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Sigur Rós and Pixies among first names for Dour Festival 2016
Dec 1, 2015 6:28am | Fact Magazine

The Icelandic post-rock outfit top the line-up for the Belgian festival in 2016.

Belgium’s Dour Festival has announced the first acts to be confirmed for the 2016 edition, with Sigur Rós and Pixies among the headliners.

Due to be held from July 13-17, the festival will also feature performances from techno titan Boys Noize, US hip-hop group Ho99o9 and a set from French dub outfit Stand High Patrol.

The festival will be held in the small village of Dour, just 88km from Belgian capital Brussels. Tickets go on sale on December 2 at 12pm from the Dour Festival website – five-day tickets with camping are available as are tickets to The Village area with Festihut, Tipi and Festicabin accommodation options available.

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Rammellzees final album on show at London gallery
Dec 1, 2015 6:14am | Fact Magazine

The hip-hop eccentric’s unreleased swansong is going on show in the UK.

Before he died in 2010, New York City musician and graffiti artist Rammellzee recorded Cosmic Flush, an album of breakcore and speed metal-influenced rap tracks with producer Jonah Mociun. As we reported earlier this year, British label Gamma Proforma has been releasing the ‘Gothic Futurism’ proponent’s lost album as a series of seven 12 records.

The 12″s feature remixes and visual artwork from artists and rappers including Futura, Doze Green, Ian Kuali’i, Delta, sheOne, Augustine Kofie, Poesia, Toxic, Dr Zulu, Will Barras, Divine Styler, Mr Len, Edan and Beans.

All the paintings from the Cosmic Flush project are set go on show at Magda Danysz Gallery in London this month alongside a playback of the album and remixes. The exhibition opens on December 10 at 6pm, with DJ Food performing an all-Rammellzee set for Solid Steel Radio RSVP via Facebook.

Hear ‘Brainstorm’ and Edan’s Fight My Fire remix below. Meanwhile, fans of early NYC hip-hop will want to get this head-turning record case on their list for Santa ASAP. [via The Wire]

The post Rammellzee’s final album on show at London gallery appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Pressing Issues Vinyl's Crisis: People Love It Too Much
Dec 1, 2015 5:45am | Drowned In Sound
This fascinating piece originally appeared on [PIAS]'s website, as part of their Independent Echo newsletter (or TIE for short). Find details about how you can subscribe to the mailing list to learn more about the machinations of the Independent Music industry at the end of this piece...

Why are record labels having to wait up to four months for their vinyl orders to come back from pressing plants? Because people love the format more than the music business can handle right now.

Vinyl album sales totaled 1.3m in the UK last year the biggest tally since 1995. As for the US market, its a similarly intense resurgence: vinyl sales have quadrupled in the past half-decade, according to Nielsen data, narrowly missing out on a 10m annual sales milestone in 2014.

This upswing in popularity has triggered a rush of excitement at labels and retail, which has in turn pushed production orders into the stratosphere. Yet unlike the more convenient CD, vinyl manufacturing requires a frightening amount of expertise, specialist equipment and contingency planning. All of which, as we stand today, is rooted in the past and buckling under the weight of demand.

If Im being honest, the vinyl revival has actually been a bit frustrating for us because we struggle to give customers the service levels theyve become accustomed to in the past, says Karen...

bandshell Kempo
Dec 1, 2015 5:27am | Abeano

Behind one of the more underrated releases on the Hessle Audio imprint, electronic producer bandshell dropped thirteen cuts on his Soundcloud in the early hours of the morning. On the heels of his Little Tapes mix last month, the other highlight in this particular batch is ‘Fire Pit’, a pulsating fuzz decorated with critical-hit worthy kicks. ‘Kempo’ is similar affair, it’s sharp percussion like Leicester City fans etching the ever increasing Jamie Vardy goal tally like notches on a wooden training post where the pads have long since worn away. Listen below.

Imaginary People - Dead Letterbox
Dec 1, 2015 5:08am | Drowned In Sound
Despite dealing in a brand of post-punk often synonymous with mystery, Imaginary People are happy to bare all. The quartet arrive complete with a huge sense of theatre - flashing keyboard hits and stirring guitar flourishes ramp up the drama to the point of pantomime, the instrumental urgency alone enough to whip up a manic frenzy. The subject matter is similarly dramatic the bands debut EP was exclusively inspired by espionage, and rollicking 2014 single Scarlett Duvall was supposedly penned about 'a honeypot double agent who shames her country'. Stirring stuff.

When you profile their leader, the New Yorkers thespian streak comes as much less of a surprise. Aided by frantic instrumentals, the strikingly-named Dylan von Wagner seizes the spotlight and never lets go, his imperious wail falling somewhere between a drugged-up Elvis and the lead in a particularly violent musical about a shady private investigator. One could, indeed, imagine him fronting an ensemble musical cast, commanding a crowd of theatregoers until the stage is bombarded with bouquets.

In the mid-Noughties maelstrom of pseudo-mysterious Julian Casablancases we somehow lost our love for this kind of showman, but Von Wagner proves that the breed is far from extinct. On Imaginary Peoples full-length debut Dead Letterbox, he takes no time thrusting you into his...

