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Tyler, The Creator & Erykah Badu To Guest In Black Dynamites Police Brutality Musical
Dec 19, 2014 2:27pm | StereoGum

The 2009 movie Black Dynamite was a pretty great blaxploitation parody/homage, and since then, it’s become the basis for an Adult Swim cartoon that, I’m told, is also pretty great. Next month, the show will air a special hour-long musical episode about police brutality. The episode titled “The Wizard Of Watts” concerns what happens when Michael Jai White’s Black Dynamite character gets hit in the head with a brick during a Watts riot and dreams that he’s in an Oz-like magical land. Erykah Badu and Tyler, The Creator will make appearances, as will actor Tim Blake Nelson and comedian J.B. Smoove. The episode airs 1/10 at 10:30PM eastern. Set your DVR.

Mikey Hodges aka Pop Zeus killed in motorcyle accident (Rest in Peace Michael)
Dec 19, 2014 2:02pm | Brooklyn Vegan
A motorcyclist was killed Thursday in a crash with another vehicle in downtown Los Angeles.

The crash occurred about 2:50 p.m. at the intersection of Cesar Chavez Avenue and Broadway, said Sgt. S. Bailey of the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Traffic Division.

The victim, a 29-year-old Los Angeles man, was riding on Broadway when a 78-year-old Los Angeles woman attempting to turn her vehicle left onto Cesar Chavez Avenue drove into the path of the motorcycle, Bailey said.

The man was thrown onto the street and died after being taken to a hospital, he said.

The woman stayed at the scene and cooperated investigators, Bailey said.

She was not immediately cited or arrested, but the case is under active investigation and the findings will be referred to prosecutors, he said.
- [My News LA]

We're very sad to learn that the victim referenced in that news story is Michael Hodges who performed and recorded power pop under the name Pop Zeus. While he'd moved to LA, he was a familiar face in the NYC/Brooklyn indie rock scene and in addition to Pop Zeus (who had records out on Burger), he also drummed on and off for The Memories and played in Boom! You may also know Hodges from working behind the bar at both Knitting Factory and The Commodore, and for a while at record labels Partisan Records and Secretly Canadian. Rest in peace, Mikey, you'll be missed.

There are two fundraiser campai...

Smith Westerns have officially broken up
Dec 19, 2014 1:57pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Over the weekend, Smith Westerns frontman Cullen Omori announced the bands indefinite hiatus, noting that its two upcoming shows Chicago on December 23rd and a “News Year Eve surprise” in New York would be its last for the foreseeable future. Now, in a new interview with Chicago Reader, Omori confirms that the band has, in fact, officially split up.

In the lengthy and revealing Q&A, Omori details the specifics behind Smith Westerns dissolution, namely the sudden departure of guitarist Max Kakacek. Omori also touches on how their extensive touring impacted the group, the possibility of a solo career, and much more. Check out a few choice quotes from the interview below, and read the full piece here.

On why they’ve been quiet for a majority of 2014 and how it foreshadowed Kakacek’s decision to leave the band:

In 2014 we didn’t really do anything. In 2013 we released Soft Will, and the Sky [Ferreira] tour was the last tour we did. We kind of took it easy in 2014. We hadn’t really taken it easy or stopped since we started or since the ball started rolling on our band in 2009, when we were like 19. We just toured nonstop, or if we weren’t touring we were spending a lot of time working on music and writing. So we decided we were going to take some time off with the intention that we would possibly revisit putting out more Smith Westerns music. And as the ...

First Aid Kit Walk Unafraid Video
Dec 19, 2014 1:56pm | StereoGum

Last month we heard First Aid Kit’s cover of R.E.M.’s “Walk Unafraid” from the new Reese Witherspoon movie Wild. (Incidentally, we also heard the Swedish folk duo cover Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” last month following the summer release of their album Stay Gold.) The video for “Walk Unafraid” features clips from Wild intercut with footage of First Aid Kid singing in the woods. It’s good to see the duo back in a magical forest where they belong, singing gorgeous harmonic covers. Watch below.


James Flacco is the new Adele Dazeem
Dec 19, 2014 1:49pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo via @Tiouririne/Twitter

This afternoon, President Barack Obama held a pre-Christmas press conference at the White House. Among other things, he addressed Sony’s cancelation of The Interview (a decision which he called “a mistake”) and confirmed that North Korea was indeed behind the cyberhack attack and subsequent terroristic threats. The real takeaway, however, was when the President confused actor James Franco with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, leading to his very own “Adele Dazeem” moment.

Hey, at least one good thing has come out of this giant clusterfuck.

