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FKA twigs announces massive show at Londons Roundhouse next year
Oct 23, 2014 4:53am | Fact Magazine

Tiny person meets enormous stage.

FKA twigs may have only played a handful of (ridiculously oversubscribed) gigs during her swift ascent this year, but she’s already got enough pulling power to announce a gig at the massive Roundhouse venue in Camden.

The concert is set for February 19, 2015, and you can grab tickets from midday today (October 23) you’ll need to be fast, we reckon.

Tahliah Barnett finds out if she’s won this year’s Mercury Music Prize next week previously favourite to win, she’s just been ousted as the bookies’ favourite by poet Kate Tempest. Read FACT’s review of the album that got her nominated, LP1.

Watch her krumping in a new video for Google Glass below. [via DIY]

Cassies classic debut album to appear on vinyl for the first time
Oct 23, 2014 4:23am | Fact Magazine

The R&B queen’s only proper album is getting its first vinyl release.

Cassie’s self-titled debut from 2006 is a minimalist R&B classic that sadly stands alone in her catalogue due to her being lost in label/management limbo for so many years. She finally followed it up in 2013 with the patchier RockaByeBaby mixtape, but it could never live up to our expectations.

Cassie never did receive a vinyl release, so it’s great to hear that Be With Records who specialise in reissuing unavailable material are putting together an unofficial pressing for early 2015.

The most thorough introduction to Cassie’s incredible underground oeuvre over the past eight years remains 2012′s (also unofficial) Trilogy collection, a set of three mixtapes covering all aspects of the influential and oft-sampled vocalist.

A photo posted by Be With Records (@bewithrecords) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:20am PDT

In Photos: Johnny Marr @ Lincoln Engine Shed
Oct 23, 2014 4:18am | Drowned In Sound

FKA Twigs: From Tewkesbury to Tinseltown
Oct 23, 2014 4:17am | Drowned In Sound

Each day until the winner is announced on Wednesday 29th, DiS in partnership with Naim Audio's mu-so wireless music system, will be focussing your attention on one of this year's 12 nominees. Today is the turn of FKA Twigs and her brilliant, self-titled debut. Visit our Mercury mini-site for J.R.'s 9/10 review of LP1 and Sammy Maine's thoughts on the awkwardness that surrounds fka Twigs, plus more coverage of all of this year's nominees.

Unless one has spent the last few months living under a rock, it would be fair to say the name FKA Twigs will have featured heavily in one's consciousness. Not necessarily for artistic reasons, I hasten to add. Since the tabloid press reported in September that she was stepping out with 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson, her profile has risen astronomically. Which may or may not explain her current status as the bookmakers' favourite to scoop this year's Barclaycard Mercury Prize when the winner is announced on 29th October. With the odds shortening to 5/2 across the board (although William Hill are offering a quite generous 11/4 which is worth a fiver of anyone's money), the expectations around FKA Twigs' self-titled debut are understandably high.

Which makes her elevation to household name even more remarkable considering this time last year she was relatively unknown to the majority of the population, yours truly included (although she was tipped on our forums back in 2013, a...

FKA Twigs: Beyond the hateful hype and Prince, Aaliyah and Kate Bush comparisons
Oct 23, 2014 4:15am | Drowned In Sound

Ahead of this year's Mercury prize, DiS in partnership with Naim Audio's new wireless music system, mu-so, will help you GoDeeper into 2014's nominated albums. Today, we would like to turn your attention to the fantastic debut album by dancer turned alien-pop phenomenon fka Twigs. Visit our Mercury mini-site for J.R.'s 9/10 review of LP1 and Dom Gourlay's thoughts on the rise of fka Twigs, plus more coverage of all of this year's nominees.

There was this woman who had been feeling really bad about her behaviour. She went to the Catholic priest in her village and said, Father, Ive been saying these things about my neighbour and I dont know if these things are true. I feel awful but I cant stop saying them. He replied, Ill tell you what you can do. Take a feather pillow to the top of the highest roof in the village and once youre there, take a knife to the pillow and let the feathers fly from the roof. The next day, the woman did this. She returned to the priest and told him how she had completed his task but did not feel any better. Now, I want you to collect each and every feather, one by one, and place them back inside the pillow, he said. But how can I do that? she exclaimed. They could be anywhere. Theres no way I could find each and every one. The priest turned to her and said, That my dear woman, is gossip.

This was the story Tahliah Barnett told in the middle of her set at Bristols Trinity...

