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DJ Kool Hercs childhood home to be named Hip-Hop Boulevard
Feb 9, 2016 7:39am | Fact Magazine

Hip-hop owes a lot to DJ Kool Herc.

As legend has it, Herc threw the first ever hip-hop party back at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in 1973, hiring the first-floor recreation room of the Bronx apartment block he lived in to spin records for his sister Cindy’s birthday, with his merry-go-round style essentially creating the breakbeat and paving the way for hip-hop.

Now it looks like he’s about to receive some recognition from the Bronx City Council: a segment of Sedgwick Ave is set to be co-named ‘Hip-Hop Boulevard’ by the Office of Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson.

Cementing the legacy of one of hip-hop’s early originators, it’s surely one way of honouring the immense contributions the Bronx has given to the rap game over the years. Now just wait for the Selfies to come flooding in.

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Lawrence announces deep and mystical Yoyogi Park LP
Feb 9, 2016 7:33am | Fact Magazine

Hamburg deep house producer and Dial Records co-founder Lawrence readies his third album on Mule Musiq. 

The 10-track LP completes a trilogy of LPs by Lawrence on the Tokyo label, all featuring artwork by artist Stefan Marx, resident designer at Smallville.

The album is named after Tokyos Yoyogi Park, a beautiful green space which disguises “much craziness and mystery, the label notes, and comes with a 360-degree illustration of the park.

Some tracks contain live samples recorded with Lawrences band Sky Walking (with Christian Neujoks and RVDS), as well as field recordings from streets, parks and nature.

Yoyogi Park is released on April 22 via Mule Musiq.

Lawrence Yoyogi Park artwork

CD tracklist:
01 Marble Star
02 Nowhere Is A Place
03 Tensui
04 Ava
05 Nightlife
06 Blue Mountain
07 Simmer
08 Clouds And Arrows
09 Joy Ride
10 Illuminated

Vinyl tracklist:
A1 Marble Star
A2 Joy Ride
B1 Tensui
B2 Ava
C1 Nightlife
C2 Marble Star (Reprise)
D1 Clouds And Arrows
D2 Illuminated

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Krieg playing shows, including Saint Vitus in August
Feb 9, 2016 7:30am | Brooklyn Vegan

photo: Krieg at Knitting Factory in 2010 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Neill Jameson's black metal outfit Krieg is playing some shows in 2016. A full tour hasn't been announced, but we know they're at least playing Baltimore and NYC.

The NYC show happens at Saint Vitus on August 13 with FIN, Angmar, Unholy Spirits and Dumal. Tickets for that are on sale now.

Krieg released their collaboration with The Body late last year. You can stream a track from that below...

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Rush Hour is moving to a bigger location in Amsterdam
Feb 9, 2016 7:17am | Fact Magazine

One of the world’s best-loved record stores is expanding.

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour store will celebrate moving to new premises with a three-day event in April.

As RA reports, the new store will be located at Spuistraat 116, a short distance from the original at Spuistraat 98. The increased size will allow Rush Hour to sell more records, both new and second-hand.

According to Rush Hour co-founder Antal, the move had been planned for some time, but finding suitable premises took a while. “We even checked for buildings in the outskirts. To find such a beautiful space in the same street is quite unreal to us,” he said.

The new store will open in April, with three days of music marking the occasion at Amsterdam’s OT301 venue from April 8 to 10. Guests will include Dego and the 2000Black live band on Friday, Mick Wills and Beau Wanzer on Saturday and a Soul In The Hole event on Sunday.

The Amsterdam store has become renowned for store-only exclusives alongside its record label. Last year Joy Orbison, Ben UFO and Pearson Sound recorded a limited cassette for the store to mark ADE.

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Feb 9, 2016 7:08am | Gorilla Vs Bear

Lovely new track from Orlando duo SALES, taken from their forthcoming debut LP. Listen below + download here. Artwork by Alana Questell.

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Magic Circle playing shows, including NYC w/ Ecstatic Vision
Feb 9, 2016 7:01am | Brooklyn Vegan

photo: Magic Circle at Public Assembly in 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
Magic Circle

Boston doom band Magic Circle are playing some shows here and there in 2016 after releasing the excellent LP Journey Blind in 2015. They'll be in NYC in March playing Saint Vitus on March 11 with support provided by Ecstatic Vision (who also put out a solid album last year), Sanhedrin and Polygamist. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Stream Journey Blind and check out tour dates below...

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Hear xxxys warehouse jam remix of Sheffield newcomer Pedram
Feb 9, 2016 6:58am | Fact Magazine

The Rinse producer brings the late-night heat.

