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october 2014 mix
Oct 31, 2014 11:11am | Gorilla Vs Bear


[not to be confused with our Halloween 2014 mix]

01 Atelje :: ode to studio 00:00
02 Amason :: duvan 02:53
03 Yumi Zouma :: alena 06:35
04 Danny L Harle :: in my dreams 11:00
05 Jerome LOL :: burton hall 14:20
06 Recycle Culture :: taylor swift – wildest dreams (remix) 18:30
07 Eyedress :: when i’m gone (feat. georgia) 21:20
08 DJ CASHINOUT x CLVMVTO :: imminent 24:39
09 Gazelle Twin :: exorcise 26:55
10 Katie Gately :: pivot 31:02
11 Grouper :: holding 33:42
12 Blue Hawaii :: get happy 41:05
13 Vogue Dots :: way with silence 45:22
14 Vesuvio Solo :: avion 49:56
15 Deers :: between cans 53:38
16 Leon Bridges :: coming home 56:03

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Radio Round-Up: Big Birthdays, Documentaries And Awards
Oct 31, 2014 11:10am | CMJ

Welcome to Radio Round-Up, wherein we take a look at what’s happening this week in college radio.

  • WESU at Wesleyan College is celebrating 75 years on the air, making it one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in the country. The station, campus and community are all honoring this momentous occasion over the coming week. The Wesleyan library has helped to curate the an exhibit on the history of WESU that will be on display at their 75th anniversary event this Sunday, November 2. On Monday, November 3, the city of Middletown will be presenting a proclamation in honor of the station.
  • WNTI at Centenary College is hosting a Halloween blues show as a fundraiser for the station. The show will feature performances by Alexis P Suter Band and VooDUDES. The event will be Saturday, November 1 at the Sitnik Theater in Hackettstown.
  • The Cat, a community radio station based in Nantwich, England will be moving to broadcast out of South Cheshire College, now that the station has received an FM license. The move will also allow students at South Cheshire College access to participate in the stations programing.
  • Sex And Broadcasting, a documentary about WFMU, is being premiered at DOC NYC on November 15 and also screened on November 17. The premiere looks like it’s sold out, but there are still tickets available for the second screening, so get ‘em while you can.
  • The CMJ College Radio Award winners were annou...

Judge rejects Robin Thickes request to throw out Blurred Lines lawsuit
Oct 31, 2014 11:00am | Cosequence Of Sound

Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. have been tangled up in a legal battle with Marvin Gayes family over allegations that 2013’s “Blurred Lines” plagiarized from Gaye’s 1977 song “Got to Give It Up”. After being repeatedly threatened with a copyright infringement suit, Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I. filed a preemptive lawsuit of their own last summer, defending their names and asking that the claims be thrown out altogether. Now, after a judge has reviewed both sides, Thicke and co.’s requests have been denied, and the trial is officially set to go before a jury next year.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, US District Judge John Kronstadt examined all the evidence and expert testimony, concluding that the Gaye family had “made a sufficient showing that elements of ‘Blurred Lines’ may be substantially similar to protected, original elements of ‘Got to Give It Up.’ Defendants have identified these with particularity for purposes of analytic dissection.”

Kronstadt also explained that the Gaye family had “offered sufficient evidence to create triable issues about whether their 11-note signature phrase, four-note hook, four-bar bass line, 16-bar harmonic structure and four-note vocal melody are protectable expressions.”

The family had also claimed that there were infringements within the sheet music of “Blurred Lines”, whi...

Pitchfork Paris day 1 review: James Blake, The War on Drugs, Mogwai, The Notwist, Jon Hopkins, HTDW & Ought
Oct 31, 2014 10:59am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Johnny Zachman

Pitchfork Paris began yesterday (10/30) in the Grande Halle de la Villette, a slaughterhouse-turned-cultural center in the city's 19th arrondissement. The festival featured two stages at opposite ends of the venue, with acts performing in immediate succession on alternate sides of the room.