DFA release free holiday remix EP; Ed Banger celebrating NYE at Le Bain
Dec 19, 2014 1:16pm | Brooklyn Vegan

We recently posted Ed Banger label head Busy P's remix of Sinkane's "New Name," and it turns out that that's actually one of four remixes on a free DFA Records holiday remix EP. It also features Magic Touch putting their magic touch on The Juan Maclean's "A Simple Design, CFCF's take on Dan Bodan's "Romeo," and Daniel T. & Cooper Saver reworking Museum of Love's "Who's Who of Who Cares." Download the EP HERE.

Busy P is also ringing in the new year with an Ed Banger New Year's Eve party at Le Bain, also featuring DJ Falcon and Blu Jemz. More info here.

Stream the whole EP below...

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Under the Skin (scored by Micachu), and other movies streaming now (that Daughn Gibson loved in 2014)
Dec 19, 2014 1:07pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Bill Pearis

I finally watched Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin last night. It stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who spends her time picking up men in Scotland, bringing them back to her place and... well, you should just watch it. You can stream it for free on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime.

Based on Michel Faber's novel of the same name, the film directed and co-written by Jonathan Glazer who made Birth and Sexy Beast, not to mention the videos for Radiohead's "Karma Police" and UNKLE's "Rabbit in the Headlights", among others. Species this is not, owing more to '70s experimentalists and, as you might expect from his CV, Glazer has delivered a gorgeously-shot film that is also thought provoking and unsettling. ScarJo even does a credible London accent. I already want to see it again.

After hearing my movie-minded friends rave about it all year, I finally pulled the trigger after it showed up in a few of the band/artist Top 10s we've been running. Here's what Protomartyr, said:

a visually stunning film with a really great soundtrack that defies easy explanation. Actually the real 'best' thing we saw all year. Sure, it didn't have people getting repeatedly kicked in the face or RZA trying on a Jamaican accent sporadically, but not everything can be 'Brick Mansions'.
The minimal, eerie score, which appeared on Travis from Gr...

All Dogs Georgia
Dec 19, 2014 1:04pm | StereoGum

Columbus-based All Dogs don’t write songs, they write confessions. This isn’t wholly unexpected from a band emerging from Detroit-based Salinas Records, who put out the Radiator Hospital’s tender-hearted Torch Song earlier this year and champion aesthetically similar bands like Swearin’ and Joyride! “Georgia” is the kind that will make you want to keel over if you hear it in the right moment. There’s nothing really complicated about the band’s lyricism, which makes “Georgia” feel like a privilege to listen to, as if Maryn Jones is letting us into a private, fleeting moment of clarity: “I can’t be trusted, you were so sweet/ You gave me flowers and I stomped them under my feet/ I loved you, and I know that much is true/ But it didn’t stay, you know it never do.” So many songs are about being dumped, about being wronged by a significant other, but there are few sensitive great ones about being the wrongdoer. On “Georgia,” it sounds just as painful. Listen below.


The 25 Best Canadian Songs of 2014
Dec 19, 2014 12:59pm | Chart Attack

Making a best songs of the year list is an overwhelming task when you work at a music site. You could go every day of the year listening to only music that's just hit SoundCloud or YouTube, and some days you do. So rather than make a "1,825 Best Songs of 2014" list, we decided to zero in on the music we listen to the keenest: the stuff being made within our borders. 25 sounded like a nice, manageable number when we started, but even that meant making a lot of very tough choices. But we did it.

It's only 25 songs, but it's also a prognostication for a big year in Toronto R&B, a human rights cry, a hangover, an 18 minute punk epic, a cry for independence, a rite of passage, and a listenable display of the absolutely potency of Canadian music circa 2014. Listen to the best Canadian songs of 2014 below.

Caribou, "Can't Do Without You"

One of those songs you wish would last another minute, and then another minute, and then even when its creator obliges it's still not enough. A self-contained demonstration of the sublime power of swelling repetition, Dan Snaith's triumphant return to Caribou sneaks its way into your brain, under your skin, into the shower, through the morning commute, onto your finger pressing the repeat button and then back again. You want to live in it. - Richard Trapunski

Tanya Tagaq, "Uja"

Tanya Tagaq didn't need to win the Polaris Prize this year to become Canada's newest...

