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Big Boi Says Modest Mouse Collab Is Still Happening, Plans EP With Phantogram
Apr 19, 2014 4:04pm | StereoGum

On Thursday night, Big Boi DJed a Coachella party in advance of his second reunion performance as Outkast (which was apparently much better, if you believe music critic Twitter) and dropped some hints to The Hollywood Reporter about what he’ll be up to for the rest of the year. On the rumored Modest Mouse collaboration that happened back in 2011 and still hasn’t seen a release: “Weve got these songs theyve been sitting on forever. I saw [lead singer Isaac Brock] a couple months ago and theyre working on some additions to what we did. I dont know. Its a crazy camp over there. Its coming.” He also revealed that he’s working with Phantogram on an EP (or possible full-length) Big Grams following their past collaborations.

After he releases the followup to Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, which he’ll try to record on the road during Outkast’s massive festival tour, he wants to get into acting. “Ive been turning down roles for a while now because music is my first passion but theres been a lot of calls for me to do film. [...] I wanna play Bill Clinton. I’d play the shit out of that.” He also is really into Majical Cloudz apparently and uses Shazam and Soundhound to find new music — just like one of us! You can check out the setlist from Outkast’s second Coachella performance below.


Prince The Breakdown
Apr 19, 2014 3:31pm | StereoGum

Yesterday, Prince announced his reconciliation with Warner Bros. and said that a new studio album was on the way that would be released on the label. The fruits of that deal came earlier than expected when Prince dropped a new single late last night in the form of “The Breakdown,” which is a slow and soulful ballad that, appropriately, breaks down into an emotional wail amidst lavish instrumentation. Listen to the song below.


Big Boi discusses OutKast reunion, solo material, working with Phantogram and Modest Mouse
Apr 19, 2014 3:02pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo by Ted Maider

Prior to taking the stage at Coachella for OutKasts much-improved second headlining spot, Big Boi chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about what else he has in store for 2014.

The rapper’s most immediate plans revolve around working on his follow-up to 2012′s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. He’ll be putting in work on the solo record while on the road with André 3000, with an aim to release it by year’s end. Im shooting for this year, he told THR. Youll definitely get a couple of songs before the end of the year. Whether the project is done or not just depends on how wild this road gets.

The album promises a smattering of guests spots, though Big Boi remained mum about who might appear. He did, however, mention that he’s currently digging Majical Cloudz and uses Shazam and Soundhound to discover new music in public spaces. [Im looking for] just a sonically different sound than whats out there, he explained. I dont go for the artists that everybodys using or get somebody just for the name.

He’s also got a collaborative record with “Lines” partners  Phantogram in the works. They’ve apparently tracked enough material for an EP called Big Grams, though it could expand into a full album. Weve got songs which were already recorded when we were working on my ...

Nothing released a free Low cover for RSD (listen/download)
Apr 19, 2014 2:33pm | Brooklyn Vegan
Recorded a song at home on an anxiety ridden Friday night. I'm giving it out for Free for Record Store Day and hopefully @lowtheband doesn't mind the rendition of their beautiful song.
Happy Record Store Day! Even if you're not out shopping today, you can still get new music (and this one's free) from Philly shoegazers Nothing, who posted a cover of Low's "In Metal" to their bandcamp along with the above message. Listen to the cover below.

If you are out and about today, Nothing are among the many bands playing the on-going Rough Trade NYC in-store, which is also free. They're on at 9 PM, and as of this post, remaining sets include Amen Dunes (6 PM), Fear of Men (8 PM), Hospitality (11 PM), and more.

Continue reading "Nothing released a free Low cover for RSD (listen/download)" at brooklynvegan

Kanye West and Common help create over 20,000 jobs for Chicago youth
Apr 19, 2014 11:55am | NME
The pair are working with a local community organisation to create more opportunities for young people in the city

Percussions KHLHI
Apr 19, 2014 11:54am | StereoGum

Four Tet’s been releasing songs under his Percussions alias over the past few days in a lead-up to the release of two 12-inches on his own label. We’ve already heard “Blatant Water Cannon,” “Ascii Bot,” and “Sext” and “KHLHI” completes the series. It’s very much of the same family as the other tracks, elevated by a beautiful sample from ’70s soul singer Syreeta Wright’s “Keep Him Like He Is” that carries the track home. Listen below.


Check out the setlist for Jack Whites first concert in 2014
Apr 19, 2014 11:33am | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo by Jo McCaughey /Third Man Records

As promised, Jack White returned to the stage today, performing his first concert in 2014 at Third Man Records Studios in Nashville, TN.

The set was just part of White’s latest Record Store Day stunt, which saw him record his new single “Lazaretto” direct-to-acetate. The masters are to be rushed over to United Record Pressing, who will begin pressing 45s of the single, while the sleeves will be printed with photographs taken from the show. The finished records will be transported back to Third Man, where they will be sold later today. The B-Side will be a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love”.

As a press release notes, As long as there are fans in line waiting to buy the single, United will continue to press and deliver them to Third Man to sell. Even if it takes all day.

(Read: Listen to Bob Dylan and Jack White perform The White Stripes’ “Ball and Biscuit” in 2004)

In addition to “Lazaretto”, the setlist included several other news songs including “High Ball Stepper”,”Three Women”, “Just One Drink”, and “Would You Fight For My Love”. White also performed material from The White Stripes, including “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, “Hello Operator, “Hotel Yorba”, and “Dead Leaves and the Di...