Montreal's four-piece art-punk band Ought kicked off the night, injecting the already sizable crowd with good energy off the bat. Lead singer Tim Beeler channeled David Byrne, David Bowie, and most especially Jonathan Richman in his performance - which was spoken almost as often as it was sung - and the band's combination of keyboardist Matt May on Nord Electro 3 and the rhythm section's tight, dynamic and often repetitive grooves made for a refreshing take on punk.

How To Dress Well performed next, also as a four-piece. "It's nice to be back in the barn" remarked singer and songwriter Tom Krell, before saying hello to his mentor Beck, who was watching the show via live stream. The band performed many of the highlights from this year's excellent album "What Is This Heart?" while a series of muted, abstract visuals were projected behind them. I was impressed by the band's ability to recreate the album's sounds in a live atmosphere. On stage, Krell performed with two microphones - one dry and the other soaked in full reverb - between which he would modulate throughout the show, sometimes mid-phrase. Krell was backed...

This Weeks 5 Best Music Videos: FKA twigs, John Cale, Flying Lotus and more
Oct 31, 2014 10:59am | Chart Attack
This week's 5 best music videos are all best watched from beyond the grave, in the place of no sight or sound. Now imagine I just turned into a cloud of haunted vapour.

FKA twigs, "Video Girl"

"Her pop star glamour and the ugliness of her environment clash like snarling dogs, a brutal and beautiful dance in itself not seen in twigs's videos since "Papi Pacify.'"

Now watch this: Kahlil Joseph's previous politically-charged clip for "Until The Quiet Comes" from Flying Lotus.

Sharon Van Etten, "Your Love Is Killing Me"

"We follow her journey for closure from an impudent episode in a bar to a shocking confrontation with a man, and we're left even after the video is finished to fill in the blanks."

Now watch this: Director Sean Durkin's breakout hallucinatory thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene.) Or maybe A Woman Under The Influence by John Cassavetes, if you're looking for the progenitor of this shaky camera/unbalanced lead combination.

Grouper, "Made Of Air"

"It's a careful and considered collection of images depicting nature and urban life, overlayed to awesome effect and energized by flowing water."

Now watch this: Some selections from Paul Clipson's filmography.

John Cale, "If You W...

Arca Now You Know Video
Oct 31, 2014 10:57am | StereoGum

Arca previously linked up with the director Jesse Kanda for the ominous, staggering video for “Thievery,” a track from Arca’s forthcoming album Xen. And now Kanda has directed another video for a Xen track. The new clip for the lurching, staggering instrumental “Now You Know” starts out as a drone’s-eye-view of a nighttime cityscape, as fireworks explode all around it. Those fireworks, and everything else, are presumably CGI, since they flash right along with moments in the song, and since the laws of physics go out the window quickly. It’s a dense kaleidoscope of a video, and you can watch it below.


This Weeks 5 Best Songs: Dirty Beaches, Grouper, and more
Oct 31, 2014 10:56am | Chart Attack
When you think about it, this week's 5 best songs are all just skeletons walking around with other stuff on top. Creepy, right?

Dirty Beaches, "Displaced"

"Alex Zhang Hungtai follows up his previous, mostly instrumental EP with a full record of voiceless tracks. It's his final release as Dirty Beaches."

Grouper, "Holding"

"'Holding' offers an expanse where a handful of piano notes gather, joined by a few precious vocal overdubs underscoring Harris's hushed apocalypse: 'I watched as it unfolded.'" 

Roomrunner, "Chrono Trigger"

Separate by Roomrunner

"Grunge aesthetes from Baltimore with a song called "Chrono Trigger" aka your new best friends."

Run The Jewels feat. Despot and Wiki, "Blockbuster Night Pt 2"

"You've probably blasted RTJ2 all weekend since it dropped. Now El-P and Killer Mike have a chaser: a sequel to their new project's lead single, featuring reclusive flamehead Despot and RATKING's Wiki."

