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Watch: Real Estates video for Had To Hear
Jul 30, 2014 10:15am | Cosequence Of Sound

Real Estate will spend most of 2014 on the road in support of their latest LP, Atlas. Their new video for album highlight “Had To Hear” chronicles that tour life that they know all too well a life of comings and goings, take-offs and landings, exotic food and drink, and inspiring locales.

While the song itself is a wistful ode to a loved one left behind, the Richard Law-directed clip showcases the New Jersey rockers taking in their new surroundings with much awe and appreciation. Watch it below.

(Read: Real Estate: On The Road, Not The Beach)

“Had To Hear” will be released as a 7-inch on August 26th via Domino. Its B-side is a cover of The Nerves’ “Paper Dolls”.

Real Estate will be on tour for the next few months. Consult their itinerary below.

Real Estate 2014 Tour Dates:
8/01 San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
8/02 Sonoma, CA @ Gundlach-Bundschu Winery
8/03 Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium
8/04 Sacramento, CA @ Harlowes
8/05 Big Sur, CA @ Woodsist Festival
8/09 Gothenburg, SE @ Way Out West Festival
8/10 Helsinki, FI @ Flow Festival
8/12 Lecce, IT Contronatura Festival
8/14 St Malo, FR @ La Route du Rock Festival
8/16 Biddinghuizen, NE @ Lowlands Festival
8/17 Breacon Beacons @ Green Man Festival
8/23 Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest
9/01 Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot
9/06 Richmond, VA @ Fall Line Fe...

Ellie Herring SSENSE mix
Jul 30, 2014 10:10am | Gorilla Vs Bear

Chrome Sparks – Losing U
Stwo – Cryin
Dpat – Unbound
Jessy Lanza – You and Me
Echavox – Habitat
Ellie Herring – The Never Ache
Tinashe – Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix)
noï x Krampf – Future Brain
D33J – Slow (feat. Kreyola)
Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap (Ta-ku Remix)
Baths – Miasma Sky (Moors Remix)
Pascal – Drowning In You
Tory Lanez – Unity (Promnite Bootleg)
WYLN – Changes
Huglife – F For U (Disclosure x Ryan Hemsworth x Huglife Edit)
Candy – Chloe Martini
Ellie Herring – Cool It
Carling Ruse – Need U
Ruddyp – Sleep On The Floor, Dream About Me

Letters From Bandcamp, Issue No. 30
Jul 30, 2014 10:10am | CMJ

FRONDS – Photo via

In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friends cousins sister can finally get some buzz.

The internet is a mysterious, wonderful place. The best part about the internet being a mysterious, wonderful place is that you can also be mysterious and wonderful while using it. A good number of the artists here work under the guise of secrecy: they use multiple pseudonyms, they cover their faces in photos, they eschew social media. But they’re still all making music on Bandcamp, and that’s what matters here—isn’t it?


EINS by knowsum
Experimental, jazzy insect buzz fills from Mozambique.

Macintosh Plus

Ramona Andra Xavier is a surreptitious deep web figure who makes music under multiple pseudonyms like Vektroid, New Dreams Ltd., and Macintosh Plus. Her Floral Shoppe LP is out now via the net label Beer On The Rug.

Beech Coma

Vol. 1 by Beech Coma
Okay, well technically Beech Coma isn’t a band. They’re a label/collective based out of Leeds. But this is their debut compilation that just dropped in April. Think of it as thirteen new lo-fi slacker shine bands to listen to.

Blood Cultures

Mercury Child by Blood Cultures
This is...

Pharmakon reveals Bestial Burden LP and artwork thats not for the squeamish
Jul 30, 2014 10:08am | Fact Magazine

Another fleshy slab of industrial commotion from the New York artist.

Noise aggressor Margaret Chardiet has announced her second LP as Pharmakon, due out on Sacred Bones this autumn. Titled Bestial Burden, the album is said to be directly inspired by Chardiet’s gruelling experience of having an organ removed, and the accompanying suspicion that her physical body was out of her control.

After seeing internal photographs taken during the surgery, I became hyperaware of the complex network of systems just beneath the skin, any of which were liable to fail or falter at any time, says Chardiet, which would explain the butchered organs pictured on the album’s cover.

“I felt a widening divide between my physical and mental self. It was as though my body had betrayed me, acting as a separate entity from my consciousness. I thought of my corporeal body anthropomorphically, with a will or intent of its own, outside of my will’s control, and seeking to sabotage.”