FKA Twigs - LP1
Oct 23, 2014 4:10am | Drowned In Sound

Ahead of this year's Mercury prize, DiS in partnership with Naim Audio's new wireless music system, mu-so, will help you GoDeeper into 2014's nominated albums. Today, we would like to turn your attention to the fantastic debut album by dancer turned alien-pop phenomenon fka Twigs. This review originally appeared back in August ahead of the album's release.

Visit our Mercury mini-site for two thoughtful think pieces about fka Twigs, and more coverage of all of this year's nominees.

Pummelled continuously round the head by 24-hour news. Obliged to watch an entire DVD boxset per night so as not to get left behind as a cultural dinosaur. Plans for a costly high-speed rail network just to make the journey from one bustling metropolis to a similarly overcrowded conurbation thirty minutes quicker. Software update notifications every time you plug in your damned toaster. A Facebook feed bombarded by the constantly ageing faces of your friends infants. The We Buy Any Car jingle playing on an involuntary four-hour loop inside your crackling brain. Ray Winstones disembodied noggin interrupting all sports coverage every thirteen seconds to bellow the words, Come on geezer, put a fackin monkey on the orses, you soft bleedin muppet! Contracting the inability to concentrate on any arts criticism that dares to be longer than 140 characters. Too busy working, networking, scrolling, sharing and clicking to have the time or energy ...

Watch: Rob Bravery - Knock Out Ginger [Premiere]
Oct 23, 2014 3:45am | The Line Of Best Fit
Bristol's Rob Bravery delivers his grade-A debut "Knock Out Ginger" with visuals to match.>

Paris Hilton gets paid up to $1 million for a single DJ set
Oct 23, 2014 3:35am | Fact Magazine

Like it or lump it, everyone  Paris Hilton is one of the top DJs in the world.

‘Top’ meaning ‘best paid’, obviously. Her sets still leave something to be desired (watch below), but you have to admire her dedication to her music career. The hotel heiress has a residency at Harrahs in Atlantic City and also plays about twice a week in 1 percenter hotspots like Dubai, Vietnam and Shanghai.

Paper magazine reports that Hilton made $2.7 million for four nights in Ibiza this summer, which works out to $347,000 an hour, and New York Post journalist Richard Johnson recently asked her if it was true that she sometimes makes more than $1 million per gig.

“My mother always told me its not polite to discuss money, but its true,” she told him. “I am working a lot as a DJ and getting paid very well and having a ball.”

She added: Im very proud. Ive worked hard. I love music. Its my passion.” Fall back, haters! Hilton leaves Britney’s monster Las Vegas earnings  $1 million every week  in the dust.

Watch Paris keep the money rolling in with a little help from Stardust and Icona Pop below.

King Tuff - Black Moon Spell
Oct 23, 2014 3:30am | The Line Of Best Fit
They rocked at dawn on the front line, but do King Tuff now belong on the Home Guard?

Listen: Whistlejacket - Mr. Melon [Premiere]
Oct 23, 2014 3:14am | The Line Of Best Fit
London shoegaze quintet proves their sense of enigma and danger is undeniable on their latest single.>

The Hold Steady Backstage with Best Fit
Oct 23, 2014 3:00am | The Line Of Best Fit
A behind the scenes look at the Brooklyn five-piece's recent London show by Gaëlle Beri.>

Thurston Moore - The Best Day
Oct 23, 2014 1:29am | Drowned In Sound

Try as you might, you wont find much in the way of pained post-divorce angst in Thurston Moores latest solo album, though that hasnt stopped people obsessively looking for it. Moore, having swapped New Yorks grimy sidewalks for the artisan-coffee-and-craft-ale paradise of Stoke Newington in north London (essentially swapping the Big Apple for the Organic Pear), and having got his art-rock noise out the way on last year's Chelsea Light Moving album, has returned to business as usual for The Best Day, only his fourth full solo record in a 30+ year career.

Much DNA is shared with the more grown-up, muso-y, shoegazy end of Sonic Youths output, to the point long-time collaborator Steve Shelley has been flown in especially to thump the tubs behind it all. Hes completed the line-up with shoegaze royalty as well: theres My Bloody Valentines Debbie Googe screwing in her over-used ear plugs to perform bass duties, while weirdo-British-alt-rock legend James Sedward is sparring with Moore on guitar. The quartet are clearly having a ball playing together too you can tell because most of the songs go on for about a million years.

