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Lorde announces rare UK show
Apr 23, 2014 5:40am | NME
The singer will play London's Brixton Academy on June 6

Thats Harakiri
Apr 23, 2014 5:35am | Fact Magazine

Available on: Tri Angle 

Plenty of producers make just one record before disappearing, perhaps abandoning dreams of a career in music when they realise that their chances of becoming the next Aphex Twin are vanishingly small. Only occasionally is this a bad thing. Sd Laika debuted on Visionists Lost Codes label back in 2012, with the stark Unknown Vectors EP; apparently this might have been the last we heard from him, had Tri Angles Robin Carolan not got in touch. Which, given the sounds contained therein – charred, aggy hybrids which positioned Milwaukees Peter Runge as one of grimes most promising young deconstructionists – would have been a great shame.

Thats Harakiri, as well as being a fitting description of the grisly things Runge does to various dance music conventions, is that EPs long-awaited followup – though its perhaps better viewed as a partner-piece or expansion pack, having been compiled from tracks made around the same time. Its certainly an aesthetic which merits exposition. Runges take on grime is, as with the gold-toothed child on the albums cover, infantile, threatening and absurd in equal measure. Plenty of new producers are doing interesting things on the outer fringes of the style – Filter Dread is probably Runges closest contemporary – but nobody sounds quite like this.

That said, grime doesnt dominate th...

Coldplay to headline Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow
Apr 23, 2014 5:30am | NME
The band will perform at the event on May 24

Coldplay debut new song 'Oceans' and confirm headline appearance at Radio 1's Big Weekend watch
Apr 23, 2014 5:30am | NME
The band will perform at the Glasgow event on May 24

James Franco says Kanye West invited him and Seth Rogen to perform at Kim Kardashian wedding
Apr 23, 2014 5:11am | NME
Rapper is a big fan of duo's 'Bound 2' spoof

My Favourite Record: Dominick Fernow
Apr 23, 2014 5:08am | Fact Magazine

My Favourite Record is a new weekly feature where we ask musicians we rate from across the spectrum to pick their most cherished album – a development of our occasional On Record feature, and a chance to take a peek at the albums that maketh the artist. Today’s entry:

Totally New Concepts in Sound: Disc 4
(Syntonic Research Inc., 1974)

Picked by: Dominick Fernow, Hospital Productions boss and the man behind Prurient, Vatican Shadow and more.

“Rather than resorting to simple nostalgia or number of times played, this is a record that has stayed with me to the present day.

The cover is notable for its emphasis on natural sounds, but at the bottom is a silhouette of a cityscape.

The text on the back the cover goes further:

A psycho acoustic experience.
Amazing! The speakers seemed to be dripping.
Changes the room…
Miss it when it’s over
Frees my imagination…
Leave it on continually
Forgot it was a record.
Useful for everything
…improves my concentration
Different from anything I’ve heard.
A very subtle sound
Psychoacoustic magic…
Expands the room

I had this playing for about two and half days when I first...

Record Store Day organisers monitoring eBay hour-by-hour as Paul Weller hunts down touts
Apr 23, 2014 4:52am | Fact Magazine

Money-grubbing touts spoil it for everyone again.

This year’s Record Store Day was the biggest ever, with over 600 limited edition releases hitting the shelves of shops in the US and UK. Naturally, the touts had a field day, placing hundreds of records for sale online at inflated prices even before the day had got underway.

The madness prompted veteran mod Paul Weller to issue a statement claiming he would never take part in RSD again. “The greedy touts making a fast buck off genuine fans is disgusting and goes against the whole philosophy of RSD,” he wrote.

In response, RSD organisers have issued their own statement explaining what they’ve been doing to combat touts:

“We share Paul Weller’s frustration at evidence that ‘Brand New Toy’ has been offered for sale on eBay, and we are disappointed that despite our best efforts to drive out the touts, once again some people are seeking to exploit the goodwill of artists and labels by selling RSD exclusives at vastly-inflated prices on eBay.

At just 500 copies Paul Wellers Brand New Toy was one of the most limited editions available on RSD and so some re-selling was expected. However, thanks to the measures we have taken on re-sales, overall the number of complaints about unauthorised sales this year is well down on previous years, though we continue to monitor eBay o...