Bedridden for several weeks, Chardiet started exploring the idea of “the conscious mind as a stranger inside an autonomous vessel” in lyrics and music that would become Bestial Burden. The album was recorded at Heaven Street Records in Brooklyn with Sean Ragon (who was behind her 2013 debut Abandon) with some of the vocals performed live in front of a small studio audience.<...

Ex-Breathers Pocket (Stereogum Premiere)
Jul 30, 2014 9:57am | StereoGum

Some of our favorite albums this year get so much across in so little time. Say Yes To Love by Perfect Pussy clocks in around 24 minutes; Deep Fantasy by White Lung is barely 23. Florida hardcore band Ex-Breathers fall into that category — their EP, ExBx, packs 12 songs into 11 and a half minutes, and they don’t waste a second. Take “Pocket,” for example: 44 seconds of charging guitars, David Yow-influenced yelps, and still plenty of unpredictable twists and turns. If you have three quarters of a minute to spare — and c’mon, you do — give it a listen below.


Lee Bannon excavates UK dance history on Heretic / Priscillian Acid
Jul 30, 2014 9:56am | Fact Magazine

The Ninja Tune eclectic is as hardcore as ever.

Lee Bannon is never afraid to mix genres, as he’s demonstrated on everything from his Pro Era beats to his Alternate/Endings LP to his off-kilter FACT mix. His latest track, ‘Heretic / Priscillian Acid’, is nearly three tunes in one, as dive-bombing acid gives way to a slab of industrial techno before revealing an ambient, Ghost Dog-sampling jungle movement.

Stream it below or grab it via his Bandcamp. When asked for a comment on the song, he pointed us to some recent tweets that describe his outlook these days:

For more Lee Bannon, FACT TV interviewed the producer at Mutek in front of a giant robotic moose head.

Sloan share second song from new LP, 'Commonwealth'
Jul 30, 2014 9:53am | Brooklyn Vegan

by Bill Pearis

As mentioned, Sloan return this fall with Commonwealth, their 11th album. It has a playing card motif with each of the four members getting their own suit and side to the double album. You may have already heard Patrick "Shamrock" Pentland's riff-rocking "Keep Swinging (Downtown)" and now we get a track from Jay "Diamond" Ferguson's side. "Cleopatra" might be the album's standout cut, cramming in a crazy amount of hooks into its 2:42 length. Stream it below.

Commonwealth is out September 7. Pre-orders are on sale now, including a deluxe edition that includes a signed print and a deck of Sloan playing cards.

Continue reading "Sloan share second song from new LP, 'Commonwealth'" at brooklynvegan

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa She He See Feel (Stereogum Premiere)
Jul 30, 2014 9:48am | StereoGum

Last year, Dustin Wong (guitarist of the wonderful, defunct band Ponytail) released a solo album that explored the full range of his dazzling, loop-based guitar work. Now, he’s returning as part of an interesting pairing: He’s teamed up with Japanese singer Takako Minekawa, and the duo is set to release the collaborative album Savage Imagination. That album’s first single, “She He See Feel,” has the same abstract electronic-pop charm that Minekawa brought to her ’90s hit “Fantastic Cat,” but also features Wong twisting his guitar tones in all sorts of unique ways. It’s delightful and you should listen below.


FKA twigs mangles new sounds on the soulful Pendulum
Jul 30, 2014 9:47am | Chart Attack

FKA twigs has named "Pendulum" her favourite track off her debut album LP1, and it's not difficult to hear why: it exposes her range, and with remarkable nimbleness. Her entrancing alt-soul is still there  you might recognize the haunted rattlings from "Water Me," another song that seemed to dwell on the effects of time. But on "Pendulum," her voice is not swamped in effects, and there's even cushions of piano and muted funk guitar over the skittering and swelling of the drum machines. It's close to the reverential moments of Jessie Ware and Blood Orange, though FKA twigs may be even more comfortable at using her sources as navigational tools rather than goalposts, as landmarks for exploring her own sound.

FKA twigs's new album LP1 is out August 12 via Young Turks; pre-order it here.

FKA twigs mangles new sounds on the soulful “Pendulum” by Jordan Darville | Chart Attack.

Watch: Janelle Monáe hosts a killer sorority party in video for Electric Lady
Jul 30, 2014 9:43am | Cosequence Of Sound

Nearly a year after the albums release, Janelle Monáe has shared the video for “Electric Lady”, the title track to her dazzling sophomore effort. Here, Monáe is cast as a sorority sister (of the house Electro Phi Beta, no less) in the midst of fairly rollicking dance party. Since no party is complete without guests, Monáe hosts a bevy of famous friends, with T.I., Kimbra, TLCs T-Boz, Esperanza Spalding, and even her own mother all making cameo appearances. And while all of my parties end with me falling asleep on the couch, this shindig is capped off as Monáe triumphantly leads a marching band across the front yard.