Majestic Casual returns to YouTube
Dec 1, 2015 5:04am | Fact Magazine

The popular channel has been reinstated.

We don’t know why, but YouTube channel Majestic Casual is back. The first post on the reinstated channel was from Soulection artist Esta. Majestic Casual wrote on Facebook: “Thank you all for the support the last couple of days!!”

The channels massive archive was wiped from the site on November 23 over “multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted, according to a note on the channel’s page.

The takedown and reinstatement comes as several major streaming sites attempt to secure relationships with record labels and rights owners, with SoundCloud making some baffling decisions as it pursues a deal with the majors. [via Mixmag]

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Drake is most streamed Spotify artist of 2015
Dec 1, 2015 4:07am | Fact Magazine

Drake was the worlds most streamed artist on Spotify this year, picking up over 1.8 billion streams from 46 million listeners.

The streaming service unveiled a year’s worth of stats this morning, revealing that Ed Sheeran was both the most streamed artist in the UK and, looking back on Spotify’s overall listening history, has also become the most streamed artist of all time, racking up more than 3 billion streams to date. All that while partying harder than DJ Khaled.

The top five most streamed artists of 2015 were all male, with The Weeknd, Maroon 5 (they still exist?!) and Kanye West slotting behind Drake and Ed. Rihanna topped the list of female artists, followed by Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and Ellie Goulding, with Taylor Swift being the obvious exception since removing her back catalogue from Spotify.

The most streamed track of the year was Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’, followed by Omi’s remixed hit ‘Cheerleader’. The rest were rubbish are well so we won’t bother typing them out.

The UK’s results mirrored the global figures pretty closely, with Sam Smith and Sia sneaking into the top five artists.

Last month Spotify unveiled a new set of tools to help artists track t...

Traxman joins Bedouin Records with Tekliving mixtape
Dec 1, 2015 4:04am | Fact Magazine

The 60-minute cassette is released in late December.

Bedouin Records has more than earned its place in FACT’s list of the 10 record labels to watch in 2015, but it’s still got one more trick up its sleeve before the year is out – a mixtape from footwork veteran and Teklife member Traxman.

Details on the contents of the 60-minute Tekliving cassette are thin on the ground, but it’s out in December and is limited to 100 copies.

Traxman might not seem like the most obvious candidate for a release on a label that’s brought us records from abrasive producers like Hieroglyphic Being, Ekman and J Tijn in the past, but a recent mixtape from Bristol D&B veteran DJ Krust showed the label has an appreciation for more than just techno.

Listen to a four-minute snippet of Tekliving below, and pre-order the cassette from the Bedouin Records store.

The post Traxman joins Bedouin Records with Tekliving mixtape appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

New Order disappointed in Peter Hooks decision to sue
Dec 1, 2015 3:24am | Fact Magazine

The band claim Hook still receives his full share of back catalogue royalties.

New Order have issued a statement regarding ex-member Peter Hook’s decision to sue the band for £2.3 million in royalties.

Hook claimed yesterday (November 30) that he lost out when the band set up a company to manage the bands income without him back in 2011, and has accused Bernard Sumner and Stephen and Gillian Morris of pillaging the groups assets.

“Obviously the band are disappointed that Peter is pursuing this claim in this particular way,” the band told the NME in a statement. “The reports so far take a number of things out of context. Peter still, for instance, receives his full share of all back catalogue royalties. This dispute relates only to the share of income he takes from our work without him since 2011.”

“Not much more we can say as nothing has been decided by the Court on the facts other than he has a right to proceed with the claim, so this matter is still in play.”

“Were getting on with life and concentrating on touring and promoting our new album.”

Hook left New Order 2007, and in 2011, the remaining three members created a new company and granted it worldwide exclusive rights to the New Order name and related sources of income for a decade – a move Hooks lawyer has described as clandestine, pr...

Jamie Woon - Making Time
Dec 1, 2015 1:33am | Drowned In Sound
Jamie Woon is either a very patient man or highly appreciative of the number four. Perhaps both. Either way, following on from 2007s Wayfaring Stranger and 2011s Mirrorwriting, a Jamie Woon release has come upon us once more with the cyclical regularity of a World Cup. It comes with the knowing title Making Time.

With his previous release coming peak post-dubstep (remember that?) and co-signed by no less than Will Bevan Mr. Burial himself Woon found himself very much at the zeitgeist of sound in 2011. We know this because the BBC said so.

Having picked his moment perfectly last time then, fears that his four-year sojourn has led to his boat being quite spectacularly missed would be understandable.

The boon of his soul heartland though, is that the songwriting knack Woon is pre-disposed to is nigh on timeless, and theres a quiet self-confidence to how Making Time comes out of the gates that suggests he knows it. In fact, the message of opener Message is just that: consider your fears eased and then expunged I got this.

Ahead of the albums release Woon made clear that hed moved to a self-described 'funky rhythm section', dialing down the electronic elements hed become known for. True to his word, the first sounds youll hear are that of a more organic hi-hat and the gently played 1 2 ...