Mazzy Star Im Less Here Video
Apr 19, 2014 11:29am | StereoGum

Mazzy Star was working on music consistently during the 17-year break between Among My Swan and last year’s Seasons Of Your Day so they probably had a lot of material to pick from when figuring out what their Record Store Day exclusive would be. They chose “I’m Less Here,” a track that’s been floating around in their live shows since 1994. The video for “I’m Less Here” is just as moody and eerie as the song it accompanies, mired in slow dissolves and superimpositions. If you’re sitting around reading this, you’ve probably already come back with your RSD haul but if you have a chance, this is out now on a coke-bottle clear vinyl 7″ with b-side “Things.” Watch and listen below.


Mazzy Star share Record Store Day release, 'I'm Less Here' - listen
Apr 19, 2014 11:24am | NME
The track has previously been performed live under a different name

Prince releases surprise new single 'The Breakdown' - listen
Apr 19, 2014 11:10am | NME
The track comes less than a day after the icon announced he'd re-signed to Warner Bros

Watch Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong Join The Replacements At Coachella
Apr 19, 2014 11:05am | StereoGum

Coachella’s second weekend may as well not exist because there’s no livestream to prove it’s all real but the bands are still in the California desert doing everything all over again. There probably won’t be as many celebrity guest appearances this weekend, but we’ve already kicked off the weekend with a new one. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong joined the Replacements on stage for a few songs while Paul Westerberg sang from the couch, allegedly because he hurt his back. Watch some videos from the show via Slicing Up Eyeballs below.


Playlist - April 2014: EMA, Tune-Yards, Owen Pallett, Pixies
Apr 19, 2014 11:04am | Drowned In Sound

We're already over half-way through April, so here are our picks of the month, in playlist form! First, a message from our editor about some of the tracks on this month's "mixtape".

When she first arrived on the scene, EMA (short for Erika M. Anderson) was clearly something 'other'. Her background was as a member of drone-folksters Gowns, and her debut solo record felt like it had fallen from a version of the future that we were promised would never come by apocalyptic grungers. She may have landed in Sonic Youth's Goo swamp of noise, but as she slowly shook off Thurston & Kim's special sauce, it was clear that there was something special going on here, but we couldn't quite put our finger and what it was... Context was what confused us (well, maybe it was just me) as her music sounded far more disgruntled and personal than much of the laptopiary and Pavement-gasms that landed through our inbox, and set this American lady apart from the pack as an exceptional new artist.

If, like many debut albums, Past Life Martyred Saints lingered in the shadows of her influences (Julianna Hatfield sounded like a big hero of Anderson's) then the follow-up, The Future's Void, clearly struts and dances to its own war drum. Sure, the menace of Trent Reznor's dilipidated-disco hangs in the air (she even admitted that lofi NiN demos were an influence on this record), but this new record howls like a storm, screams at the wind...

Prince gives us new surprise single The Breakdown
Apr 19, 2014 11:03am | Fact Magazine

“This could be the saddest story ever been told.”

Just a day after the announcement that Prince would reunite with Warner Brothers for a new album and reissue of Purple Rain, the Purple One gives us ‘The Breakdown’.

The single was released just before midnight on Friday 18, and was first hinted at during an interview with Arsenio Hall back in March when Prince was asked about current favourites to play.

Hear it for yourself below.

Ab-Soul Tree Of Life
Apr 19, 2014 10:46am | StereoGum

Ab-Soul’s taken a backseat since the release of 2012′s Control System, keeping busy with an insane amount of guest verses on songs from Chance The Rapper, Danny Brown, fellow Black Hippy members Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q, and much more. “The Tree Of Life” is the first new solo work we’ve heard from the West Coast rapper since October and it features energetic production from Curtiss King and a killer interlude from Joey Bada$$. This could be a one-off track, but it’s more likely that it’s a first look at Ab-Soul’s next project which should be set to drop sometime this year. Listen below.


I actually met James Murdoch: El-P, Talib Kweli, DJ Premier and label founders remember hip hop indie powerhouse Rawkus
Apr 19, 2014 10:12am | Fact Magazine

Influential rap label gets a deserving oral history by those who made and sold the music.

If you were into rap in the late 1990s chances are you owned a record or two with a notable logo on them: a razor blade stamped with the word Rawkus beneath it.

Born in 1992, the New York-based label began to define the underground rap scene in 1997 when it released Company Flow‘s Funcrusher Plus. In the following decade it would become home to the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli (with production from a certain Kanye West), Pharaohe Monch, Kool G Rap and the Soundbombing series among others, defining a sound that for better or worse would end up associated with the so-called ‘backpack’ rap scene.

MySpace has just posted a fascinating oral history of the label that features input from the label founders and A&R as well as many of its most famous artists including El-P, Talib Kweli, J-Zone, DJ Premier, Mr Len and Evil Dee.

While in recent years the label’s name has resurfaced thanks to its infamous financial association with Ruper Murdoch’s son, it remains one of the last major rap indies to prove that you could shift substantial amounts of records without playing the major label game. Along the way the label committed to vinyl many late 90s and early 00s rap classics.


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