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Polytron releases vinyl soundtrack for indie puzzler Fez
Nov 26, 2015 5:04am | Fact Magazine

The gold-empossed double LP comes pressed on translucent orange vinyl.

Cult indie puzzle platformer Fez now has a vinyl version of its soundtrack thanks to the game’s publisher, Polytron.

The soundtrack – which landed in FACT’s 100 greatest video game soundtracks list – was composed by chiptune producer Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace), who recently made the move to film with his score for horror movie It Follows.

Released in 2012, the game sees a fez-wearing character called Gomez discover his two-dimensional world is just one side of a four-sided three-dimensional world. The vinyl version is pressed on translucent coloured vinyl, and comes with a gatefold jacket embossed with the game’s mind-bending glyph alphabet in gold.

The double LP set is available from the Polytron store, along with a special edition of the game that comes in a hardcover notebook for helping you solve the game’s puzzles and decipher its language.



David Bowies Blackstar inspired by Death Grips and Boards of Canada
Nov 26, 2015 5:00am | Fact Magazine

First it was Kendrick Lamar, now we’re told that David Bowie’s new album is inspired by rap outlaws Death Grips and Warp recluses Boards of Canada.

Saxophonist Donny McCaslin revealed the unlikely inspirations while relaying his admiration for Bowie’s voracious cultural appetite.

“I was so inspired by how much music and literature David’s checked out; he is constantly looking for new things, to listen to and to read,” McCaslin told Uncut.

“For instance, when describing one of the first songs we recorded, ‘Somewhere’, David referenced the Boards Of Canada song ‘Alpha And Omega’ as an approach. We’d talk about Death Grips, this band in California [too]”.

We already know that James Murphy appears on the album and that producer Tony Visconti was aiming to “avoid rock and roll”. All will be revealed when Blackstar is released on January 8, 2016, Bowie’s 69th birthday.

Hear the first single from the album, ‘Blackstar’, in Bowie’s surreal new video. [via NME]

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Field Day announces massive 10th birthday line-up
Nov 26, 2015 3:31am | Fact Magazine

Field Day returns in 2016 for  can this actually be true? its TENTH edition.

This year the organisers are diving straight in by revealing the huge line-up more than six months in advance, and as usual there are some absolute humdingers heading to Victoria Park, including Ata Kak! The Ghanaian rapper whose 90s cassette obscurity was rediscovered by Awesome Tapes From Africa will be in East London for what we imagine must be his first UK show.

There’s plenty more excitement on the bill, with Saturday’s stars including Four Tet, Roman Flügel and DJ Koze on the dance spectrum and live sets from Skepta, Floating Points, Dean Blunt and Holly Herndon.

On Sunday there’s a double headlining whammy of PJ Harvey and Beach House, plus Goat, John Grant, Optimo and The Thurston Moore Band. Check out the full line-up so far below.

Field Day London takes places in Victoria Park on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June, 2016. Tickets are available now from Field Day’s website.

Last year we came back from Field Day with an appalling hangover and these amazing GIFs.

Beans On Toast - Rolling Up the Hill
Nov 26, 2015 3:19am | Drowned In Sound
Beans on Toast is a singer-songwriter I was only moderately familiar with before coming ears to noise with Rolling Up the Hill. He wrote a weird song about fancying Laura Marling back when she first showed up with 'New Romantic'. We had that in common, Beans and I.

For those who arent familiar, Beans on Toast is a refreshingly simple take on music at a time when all the best artists seem to be pop or electronic. Hes on Xtra Mile, also the home of Frank Turner, so this should come as no surprise. If youre looking for a raw take on the singer-songwriter genre, then Beans is your man.

Themes tend to be those of a typical left-leaning nature. I mean that in the best way possible. If you love what Enter Shikari sing about but youre not keen on the vibes, then come on over. The track 'Robin Hood Costume' picks apart capitalism and the futility of electronic cash. He raps: "The money in your bank doesnt even exist. We never another plan of attack, we need to find a way to take our humanity back."