Fetty Wap shares free EP, For My Fans
Dec 1, 2015 12:42am | Fact Magazine

Stream the five-track EP below.

Following the success of his chart-topping debut album, Fetty Wap has shared a free EP to thank his supporters. Entitled For My Fans, the five-track offering three freestyles and two other tracks, with features from regular collaborator Monty, House Party and Cartel Lb.

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Larry Heard revives Mr. Fingers alias for new EP
Dec 1, 2015 12:23am | Fact Magazine

Larry Heard has brought back his Mr. Fingers alias for a new four-track EP.

Mr. Fingers is arguably the best-known moniker of house icon Larry Heard. As Mr. Fingers, Heard released a series of Chicago house anthems including ‘Can You Feel It’, ‘Washing Machine’ and ‘What About This Love’.

The veteran DJ hasn’t released any music as Mr. Fingers for over a decade, apart from a remix of Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey for the label’s tenth anniversary compilation last year. That is set to change with the release of a new Mr. Fingers EP next year. Heard’s own Alleviated Records will release Mr. Fingers 2016 on February 29. The new EP collects four tracks, which you can preview over over at Clone.

The sole album from Fingers Inc., the trio Heard formed alongside vocalists Robert Owens and Ron Wilson, was reissued earlier this year. [via RA]


01. Outer Acid
02. Qwazars
03. Nodyahead
04. Aether

The post Larry Heard revives Mr. Fingers alias for new EP appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

What's going on Tuesday? (The Sword, Jack Ladder, Glen Hansard, Kelela, Elvis Depressedly, Vanessa Carlton & more)
Nov 30, 2015 11:00pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photo: The Sword in Austin, 2014 (more by Tim Griffin)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

The Sword, Royal Thunder @ Webster Hall
Tonight Webster Hall hosts a double dose of throwback proto-metal style riffs from The Sword and Royal Thunder. They're supporting the new albums High Country (on Razor & Tie) and Crooked Doors (on Relapse), respectively.

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, Waltz, Okay Kaya, Fascinator (DJ Set) @ Baby's All Right
Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders seem like the kind of band teleported straight from 1985 -- specifically the set of Miami Vice -- with liquid, Japan-style bass, glassine synths, stabs of effected guitar and Ladder's enormous baritone croon front and center. Add to that wildcard guitarist Kirin J. Callinan, they're a fun time.

Glen Hansard, August Wells @ Beacon Theater
Glen Hansard released new solo album, Didn't He Ramble, earlier this fall which was produced by frequent collaborator Doveman, but expect songs from throughout his career (The Frames, The Swell Season, and Once).

Neil DeGrasse-Tyson @ Kings Theatre
Host of Cosmos and StarTalk!, DeGrasse-Tyson presents this show titled "Delusions of...

The Dean Ween Group cover Eagles of Death Metals I Love You All the Time listen
Nov 30, 2015 10:45pm | Cosequence Of Sound

In their first public interview following the Paris terror attacks, Eagles of Death Metal called upon other bands to cover their song I Love You All the Time in a show of solidarity. Theyve pledged to donate all of the publishing revenue to The Sweet Stuff Foundation in memory of the victims, and already bands are starting to heed their challenge. My Morning Jacket covered the song during their show at New York Citys Beacon Theatre last night, and The Dean Ween Group have now stepped up with their own studio version.

I have been very close friends with [EODM’s] Josh Homme for over 20 years, writes Dean Ween (who goes by Mickey Melchiondo when hes not fronting his band or the newly reformed Ween) in a statement. “When Josh asked me to cover this tune, I dropped what I was doing on the most important (to me anyway) gig night of my life. Ween had been debuting songs from the Dean Ween Groups forthcoming album, but he raced into the studio with drummer Ray Kubian and quickly laid down the track. The final version features Kubian on lead vocals, along with one sample of handclaps and 8 tracks of grunting in the rhythm of the song and scat singing. Listen below.

Read more about The Sweet Stuff Foundation at the charity’s website.

Ratkings Wiki announces debut solo album featuring Skepta, Madlib, Micachu and more
Nov 30, 2015 9:48pm | Fact Magazine

Lil Me will arrive as a free download next week.

Wiki, the 21-year-old frontman of New York rap outfit Ratking, has announced his debut solo album.

Lil Me collects 17 tracks and features guest appearances from Skepta, Micachu, Antwon and Teddy AF as well as fellow Ratking members Hak and Sporting Life. Production is handled by Madlib, Harry Fraud, Lee BannonSkywlkr and more.

Wiki has also shared a video for Lil Me cut ‘Livin’ With My Moms’, which features Nasty Nigel and references cult Brownsville rapper Thirstin Howl III.

Lil Me is released December 7 via Letter Racer. Check the tracklist and artwork below.

Ratking's Wiki announces debut solo album, LIl Me


01 WikiFlag (pt.1 prod. Madlb / pt.2 prod. Sporting Life)
02 Livin’ with My Moms [ft. Nasty Nigel] (prod. Black Noi$e)
03 Seedy Motherfucker (prod. Black Mack)
04 Hit the L [ft. Hak] (prod. Sporting Life)
05 Old Blocks New Kids [ft. Jadasea] ...

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