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Rustie First Mythz Video
Nov 24, 2015 1:14pm | StereoGum
Rustie - Rustie loves to drop shit unexpectedly! He put out a whole album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, at the beginning of the month with barely any notice, and today he's put out a video for early single "First Mythz" while doing an AMA over on Reddit. This takes all the dolphin samples in that track to … More »

Rome Fortune Dance Video
Nov 24, 2015 1:14pm | StereoGum
Rome Fortune - Dance videoFor his new single "Dance," the Atlanta rap weirdo Rome Fortune got a beat from the Montreal house producer Kaytranada. And now he also got a video from the director GOLDRUSH. In the clip, we see cartoon energy crackling across a night-time cityscape, as Rome Fortune forgets his problems and loses his mind … More »

TWIABP filmed a live session video for "I Can Be Afraid of Anything," add 2nd NYC show to tour (updated dates)
Nov 24, 2015 1:02pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photo: TWIABP at LPR in August (more by Mimi Hong)

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die is on tour now supporting this year's excellent Harmlessness with Foxing, who are supporting this year's also-excellent Dealer. The tour lands the bands in NYC on 12/3 at MHOW. That show is now sold out, but TWIABP added their own smaller NYC show happening December 7 at Baby's All Right with Animal Flag. Tickets are on sale now.

TWIABP also recently did a live session for Harmlessness standout "I Can Be Afraid of Anything." Check it out (via Half Cloth), with their updated list of tour dates, below...

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Mothers announce debut album and 2016 tour, SXSW, 2 NYC shows & more included (dates, new song)
Nov 24, 2015 12:54pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Andrew Sacher

photo: Mothers at BV-CMJ 2015 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Athens, GA's Mothers, one of the bands that won us over at CMJ, have announced their debut album. It's called When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, and it's due out February 25 via Grand Jury Music. It was produced by Drew Vandenberg (who's worked with their friends of Montreal and Deerhunter) and features Deerhunt's Josh McKay on vibraphone, plus McKendrick Bearden of Grand Vapids on bass and string arrangements. The first single, "Too Small For Eyes," is pretty bare-bones, with just singer Kristine Leschper and her mandolin, and some piano and really nice string arrangements. Check it out, with the artwork and tracklist, below.

Mothers also have a ton of tour dates coming up, including SXSW and NYC on January 29 at Palisades and February 1 at Berlin. Tickets wil be on sale soon. All dates are listed below.

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ATP 2.0 Nightmare Before Christmas: The DiS Preview
Nov 24, 2015 12:46pm | Drowned In Sound
Next weekend sees DiS head along the M56 to Prestatyn for All Tomorrow's Parties' 2.0 Nightmare Before Christmas event. Taking place at Pontins Holiday Centre in the North Wales seaside resort from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November. This year's line-up sees a number of Drowned In Sound favourites both old and new including Australian songstress Courtney Barnett, whose debut album Sometimes I Just Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit is expected to feature prominently in Drowned In Sound's end of year best-of list, Canadian outfit Viet Cong (main picture), who no longer wish to be known by said name and veteran noise-rock duo Lightning Bolt among others.

As a preview to the weekend's festivities, DiS asked some of the participating artists what to expect from their sets, who they're most looking forward to seeing and what tips they wish to share for fellow ATPers.



Are you looking forward to playing ATP next weekend?


What makes ATP different from other festivals?

Usually the line up is pretty good and they take good care of you.

It's set in a holiday camp as opposed to a field. Do the surroundings make a difference to how you'd normally approach a show?


The Essential Roots Manuva
Nov 24, 2015 12:43pm | Fact Magazine

Jamaican music is a defining element of the modern London sound.

For the past 30 years, Jamaican vibrations have animated the capital’s sonic nervous system: from hip-hop to jungle, grime to dubstep. The music, culture, and traditions that the Caribbean community brought to London are also a foundation for many of its most captivating musical figures.

Born Rodney Smith, Roots Manuva first emerged in the mid-1990s London rap scene with a memorable appearance alongside Black Twang on the latter’s 1995 single, ‘The Queens Head’. Whilst the capital was moving full tilt into the sounds that had emerged from the splintering of rave at the turn of the decade, a vision for British hip-hop affirmed itself on the sidelines.

Inspired by the success of its American counterparts yet forever doomed to live in its shadows due to a shared language British rappers edged toward a brief moment of recognition in the late 1990s. Smith’s debut, 1999’s Brand New Second Hand, the first album on the Big Dada imprint, an offshoot of Ninja Tune helmed by journalist Will Ashon and tasked with representing the country’s growing rap credentials, remains one of the scene’s most stunning statements. A reflection of the city’s melting pot, Brand New Second Hand was a singular vision of hip-hop fashioned through Smith’s south London upbringing, Jamaican roots, weed, and borro...

UK group Flowers releasing second album in February, share two songs (listen)
Nov 24, 2015 12:43pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Bill Pearis


UK trio Flowers are back with their second album, Everybody's Dying To Meet You, which will be out via Kanine/Fortuna Pop in February. The LP was produced by Brian O'Shaughnessy whose very impressive CV includes records by The Clientele, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, and more. There's a bit of a rougher edge than we heard on Flowers' debut, Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do, and it's a little more what they sound like live. (Singer Rachel Kenedy's ethereal vocals remain the centerpiece.) You can stream two songs off the album -- "Pull My Arm" and "Ego Loss" -- and check out album art and tracklist below.

Flowers were last in America around CMJ 2014. No new dates on our side of the pond just yet, but UK dates are listed below....