Mykki Blanco "For My Homey's"

Mykki Blanco presents Gay Dog Food by Mykki Blanco

"That tour with Death Grips ...

Video : Arca : Now You Know
Oct 31, 2014 10:53am | My Old Kentucky Blog

Producer Arca has his debut LP, Xen, coming out on November on November 4th via Mute. Once more, he hooks up with visual extraordinaire Jesse Kanda for an amazing video. This one is for new song “Now You Know” and much more safe for work than his previous clip for “Thievery”. It plays out like a fireworks extravaganza that you are right in the middle of. Watch and listen below.


Listen to the music NASA sent to space to communicate with aliens
Oct 31, 2014 10:50am | Cosequence Of Sound

We already know that space generates its own deeply beautiful music. But back in 1977, as mankind thought about its place amongst the stars and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, NASA decided to add to the cosmic symphony with the launch of the Voyager I probe. There among all the radio gear and high-end cameras is The Golden Record, a disc containing a ginormous auditory archive representing our planet’s menagerie of sounds (via Death and Taxes).

From music to greetings in every language and even sorted animal grunts, the disc was created as a means of communicating with alien life, unseen individuals who are “coming to grips with the same laws of physics and chemistry and astronomy,” wrote project head and famed astronomer Carl Sagan. He added, “The greatest interest might be in communicating information on music, say, or social conventions.”

Musically, the bulk of the disc is comprised of European classical and World music, with just three songs from Western culture: Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”, “Melancholy Blues” by Louis Armstrong, and the blues standard “Dark Was the Night”. Sure, it’s missing profound songs that were released at that time, and there’s been a billion more songs released since Voyager’s launch. Still, the Golden Record remains a romantic representation of Earth reaching out with our m...

O-Face O-Thang Video (Stereogum Premiere)
Oct 31, 2014 10:49am | StereoGum

O-Face is the latest great band to come out of the Bard College music scene. They released their debut album Taste last month, and it’s a sweet-sounding collection of nervous and smart indie rock. It’s concerned with growing up and trying to fit in, or at least carving out a safe space in which you can find yourself. “O-Thang” is a highlight on the album and serves as a quasi-mission statement: “O-Face sits by himself but he can’t picture no one else/ He’s following all of his dreams or so, or so it seems/ O-Face, you’re looking glum, well crack another cold one/ You’re absent in all of our dreams or so, or so it seems.” The Halloween-themed video for the song is all about trying to recapture your youth: the band gets dressed up to go trick-or-treating, but when they get turned away from a house because they’re too old, they decide to rebel instead. They break pumpkins in a parking lot, toilet paper a house, go to a party, and drink a lot of beers. The video is shot in an unassuming but perceptive way by directing duo Free Throw. Watch below.


Sinead OConnor @ City Winery: October 30, 2014
Oct 31, 2014 10:45am | CMJ

Last night, Sinead O’Connor played a rare, intimate set a NYC’s City Winery in support of her recent album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss. It was the final show of a three-night run at the Winery, lit sparsely and enveloped in a hushed reverence. O’Connor opened with a cover of John Grant’s Queen Of Denmark, and ran through passionate Bossy tracks like Take Me To Church and The Voice Of My Doctor, ending with a double encore of Streetcars and Psalm 33.

Photos by Adela Loconte.

The post Sinead O’Connor @ City Winery: October 30, 2014 appeared first on CMJ.

Mac from Superchunk covers Sisters of Mercy for Halloween (listen)
Oct 31, 2014 10:44am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Bill Pearis

Mac McCaughan @ HiFi during CMJ (via @marcviloria

I make no bones about my love of '80s goth: Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Xymox, Xmal Deutchland, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Bolshoi etc...I'm all for it. (Fields of the Nephilim, not so much.) But my favorite is probably The Sisters of Mercy whose first two albums -- 1985's First and Last and Always and (especially) 1987's Floodland -- are pretty much stone-cold classics that I can listen to anytime of the year, but I tend to OD on around Halloween. I was, in fact, listening to them today when I saw that Superchunk frontman and Merge mogul Mac McCaughan had just posted a cover of "First and Last and Always" on his soundcloud. Mac keeps the inherent drama but gives it the Portastatic treatment, stripping it down to acoustic guitar and synths. You can stream it below.