Robert Plant says there is 'zero' chance of Led Zeppelin performing again
Apr 23, 2014 4:49am | NME
The band will reissue their first three albums in July

Acid, aliens and no bald phalanges: Joe Muggs does Coachella
Apr 23, 2014 4:27am | Fact Magazine

I didn’t know what to expect from my one-day visit to Coachella.

In fact, not having been there before, I didn’t know what to expect from California full stop. I was fairly sure that most of the stereotypes were just that: I certainly didn’t think the place would be full of surf dudes and Valley girls, and it was so screamingly obvious that that Jimmy Kimmel get people at Coachella enthusing about non-existent bands from last year was a stitch-up that I wasn’t buying into the clueless hipster meme either. That said, if I’m honest, I probably had been indoctrinated enough by viral videos from this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami that I was fully expecting to see a few candy raver casualties around the place doing grimly YouTube-able things to each other.

As it happened, there were none of the latter at all. Yes, there were some candy kids dotted here and there, hugging speakers, giving each other massages and mini lightshows with finger lasers, that kind of thing. But they were distinctly failing to hump trees, urinate on one another, or snort lines off each others’ bald phalanges. In fact, there were no casualties at all that I could see. Despite the facts that the desert dust was blowing into everything, that strong weed was absolutely everywhere, that the bars were doing a roaring trade and that I’m pretty sure all sorts of other stuff was being consumed one fellow Englis...

Sigur Rós' Jónsi and Alex Somers to score new US TV show 'Manhattan'
Apr 23, 2014 4:01am | NME
The show will focus on the race to build the atomic bomb in the 1940s

Prince William and Kate Middleton learning to DJ is the worst thing on the internet today
Apr 23, 2014 3:42am | Fact Magazine

The latest step in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of Australia: Wills and Kate learn how to DJ.

In a visit to Adelaide’s northern suburb of Elizabeth, the royal couple visited the Northern Sound System, an alternative learning centre that teaches music to disadvantaged young people. Then, yes, they got on the decks. Obama couldn’t seem cooler in comparison right now, could he?

“She was fantastic,” claimed teacher Shane Petersen. You can watch the full horrorshow and make your own mind up above. First one to make a Fresh Prince joke loses.

Hear A$AP Rocky on the remix of Lykke Lis No Rest For The Wicked
Apr 23, 2014 3:41am | Fact Magazine

Swedish pop star joined by the PMF on single remix.

Lykke Li has recruited A$AP Rocky for a verse on her ace single ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, a mighty torch song now retooled with added syncopation and a little extra thwack on the sub bass.

The song is taken from her new album I Never Learn, due out on May 5. Stream it in high quality at CIVCIVLI or check out the slightly cruddier version below.

As well as lending his vocals to a Gesaffelstein track, lately Rocky has been finishing up his album of instrumentals, Beauty and the Beast Slowed Down Sessions Ch. 1  check out the first two tracks from that project, ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Riot Rave’.

Lily Allen name-checks Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lorde on Sheezus  watch the video
Apr 23, 2014 3:30am | Fact Magazine

Pop windbag Lily Allen has unveiled the title track from her comeback album Sheezus.

Though the title is an obvious reference to Kanye West’s self-bestowed moniker, ‘Sheezus’ sees Allen name-checking what she sees as her competition in the pop game  Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Lorde. As usual the lyric sheet is full of absolute clangers  enjoy them all in the video below.

This track is one of the good ones from her album, by the way, not “docile pop rubbish” like previous singles ‘Hard Out Here’ and ‘Air Balloon’, as she admitted on Twitter last month.

The singer has already courted controversy throughout her protracted comeback, taking flak from all corners after her questionable portrayal of twerking dancers in the video for ‘Hard Out Here’.

Record Store Day organisers respond to Paul Weller boycott
Apr 23, 2014 3:02am | NME
As only 500 copies of 'Brand New Toy' were released, "some re-selling was expected" a statement reads

'Lost' writer expects to see show return in the future
Apr 23, 2014 3:00am | NME
US show ended in 2010 after six seasons

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