.


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Buy it at Insound!

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