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Braids announce new EP, Companion, share video for moving title track watch
Apr 29, 2016 12:45pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Braids have announced a new EP, Companion, due out May 20 via Arbutus/Flemish Eye. The four-track effort consists of songs written during the sessions for one of last years best albums, Deep in the Iris.

(Read: Braids: Deep in the Essence)

As a first listen, the Montreal outfit has shared the video for the title tracks. “Companion” is a moving, haunting track built on the heavy breaths of synths. The video is equally stirring, featuring frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston singing to her own doppelgänger while roaming a sophisticated yet stark desert abode. Whatever love or loss she’s touching on in the track is clearly something personally powerful, as more than once it brings a tear to her eye.

Companion EP Artwork:

braids companion digital Braids announce new EP, Companion, share video for moving title track watch

Companion Tracklist:
01. Companion
02. Joni
03. Trophies for Paradox
04. Sweet World

Braids have also announced a new round of tour dates for 2016. Many of the dates are in thei...

Aloha streaming new album, add tour dates
Apr 29, 2016 12:43pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Marimba-loving indie vets Aloha are releasing their seventh album and first in six years, Little Windows Cut Right Through, next week (5/6) via Polyvinyl, and they're now streaming it in full. As mentioned, they're taking an overt '80s-style approach this time (with The Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout namedropped as influences), and much of the album makes that very clear...

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Sally Shapiro Share Final Song If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind
Apr 29, 2016 12:28pm | My Old Kentucky Blog

 photo sallyshapiro_zps9f0ifolx.png

Often mistaken as a singular project, Sweden’s Sally Shapiro, the partnership of Johan Agebjörn and an anonymous singer who took on the project’s namesake, have recently shared new song “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind.” The song will serves as the duo’s final song to be released on May 12th via Fika with it also appearing on an upcoming compilation of Sally Shapiro songs from Paper Bag Records. Instead of being the fault of in-fighting, this dissolution is more the result of “musical tastes don’t overlap that much anymore” according to the band. Listen below.

Twin Peaks I Dont Want To Miss You
Apr 29, 2016 12:26pm | StereoGum
Twin Peaks

Dowsing Red Legs Kicking Video
Apr 29, 2016 12:09pm | StereoGum
Dowsing - Dowsing have shared a video for "Red Legs Kicking," a track off the Chicago-based emo crew's third full-length, which comes out to day. The clip, which was directed by Kenna Hynes, features the band in an abandoned high school and takes on a slasher-movie urgency as it goes on. Watch below. [videoembed size="full_width" … More »

Braids announce 'Companion' EP, share title track, touring
Apr 29, 2016 11:55am | Brooklyn Vegan

Braids released their third album Deep in the Iris last year and now they've announced a companion EP, conveniently titled Companion, featuring four songs that were written during the making of the last album...

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This free sample pack recreates Princes trademark drum machine sound
Apr 29, 2016 11:53am | Fact Magazine

Prince will always be remembered for his skills with a guitar, but he was also an innovator with a drum machine.

The late artist’s signature “knocking” sound has been the subject of much debate, but Texas-based sample boutique SympleSound has released a free custom drum rack for Ableton Live that recreates his signature Linn LM-1 drum machine sound.

The pack contains 16 drum samples with effects that recreate what was dubbed the “Minneapolis Sound,” which you can hear on 1999 and went on to be used by Prince associates The Time, The Family and Apollonia 6 among others.

SympleSound’s Francis Preve, who created the pack as a tribute to Prince, unlocks the secrets of his technique in a blog post, noting how he detuned rimshots and claps and utilised a flanger pedal to create his hallmark clacks and booms.

“Princes approach to drum machines was just as unique as Hendrixs revolutionary guitar work and just as versatile an ingredient in other artists work,” believes Preve, who made sure not to infringe the notes or beats of the artist – who was notably vocal about copyright issues.

“Some people are surprised that Im not charging for this pack, but the last thing I want to do is cash in on the legacy of one of the most important musicians...

Stream New Album Home Alone from Portland-Based Jeff Haley
Apr 29, 2016 11:39am | My Old Kentucky Blog

 photo jeffhaley_zps1ekker80.jpg

Sometimes you have to look no further than the backing musicians from some of your favorite bands to discover new music. Thus is the case of Portland-based Jeff Haley, who is probably know most notably at the moment as the bass player for Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing project. Home Alone is his new album released today courtesy of Savannah, Georgia label Furious Hooves. Recorded in his basement, the LP captures precise, slightly hazy guitar-driven pop burning in a softer glow, yet similar vicinity to the previously mentioned Wild Nothing. While we have yet to be able to dig into it with repeat listens to offer a more detailed review, we are certain you will dig it as much as we have so far. Listen below.