Watch it below, pledge:

Bill Callahan Javelin Unlanding Video
Jul 30, 2014 9:41am | StereoGum

Bill Callahan travels through the solar system in the deliciously weird animated video for “Javelin Unlanding” from last year’s album, Dream River. Callahan takes on the role of the moon in his journey through space, looking over a desolate desert landscape and, of course, the stars. Watch the video below.


Real Estate Had To Hear Video
Jul 30, 2014 9:37am | StereoGum

I became a homeowner recently in a neighborhood that could be described as quasi-suburban, and whether painting the interior or cooking my wife a birthday dinner I’ve found Real Estate’s Atlas to be as fitting a soundtrack for domestic bliss as my review originally surmised. Opening track “Had To Hear,” though, is about being on the road and feeling frustratingly disconnected from that home life. In honor of the song’s impending release as a 7-inch single, director Richard Law has assembled a video of Real Estate traipsing around various sites on tour and having what looks like fun. The clip’s good-time vibe cuts slightly against the song’s sentiments, but whatever, any excuse to listen to “Had To Hear” again is a good one. Watch below.


Foo Fighters new album is officially finished
Jul 30, 2014 9:35am | Cosequence Of Sound

Foo Fighters have been hyping their eighth studio album for a few months now, but only yesterday was the follow-up to 2011’s Wasting Light finally finished. The news was revealed on Twitter by producer Butch Vig, who described the end result as, “epic.”

We are officially done with the new Foo Fighters album.
23 straight days mixing!
Butch Vig (@butchvig) July 30, 2014

The as-yet-untitled album will arrive in November through the band’s own Roswell Records in conduction with RCA. As previously reported, the band recorded the LP in eight studios across the country, which frontman Dave Grohl documented for a forthcoming series on HBO. Musicians from these various cities will appear on the album, including Gary Clark Jr. (Austin), Eagles Joe Walsh (Los Angeles), and Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen (Chicago). Grohl also hinted at appearances from Carrie Underwood, Public Enemys Chuck D, and Butthole Surfers Gibby Haynes.

In an interview The Hollywood Reporter, Grohl said the unique recording process led to the bands longest record to date, as he had to take a cinematic approach. Grohl continued, Like I couldnt just write a three-and-a-half-minute long KROQ jingle and film it for the finale of an episode about the history of music in New Orleans, ya know? We really had to step up what we do. The music...

Little Big League touring, playing NYC w/ Mannequin Pussy, Ovlov & Krill (dates)
Jul 30, 2014 9:35am | Brooklyn Vegan

Little Big League at BV Northside 2014 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Philly indie rockers Little Big League are about to join the ongoing Foxing/Hotelier tour, and they've now added more of their own tour dates surrounding their appearance at Riot Fest Toronto. Those dates have them in Brooklyn for a show on September 3 at Shea Stadium with a stacked lineup of likeminded DIY rock from Ovlov, Krill and Mannequin Pussy. All dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, the Foxing/Hotelier tour hits NYC this Saturday (8/2) with Prawn (who will also go on the Topshelf tour) and Told Slant. LBL's not on that date. Tickets are still available.

Ovlov play NYC again on their tour with Basement, Pity Sex and Superheaven.

Ovlov and Little Big League recently put out a split on Tiny Engines. Watch the video for LBL's contribution, with their list of dates, below...

Continue reading "Little Big League touring, playing NYC w/ Mannequin Pussy, Ovlov & Krill (dates)" at brooklynvegan

Morrissey being sued by former bodyguard who claims he was asked to "hurt" a fan site operator
Jul 30, 2014 9:31am | Brooklyn Vegan

Morrissey in Austin this year (more by Tim Griffin)

It's been an up-and-down week (and year) for Morrissey. On the plus side, the singer's new album, World Peace is None of Your Business, entered the Billboard Album Chart at #14. On the minus side, TMZ reports that Moz is being sued by former bodygaurd Bradley Steyn, who claims he was fired after refusing to "hurt" the operator, known as DavidT, of fan site The site has been a thorn in Morrissey's side for some time. Stereogum notes Moz's lawyers issued a cease-and-decist letter after posted a report that his band and crew hadn't been paid for a 2002 tour.

Steyn claims he was hired after the singer's San Jose show -- the one where he was "attacked" by stage-rushing fans -- and was then approached by Morrissey's manager who asked him if a fan "could get hurt" or "gotten rid of" with talk of finding the person's home address. Steyn says he refused and was fired the next day. TMZ says Morrissey did not return their request for comment.

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