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Mothers Too Small For Eyes
Nov 24, 2015 12:41pm | StereoGum
Mothers - Mothers picked up a lot of accolades from us based on the strength of just two tracks -- best new band, Band To Watch, best songs of the week for both -- and now the Athens, GA four-piece are getting ready to release their debut record. It's called When You Walk … More »

Q&A: exmagician
Nov 24, 2015 12:37pm | CMJ

From Belfast, Ireland, comes the grit-flecked candied blues band, exmagician. The duo—Daniel Todd and James Smith—previously went for a slightly more lush sound in Cashier No.9, whose LP, To The Death Of Fun (Bella Union) was named “Best Album” at the Northern Ireland Music Awards and shortlisted for “Best Album of 2011” by the Irish […]

The post Q&A: exmagician appeared first on CMJ.

Flowers Pull My Arm
Nov 24, 2015 12:35pm | StereoGum
FlowersThe charming elements of Flowers' indie pop seems to swirl around in the air like magic. Everything about the London trio's music on "Pull My Arm" sounds elevated. Rachel Kenedy sings in a high-heaven register, her voice full of light as it dips gracefully between wistful longing and soft sternness. The song's smeary guitar and … More »

Sports touring, playing NYC with Long Beard, Pinegrove and Vagabon (dates, LP stream)
Nov 24, 2015 12:33pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photo: Sports at Baby's All Right in February (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Ohio indie-pop punks Sports had been saying they didn't think they'd be able to really tour anymore, but they did make it to NYC for a post-CMJ show and now they're going on a short run around Christmas/NYE time.

It brings them back to NYC on December 29 at Baby's All Right for a very solid bill with Pinegrove, Vagabon and Long Beard. Tickets are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

That's one of two NYC shows on Long Beard's schedule, the other being Shea Stadium (12/27) two days earlier with Fraternal Twin, Furnsss and Old Maybe.

Stream Sports' new album All Of Something, with the list of tour dates, below...

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Jon Benjamin does not play piano or like jazz, made an album of piano jazz
Nov 24, 2015 12:32pm | Chart Attack

Jon Benjamin has always been a button-pushing comedian, pushing into strange and often uncomfortable directions with likeminded weirdos like David Cross, Jon Glaser and, more recently, Nathan Fielder. But his recent ubiquity and success as the voice of both Bob on Bob's Burgers and Archer on Archer has given him the platform to do it on a bigger scale. Like, say, releasing a piano jazz album despite not liking jazz or playing piano and somehow getting Sub Pop to release it.

YouTube Video

"I don't play piano at all," he says in the trailer above, after shots of him conferring with jazz teachers and his band of pros. "And, um, I'm not a huge fan of jazz. Never was. And that's why I thought it would be funny to make a jazz album."

This is obviously played for laughs, but it's not just a quick reveal in a video trailer. This is an actual album that's out. It was surprise released yesterday.

On Well, I Should Have* "jazz daredevil" Jon Benjamin plays with Scott Kreitzer (saxophone), David Finck (bass), and Jonathan Peretz (drums), who, as you can see in the video, are all real jazz musicians. Jon Benjamin is not.

A joke taken too far, a deconstruction of genre conventions, an "emperor has no clothes" argument about jazz itself, an expensive stunt financed by a respected indie record label -- whatever it...

download DJDS' cathartic 'acid mix' of Adele's Hello
Nov 24, 2015 12:30pm | Gorilla Vs Bear

Here's a version of "Hello" that I can get with. Shout out to Jerome LOL + Samo Sound Boy for this very emotional and cathartic "acid mix" of Adele's hit. Download it for free below:

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Booking agency Elastic Artists reportedly set for administration
Nov 24, 2015 12:28pm | Fact Magazine

The booking agency is going under, according to several artists.

Elastic Artists has been one of the UK’s key artist booking agencies over the last 10 years, specialising in dance music (though it’s also had plenty of grime artists and UK rappers on its books at times.) In recent years, several of its key agents have left to join agencies like Earth.

There have been behind-the-scenes murmurs of financial and legal problems at Elastic for several years, and this week, several artists have spoken (privately and publicly) about struggling to get paid for recent shows. Eglo Records and NTS’s Alexander Nut tweeted at Elastic yesterday, asking, “can your accounts department please reply to my emails and pay me the money I am owed.”

Excuse me @elasticartists can your accounts department please reply to my emails and pay me the money I am owed. Thank you.

— Alexander Nut (@AlexanderNut) November 23, 2015

Several artists have told FACT that they have tried to contact Elastic about money that they’re owed, only to be told that the accounts team are unavailable, while two have told us that they believe the company is set to enter administration. A former employee at Elastic has echoed this view.

Elastic Agency currently has artists like Dixon, Danny L Harle and Leon Vynehall listed o...

John Carpenter is working on four TV shows
Nov 24, 2015 12:12pm | Fact Magazine

A small screen horror bonanza could be on the way.

Not content with reactivating his music career and plotting his very first live performances, John Carpenter will reportedly be back behind the camera soon to start work on not one but four TV shows.

Carpenters wife and co-producer Kim Carpenter revealed the plans on the Killer POV podcast, as Bloody Disgusting reports.

“Right now, there’s four series waiting to go to network,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, we’ll do all of them. I mean, they’re great, and they’re different from anything that’s out there, and they again push the boundaries of what’s horror.

The horror master himself will be directing the pilot episodes before settling in as an executive producer for the remaining episodes, she added. “There’s sci-fi, there’s horror, there’s one that I guess would be [a] sci fi-horror futuristic kind of thing. They’re all across the board. I think they’ll fulfil what people expect out of him by also being unpredictable.

Carpenter will make his live debut at next years ATP Iceland, followed by two Halloween shows in the UK so only a year to wait.

Read FACT’s interview with John Carpenter about soundtracks, video games and why hes rea...

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