Consistently, this sort of theme depends entirely on your usual tolerance to it. What is definitely refreshing, whatever your stance, is a singer-songwriter tackling themes other than relationships (thinking of Ed Sheeran primarily with this dig).

Thats not to say that Beans doesnt tackle that obvious theme of relatio...

Fufanu - Few More Days to Go
Nov 26, 2015 2:20am | Drowned In Sound
Ive lost track of the number of indie bands Ive seen 'go electro' in recent years. Granted, some have done so more successfully than others, but its nevertheless refreshing to hear a group making the opposite transition. Of course, Icelandic duo Fufanu have been able to nurture their current guise while remaining relatively free of the scrutiny of the international press. Kaktus Einarsson and Gulli Einarsson previously made experimental techno under the name Captain Fufanu, until all their recordings and backups were stolen from their studio - an event which proved to be the catalyst for the duos rebirth as Fufanu (they left the captain behind at a rave in Cologne, apparently).

Few More Days To Go is the end result of this transformation, and though there are some stylistic vestiges of the bands previous guise - the low hum and metronomic beat as Now kicks off the album, Wire Skulls buzzing, mesmeric synth bass - their music now recalls Eighties post-punk pioneers such as Bauhaus and Joy Division. But thankfully, Fufanus sound is far from slavish imitation - despite sounding like a Nordic Ian Curtis at many points on this record, Kaktus hadnt even heard of him before the press started drawing parallels between the two. Indeed, even if there are comparisons to be made, theres always an interesting twist to them. Now sounds like t...

Andrew Weatherall releases special 7 remix for Lil Mo restoration campaign
Nov 25, 2015 11:03pm | Fact Magazine

Only five copies of the 7″ have been pressed.

Legendary British producer Andrew Weatherall has released a special 7″ to raise money for the Lil Mo restoration campaign. Five copies of Lil Mo In Dub are being sold off to help bring the vintage vehicle back to life.

Lil Mo is a rare Austin A60 van, one of only 150 in existence. The vehicle’s owner has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for its restoration. At a minimum, the owner hopes to install a new new chassis and working parts. If the campaign reaches its ultimate goal of £3500, the van will get “a little cosmetic surgery” too.

Andrew Weatherall has remixed the soundtrack to the campaign film (which you can watch below). The 7″ will set you back cool £250, or £500 if you want the first copy. Weatherall’s remix will be premiered on his monthly NTS show, Music’s Not For Everyone, which airs this Thursday 26 November from 1-3pm. [via RA]

Read next: Andrew Weatherall’s 30 greatest remixes

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What's going on Thanksgiving Thursday?
Nov 25, 2015 11:00pm | Brooklyn Vegan


Happy Thanksgiving! Not much is going on today in the way of shows, though of course there's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with Pat Benatar, Questlove, Trey Songz and more performing.

Webster Hall's weekly House Party is still on this week, and it's a Thanksgiving edition with special guests promised.

Videology in Williamsburg is showing The Shining on a loop all day.

Check out our NYC concert calendar and NYC comedy calendar for more.

Whatever you do, have a great day! And may Adele bring all of our families together...

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Artist creates synthesizer using his own stem cells
Nov 25, 2015 7:39pm | Fact Magazine

Guy Ben-Ary has built the “world’s first neural synthesizer.”

Back in 2012, Australian artist Guy Ben-Ary was awarded the creative Australia Fellowship to develop a biological self-portrait. He was inspired by his childhood dream of being a rockstar, as well as questions about shifting perceptions surrounding understandings of life and the materiality of the human body.

To create his biological self-portrait, Ben-Ary took a biopsy from his arm and used cutting-edge technology to transform the skin cells into stem cells, which he then turned into neural stem cells. This allowed him to build what he refers to as “the world’s first neural synthesizer.”

The machine works as follows: music is fed into the neurons as electrical stimulations and the neurons respond by controlling the synthesiser, creating an improvised post-human sound piece.”