Sheffield talent Pedram returns with his second EP next month, a cross-section of his many-pronged approach to the dancefloor that leads with a luscious downtempo cut, the dreamy and ornate ‘Lex’.

The Iran-via-Yorkshire producer has recruited xxxy to remix the lead track, with the Berlin ex-pat breaking out the heavy machinery for a pneumatic and delirious ‘Warehouse Jam’ remix.

The rest of the Lex EP touches on slow-mo euphoria (‘Ernstige’) and off-kilter deep house (‘Walked In’) with another remix of ‘Lex’ by Cardopusher, and it’s out on Born Electric on March 4.

Go behind-the-scenes to watch xxxy make a beat in 10 minutes on FACT TV.

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A record shop has opened in Gap on Londons Oxford Street
Feb 9, 2016 6:06am | Fact Magazine

End times.

We’ve officially reached peak vinyl pop-up: a record shop and café has just opened in the Oxford Street branch of Gap.

As Time Out reports, the outlet is being operated by Clapton’s Lion Coffee + Records, and will be open for vinyl and hot drinks until this year’s Record Store Day on April 16.

The pop-up will also play host to guest DJs and live performances over the next few months, but if you’re expecting techno, you could be disappointed: confirmed acts include Toy’s Charlie Salvidge, Man Like Me, The View and Chris Hayden from Florence + The Machine.

The appearance of a record shop in Gap comes just a week after the leak of another underwhelming list of Record Store Day exclusives, which prompted us to pick 10 releases that show the event needs to get its shit together. [via The Vinyl Factory]


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Drowned in Leeds: Spring 2016
Feb 9, 2016 6:03am | Drowned In Sound
The first month of the New Year is over and 2016 is showing no sign of holding back. Theres already been plenty of gigs across the city to set the ball rolling Hello 2016 at Headrow House and Dilly Dally at the Brudenell, to name but a few and with a tonne of gigs and releases on the horizon, it looks like Leeds is ready for a big year.


We cannot start this piece without mentioning what a devastating impact the floods over Christmas had on some of Leeds most treasured places for musicians Blueberry Hill Studios and Suburban Homes. Theres been tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to each studio, and not to mention the precious time that will be lost for both the owners of the studios and the bands whilst insurance and repairs are sorted. However, the way the community responded to the floods also deserves a mention. After witnessing the terrible effects on the studios and subsequently the bands, all sorts of people came together to help in one way or another, either via donating to a Just Giving page or attending the fundraiser at the Brudenell. Organised by Narcs (a band whose home is Blueberry Hill) and with support from Ed Heaton, Tomas Cummings, and those who donated raffle prizes; they managed to put on an event that was a storming success which demonstrated how ...

Drowned In Leeds: Autumn 2105
Feb 9, 2016 6:02am | Drowned In Sound
2015 is slowly coming to an end; festival season has been and gone, the clocks have gone back and the cold nights are creeping in, but Leeds is jam-packed with gigs and releases ready to remind everyone why this city is the best place to be for new music...


For the past few weeks, Beacons Metro and Headrow House have been the focal point for gigs in Leeds. In previous years, Beacons Metro (formerly Beacons Festival) was held in the Yorkshire Dales, but due to rising costs for festival goers, the promoters decided to create a 12-week long programme of gigs taking place in three of the North of Englands most vibrant and creative cities. And Leeds representative, Headrow House, has only helped but flaunt the innovative and inspiring side of this magnificent city with its German inspired beer hall, luscious cocktail bar, huge rooftop terrace, and more importantly the spacious and artistic gig venue. The likes of US hip-hop artist, Mick Jenkins, and Brightons rising alt rockers, Black Honey, have already made an appearance, and as the festival draws to a close, Beacons Metro shows no sign of slowing down with The Wytches, Dune Rats and Braids all still to play.

As per the norm in Leeds, Saturday 7th November sees a clash between two equally great bands playing at...

Live Review: Throw Down Bones, Desert Mountain Tribe & Sunset Nebula @ Gullivers, Manchester
Feb 9, 2016 6:00am | Drowned In Sound
Go on, admit it. You're bored to the back teeth of bands now claiming to be "psych" that five years ago would have been mimicking Doherty and Barat harmonies while studying Silent Alarm note for note. Or worse still, swaggering around like mini-me versions of Liam Gallagher. Which is were DIY promoters like Astral Elevator prove their worth in separating the wheat from the chancers. Despite only putting on her first show in February of last year, Astral Elevator (aka Leanne Crowley) has already established herself as one of the psych scene's most reliable and refreshing promoters, and tonight's stellar line-up proved to be no exception.