Home Alone by Jeff Haley

Lontalius Kick In The Head Video
Apr 29, 2016 11:33am | StereoGum
Lontalius - Talented New Zealand teenager Eddie Johnston produces beats as Race Banyon and makes mournful guitar-driven pop-rock under the name Lontalius. The latter project's debut album I'll Forget 17 is one of my personal sleeper hits of the year so far, and he's given the world another chance to catch on by releasing a video for … More »

The weeks best mixes: Ben UFO, sublime boogie and sci-fi classics
Apr 29, 2016 11:30am | Fact Magazine

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you dont have to.

This week, along with a rare upload from one of the world’s biggest DJs, a classic hardcore session and the perfect one-hour warm-up, we’ve found a mix that’s got the Red Dwarf theme in it. Game over. Don’t say we don’t find the best shit for you every week.

Live at Unit, Tokyo, 23 April

A SoundCloud upload from Ben UFO is a rare thing, but when he does share his sets it’s generally something to get excited about. This four-hour set was recorded at Tokyo’s Unit club on April 23, and gives us a chance to hear one of the world’s best DJs slowly raise the energy with tracks from DJ Qu, Bruce, A Made Up Sound and others. If that’s not enough, there’s another four hours of Ben UFO in Belfast to get stuck into.

Space Dimension Controller
Sci-fi mix for The Wire

A sci-fi influence runs through the music of Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller, who primes us for his next album with a mix of music from all corners of the genre. Expect the music of John Carpenter and the original theme from Red Dwarf alongside plenty of other vintage soundtrack cuts, dialogue samples and intervie...

Stream Chloe X Halle Sugar Symphony EP
Apr 29, 2016 11:26am | StereoGum
Chloe X Halle

PREMIERE: Hot Pandas Bad Pop is a perfectly jaded fuck you to music today
Apr 29, 2016 11:11am | Chart Attack

From about the mid 2000s, poptimism has been the mode de rigueur when it comes to thinking about music and culture. The mass-produced and the mainstream have come to claim the status of art, all equally worth serious contemplation by erudite consumers whoever they are and, moreover, their enjoyment.

That represents a distinct and definite schism from the underground, DIY, anti-corporate milieu of the '80s and '90s. So what's a crusty 30-year-old indie rocker forged in the crucible of that earlier sensibility left to do? Assimilate? Kick and scream? On their new full-length Bad Pop, debuting below, Vancouver art rock veterans Hot Panda choose the latter.

"Bad Pop is an aggressive album that lashes out at the state of popular culture," the band says. "It confidently ridicules the record industry, corporatism, EDM culture, social media. It is loud, a thunderous fit of aging ignorance pushed through distortion pedals. And, lets face it, were in our thirties now, its probably already done some serious damage to our hearing."

It's a highly self-conscious, cheeky, and sometimes nihilistic "get off my lawn" wrought in punk rock and indie pop. Bad Pop recognizes its own fustiness and retorts with a chorus of fuzzy guitar: there's something to jaded wisdom.

Hot Panda's Bad Pop is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

PREMIERE: Hot Panda’s Bad Pop is a perfectly jaded ...

The Raveonettes share April single "Junko Ozawa"
Apr 29, 2016 11:06am | Brooklyn Vegan

The Raveonettes have shared their April installment of their "Rave Sound of the Month" singles series. "Junko Ozawa" is probably the most traditionally Raveonettes-y sounding single of this bunch so far, which isn't a bad thing at all...

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The Toronto Music Directory is the new centralized hub for music scene resources
Apr 29, 2016 11:01am | Chart Attack

Last week, the City of Toronto launched the Toronto Music Directory database. The new page on their website includes information on music locations, organizations, and services, in order to give the public and music community a better awareness of what resources they have available to them.

The directory is displayed visually as pins on a Google map of Toronto, organizing the information geographically. Each of the pins on the map is colour-coded to represent six different categories: Agents, Managers, Promoters; Live Music Support; Music Organizations; Music Venues; Recording Studios, and Rehearsal Spaces.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.46.00 AM

Strangely, the Chart Attack office isn't on the map.

For those who are looking for a specific resource, the map also includes a text...

The Black Market: The Month In Metal April 2016
Apr 29, 2016 10:59am | StereoGum
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