Smith Westerns Confirm Breakup In New Interview
Dec 19, 2014 12:58pm | StereoGum

Smith Westerns frontman Cullen Omori announced over the weekend that his band would be going on “indefinite hiatus” after a farewell show in Chicago and a New Year’s Eve surprise in NYC. In a new interview with The Chicago Reader’s Dan Hyman, Omori clarifies that Smith Westerns are breaking up for good, with no plans to reunite, thanks to guitarist Max Kakacek’s decision to leave the band. Here’s how the breakup came to pass:


School of Rock musical coming to Broadway & TV adaptation coming to Nickelodeon in 2015
Dec 19, 2014 12:52pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Everyone's favorite movie about fourth-grade rock stars, School of Rock, is coming to Broadway in 2015, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The Richard Linklater-directed, Jack Black-starring film is getting a musical makeover courtesy of Jesus Christ Superstar/Phantom of the Opera/etc composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, and he'll be getting some help from Green Day producer Rob Cavallo too. Laurence Connor is directing the show, and Glenn Slater is handling lyrics. It's gonna be a really tough project, you're gonna have to use your head, your brain and your mind too.

Rolling Stone points out that Webber had the following to say:

It is a joy for me to return to my Jesus Christ Superstar roots. When Deep Purple's Ian Gillan was recording Jesus for Tim Rice and me at London's Olympic Studios, Led Zeppelin was recording next door and a glimpse of a Stone or two was routine! School of Rock is hugely about how music can empower kids.
Previews will begin on November 2 at the Winter Garden Theatre, and it's scheduled to officially open on December 6.

School of Rock is also getting a TV adaptation, which is scheduled to air this spring on Nickelodeon. Linklater's executive producing the show with School of Rock producer Scott Rudin. Writing team Jim and Steve Armogida will write and run it. And as Rolling Stone points out, Miranda Cosgrove, who played SoR charact...

Download a fan-created archive of almost every Nine Inch Nails show ever
Dec 19, 2014 12:45pm | Fact Magazine

527 GB (!) of high-quality live audio.

Reflecting In The Chrome is a free archive of audio from every available Nine Inch Nails live recording, covering nearly all NIN concerts since 1988.

The site’s founder, Ryan J., has spent six years compiling, cleaning and organizing the files, and now he has made the archive available for free via Bittorrent. The archive is 527 GB of audio a majority of the music is in FLAC and since he acknowledges that it will take a long time to seed the torrent, he will copy it to your hard drive as long as you provide return postage.

His next step in the project? A corresponding video archive. Head to his site for the torrent file. While it downloads, check out FACT’s alternative history of Trent Reznor’s career. [via CoS]

Watch: Big Noble - Stay Gold
Dec 19, 2014 12:41pm | The Line Of Best Fit
Back in November Interpol's Daniel Kessler and sound designer Joseph Fraioli debuted their first collaboration under new moniker Big Noble, and now we've got the second.>

stream James Murphy's 'Remixes Made With Tennis Data' LP
Dec 19, 2014 12:32pm | Brooklyn Vegan

As mentioned, James Murphy headed up a project for IBM that turned real-time data from the 2014 US Open into music. That music was mostly random bleeps and bloops but he then took that and shaped it into something still bleepy and bloopy but with more form:

James Murphy used the IBM Cloud and a custom-built algorithm to turn data points from more than 400 hours of tennis play (data like serve speed, number of aces, etc.) into music cues, generating real-time soundtracks for each match. Using those tracks as soundboards James remixed his favorites to create the 12-track album you see here.
You can stream Remixes Made With Tennis Data in its entirety, below...

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Fan creates free archive of almost every Nine Inch Nails show ever
Dec 19, 2014 12:25pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Photo by Philip Cosores

Just in time for the holidays, Reflecting in the Chrome has gone live with the best possible gift one could give a Nine Inch Nails fan: a downloadable audio archive of nearly every available NIN show since 1988. It’s taken the site’s founder, Ryan J., six years to compile, clean, and organize all the files, and he’s now made them all available as a free torrent (via

All told, the drive contains 527 GB of music from 900 different audio sources and some 575 concerts. Ryan recommends a 750 GB hard-drive at minimum to store the entire archive and any future updates. He also warns that seeding the file will be a slow process until more seeders make themselves available. For those unwilling to wait, Ryan is willing to fill hard-drives sent to him as long as there’s return postage for the trip back. Is this dude a giver or what?

(Read: Top 10 Nine Inch Nails Songs That Freaked Your Parents Out)

The quality of the files are the highest quality available, with FLAC being the majority. Ryan is still working hard to upgrade from any mp3 versions in the current archive and fill in any gaps. What’s more, the next phase of the project is to put together an equally comprehensive collection of video for the drive.

For more information on the massive project and to get in touch with the site about getting a drive or contributing to the project, hea...

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