This time last year, Nottingham instrumental trio Sunset Nebula were little more than a practice space pipedream. Three friends whose previous bands had disbanded jamming out ideas. So it's incredible to think that even now they've barely reached double figures in terms of live shows, yet are steadily carving out a reputation as one of the most exciting new acts on the psych scene. While titles like 'Cosmic Waiting Room' and 'Heavenly Rosa' might look and sound the part, all Zeppelin riffs here and UFO Club Pink Floyd wig out passages there, it's when the "outside influences" kick in that Sunset Nebula come into their own. 'Shadows' builds momentum via a relentless rhythm section that steadies th...

Earl Sweatshirt: Fame is a stressful and dehumanizing pedestal
Feb 9, 2016 5:48am | Fact Magazine

Earl Sweatshirt has answers to all The Big Questions.

In an interview with A Country Called Earth, the LA rapper gets stuck into fame, religion and other burning issues.

“I’m still not an advocate for deification, so I take every opportunity I can to assert my humanity to those who are still invested in putting me on a pedestal. Deification divides,” remarks the Odd Future cohort on the subject of present-day fame.

Declaring his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, when asked which figure from history he would fight, given a chance, he answers: “Christopher Columbus for pretty obvious reasons.”

He also definitely believes in a higher being: “Im a big universal oneness head ass nigga. ______(insert whatever name you use to refer to a higher power) is in everything and everyone. I was raised in a house that practiced Nichiren Buddhism. I strayed away from it as a teen and Ive returned to it as an adult.”

And if you wanted to know how Earl Sweatshirt now spends his days, apparently it involves a heady mix of healthy eating and watching telly with his mum.

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Melbournes András takes his looney house to the beach in Gold Coast video
Feb 9, 2016 5:44am | Fact Magazine

Melbourne house producer András has made a tongue-in-cheek video to accompany his new EP.

The five-track track EP finds him ditching his usual laid-back style for a set of club-ready, looney house productions, and is inspired by a “different kind of beach holiday  one ruined by vacationers, revving car engines and polluted beaches, he tells FACT. 

From the acid notes of T.N.T.F and Gold Coast’ to the horny disco of Soy Boy, the EP shows off András tropical, melodic signature style, taking subtle cues from CajmerePal Joey and more obscure 90s Australian cuts selected from the 3RRR FM library.

The untitled EP will be released on February 19 via fellow Australian producers Francis Inferno Orchestra and Fantastic Mans record label, Superconscious Records. Ahead of that, watch the video for Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise Mix) and read our quick Q&A with the producer below.

Tell us about the idea behind the tracks on the record?

I was getting a little tired of the balearic zone tempos and felt like trying some faster stuff. Thinking about a different kind of beach holiday – one ruined by vaca...

No new pub or club licenses in Sydney for 12 months
Feb 9, 2016 4:57am | Fact Magazine

The decision comes ahead of a review of the city’s controversial lockout laws.

The ban on new pub and club licenses in central Sydney is to be extended to February 2017, RA reports.

The ban arrived together with the controversial lockout laws that were brought into effect in early 2014 after two alcohol-related deaths in the city. As well as restrictions on new licenses, patrons are unable to re-enter a venue after 1:30am, with last orders taking place at 3am.

Opposition to the laws have been fierce, with the Keep Sydney Open campaign mobilising people to fight via an online petition.

The extension on the ban of new licenses comes ahead of a review of the laws, due to take place later this month. According to New South Wales Deputy Premier and Justice Minister Troy Grant, the decision has been made “to have certainty and confidence that nothing will change while we conduct this major review.”

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird gave his opinion regarding the laws on Facebook today (February 9), dismissing concerns as about Sydney’s nightlife as “growing hysteria,” and adding that assaults were down 42.2 per cent as a result.

“This is the greatest city in the world and it is now safer and more vibrant than ever,” he concluded.

Sydney DJ...

A$AP Ferg remixes Rihannas Work
Feb 9, 2016 4:17am | Fact Magazine

Rihanna’s freshly-baked LP, ANTI, is ripe for the remix treatment.

One of the first offerings of current single, ‘Work’, has arrived via the fair hand of A$AP Ferg, who opens the Drake-featuring track with a new verse of his own.

A$AP Ferg is gearing up to release his new album Always Strive and Prosper, which will reportedly feature an all-star cast of collaborators, among these Missy Elliott, Future, Schoolboy Q, Rick Ross and more. The record is due out later this month.

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