Mac was just in NYC for CMJ, playing a solo show at HiFi. Anybody catch his set? Mac's take on the Sisters, plus a mix of classic '80s goth for your Halloween listening, below..

Continue reading "Mac from Superchunk covers Sisters of Mercy for Halloween (listen)" at brooklynvegan

Bob Dylan to release new album Shadows in the Night in 2015
Oct 31, 2014 10:30am | Cosequence Of Sound

Bob Dylan has confirmed the release of a new studio album in 2015. As Stereogum points out, Dylan’s new Basement Tapes box set includes a note revealing the album’s title as Shadows in the Night. It’ll serve as the follow-up to Dylan’s 2012 album, Tempest.

Already, Dylan has previewed the release with a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Full Moon and Empty Arms”.

In the meantime, Dylan is currently touring the US as part of the latest leg of his Never Ending tour. See the upcoming schedule below.

Bob Dylan 2014 Tour Dates:
11/01 Denver, CO @ Bellco Theatre
11/04 Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
11/05  Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
11/06  Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
11/08 Chicago, IL @ Cadillac Palace Theatre
11/09  Chicago, IL @ Cadillac Palace Theatre
11/10  Chicago, IL @ Cadillac Palace Theatre
11/12 Cleveland, OH @ State Theatre
11/14 Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
11/15 Providence, RI @ Providence Performing Arts Center
11/17 Toronto, ON @ Sony Center
11/18 Toronto, ON @ Sony Center
11/21 Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
11/22  Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
11/23  Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
11/25 Washington, DC @ DAR Constitution Hall
11/26 Newark, NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center
11/28 New York, NY @ Beacon Theatr...

M.A.P.S. noise series continuing w/ Reverse Baptism, FFH, Gene Pick, Corephallism, Sickness & more
Oct 31, 2014 10:30am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

The noise-oriented M.A.P.S (Metropolitan Audio Pain Source) series will continue in November with performances from a Baltimore-centric lineup. The show is in NYC on November 8 at Trans Pecos and will feature performances from Reverse Baptism, FFH, Corephallism, Gene Pick, Field Grave, Spiteful Womb and Sickness. Tickets for this show are currently on sale.

Reverse Baptism are a power electronics/spoken word project from Jason Crumer of Facedowninshit and various other harsh noise projects. FFH, also from Baltimore, definitely fall on the more abstract end of the harsh noise spectrum, providing distorted vocals and thick washes of dissonant sound. The final Baltimore band, Gene Pick, traffic in a John Wiese-like type of noise that's more evenly distributed and paced, building a progression into madness from a series of harsh blips and hits that evolve into something more enveloping. Masssachusetts-based Corephallism bring a slightly more melodic, more metal-influenced sound (somewhat along the lines of Prurient) into the fray. This is an extremely varied lineup, with each out-of-town act bringing something unique to the table.

These shows are leading up to the big M.A.P.S. festival on December 13 at Trans Pecos. Updated lineup for that, and streams of the artists playing the 11/8 show, below.

Continue reading "M.A.P.S. noise series continuing w/ Reverse Baptism, FFH, Gene Pick, Coreph...

CMJ Charts: October 28, 2014: Caribou Is No. 1 At RPM
Oct 31, 2014 10:30am | CMJ
1 1 KING TUFF Black Moon Spell Sub Pop
2 4 CARIBOU Our Love Merge
3 5 FOXYGEN And Star Power Jagjaguwar
4 3 ALT-J This Is All Yours Canvasback-Atlantic
5 6 FLYING LOTUS You’re Dead Warp
6 2 TY SEGALL Manipulator Drag City
7 9 EX H...
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Buy it at Insound!


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