Its not just the length thats the giveaway though. The Best Day is a shiny record, with an exuberant freshness across the whole thing; it practically sparkles. It comes off as understated, unshowy stuff that revels in establishing satisfying grooves and running with them and it feels extremely comfortable: ...

Ultimate Painting - Ultimate Painting
Oct 23, 2014 1:28am | Drowned In Sound

Veronica Falls and Mazes. Mazes and Veronica Falls. For those of us whose knowledge of these two acts extended little further than listening to and enjoying their music, this collaborative record between Jack Cooper and James Hoare, under the moniker Ultimate Painting, will be a surprise a pleasant one at that. The melding of their two distinctive styles is equally pleasant; so is the entirely analogue production, the good ol fashioned DIY split cassette spirit and the album art. Unexpected or not, this is a welcome collaboration.

Recalling post-John Cale Velvets, mid-period Beatles and many other bands of the Sixties era from that period before things turned more in favour of heavy psych and hard rock, Ultimate Painting is a record that not only bears witness to a duo that understand each other extremely well, but one that brings about further realisation in the listener as to how memorable each of the members are within their own acts.

You can hear Jack Coopers fizzy guitar lines and playful vocals and instantly recognise them as the prime mover of Mazes krautrock-indebted psychedelics; likewise James Hoares hypnotised, low voice and introspective lyrics work as well here as they do as in the infectious goth-C86 of Veronica Falls. Together the band work wonders: Ultimate Painting is a seamless collaborative effort that, while by no means groundbreaking, is a notable success.

There is a feeling of comfort withi...

What's going on Thursday? (Obits, Protomartyr, The Kills, Mac McCaughan, Walter Schreifels, Joshua Light Show & more)
Oct 22, 2014 11:10pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Obits at Union Pool in 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Because of CMJ, we're doing 'What's Going On' slightly different this week. Each day there's a handful of day shows which are listed first, followed by the night shows. With so many events happening each day, we've limited this to our top picks, but there's a list of other good ones below the fold. And for even more of tonight's shows, you can browse our full NYC show calendar.


Widowspeak, Juan Wauters, Dinner, Homeshake, Mega Bog, Alex Calder, Girl Tears @ Baby's All Right
Captured Tracks has rounded up many of its acts for this day party, including Widowspeak who are playing their only CMJ today. FREE.

Purling Hiss, Mainland, Palehound, Amanda X, Rivergazer, The Kickback, Prettiots, Whiskey Bitches, Beach Day @ Cake Shop
This is NYC Taper's annual day party at Cake Shop, with a good lineup of American indie rock, including Philly's loud, awesome Purling Hiss. If you can't make it (or want to have a document of being there), recordings of all the sets will be on his site soon after. FREE.

Hunters, Gringo Star, Flowers, September Girls, Port Juvee @ Knitting Factory
LA's Culture Collide festival is presenting this day party with a couple imports from across the pond (Flowers, September Girls), Georgia garage rockers Gringo Starr, Brooklyn rabble-rousers Hunters and more. FREE.

Twin Peaks, Happyness, The W...

Techno veteran Chris Liebings CLR imprint launches new mix series with Rebekah
Oct 22, 2014 11:03pm | Fact Magazine

Rebekah will provide the first edition of Mind Sets. 

Mind Sets is the new mix series from techno stalwart Chris Liebing’s CLR label, set to be inaugurated by Rebekah. The Birmingham DJ and producer first became involved with the label when they released her Cycles EP last year after a string of releases dating back to 2004.

Rebekah’s 90-minute Mind Sets mix is made up of 31 tracks, most of which were originally released via CLR. Alongside these are cuts from fellow British techno artists James Ruskin, AnD, Perc and Sigha as well as continental heavyweights Rødhad, Delta Funktionen and Jonas Kopp.

As well as the mix, two samplers will also arrive via the CLR label featuring music from  Pfirter, Brian Sanhaji and Rebekah herself. Stream clips from the first sampler and check the chunky tracklist below.

Mind Sets: Rebekah will be released by CLR on November 21.


01. Drumcell – Empty
02. Mark Morris – The Gallery Of The Afterlife
03. Snts – 2
04. Meiko – Backview (Xhei Remix)
05. Bas Mooy – Exiles
06. Dark Chambers – Shaded
07. Pfirter – Erosion 2
08. Benny Rodrigues – Th...

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Buy it at Insound!


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