Musicians have been invited to perform on the contraption, which is known as cellF. There is no programming involved, meaning cellF runs using only biological matter and analog circuits. View some diagrams below and read more at Guy Ben-Ary’s website. [via The Creators Project]

Artist creates synthesizer from his own stem cells

pics: Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Hedersleben, Netherlands & Dinner @ Grand Victory
Nov 25, 2015 7:03pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Photos by Greg Cristman

Nik Turner's Hawkwind
Nik Turner's Hawkwind

I was in the band for 10 years, and after I left, I discovered they'd trademarked the name of the band (without me). I thought, I have a right to that name. It was my nickname, because of my pronounced, prodigious habit of spitting and flatulence. (Because of) my scurrilous habits, and the drawing of attention to them by people, I was known as Hawkwind. It was all true. I was quite shocked to find (Brock had) trademarked the name, and proceeded to sue me for using the name, for calling my band ex-Hawkwind, because I had a band that was all ex members of Hawkwind. They sued me, and I paid out about 10 grand or something. - [Chicago Tribune]
Nik Turner and his version of Hawkwind are currently on tour and hit NYC on Monday (11/23) for a show at Grand Victory in Williamsburg. Backed by Hedersleben (who played their own spacey set as well) Nik brought lots of Hawkwind favorites, including classics "Silver Machine" and "Orgone Accumulator."

Also on the bill: Timo Ellis' metal-pop trio Netherlands and Brooklyn rock band Dinner&nb...

pics: Yonatan Gat, Pill and The Yin Yangs @ Knitting Factory
Nov 25, 2015 6:06pm | Brooklyn Vegan

photos by Christina Domingues

Yonatan Gat / Pill @ Knitting Factory, 11/24/2015
Yonatan Gat

Yonatan Gat just wrapped up his North American tour with a homecoming Brooklyn show at Knitting Factory on Tuesday night (11/24). As usual, Yonatan and his excellent band set up on the floor, surrounded by the audience, and played a highly improvisational set of instrumental psych-suft rock. Also on the bill: the skronky sax attack of new Mexican Summer signees Pill and the sludgy, shringy The Yin Yangs. Pictures from the whole night continue below...

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Jay Rock Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & SZA)
Nov 25, 2015 5:45pm | StereoGum
Jay Rock - Black Hippy OG Jay Rock put out the underrated 90059 a couple of months ago. Slightly confusingly, a short song with TDE labelmate SZA was included as part of the video for the album's title track, but on the actual LP, it was used as an outro for the Kendrick Lamar-featuring "Easy … More »

Kendrick Lamar shares remix of Jay Rocks Easy Bake
Nov 25, 2015 5:17pm | Fact Magazine

Featuring SZA.

Back in September, Jay Rock delivered his second solo album, 90059. He was joined by TDE colleagues Kendrick Lamar and SZA on ‘Easy Bake’, which has now been remixed by Kendrick under the new title of ‘Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix)’. Jay Rock and SZA’s parts stay intact, but K.Dot adds a new verse to the track. Elements of the original instrumental have also been stripped away in favour of a more melodic groove. Stream ‘Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix)’ below.

The post Kendrick Lamar shares remix of Jay Rock’s ‘Easy Bake’ appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

Chastity Belt Lydia Video
Nov 25, 2015 5:14pm | StereoGum
Chastity Belt - Seattle four-piece Chastity Belt released their very good sophomore LP, Time To Go Home, earlier this year. Most of the videos they've given us for its tracks have been charming lo-fi excursions, but the new clip for "Lydia" is more deliberate in its imagery and symbolism, constructing a black-and-white dreamworld out of … More »

Adam Sandler premieres Chanukah Song Part 4 watch
Nov 25, 2015 4:15pm | Cosequence Of Sound

We Jews don’t get a lot when it comes to the Holiday season. Oh sure, we get eight days instead of one, but you really only get the good presents on the final night. In a mall covered in green and red tinsel, we have to track down the little square with the blue-flamed menorah down the hall by the boarded up Sam Goodie where no one ever moved in. However, while we may not have a “Jingle Bell Rock” or a “White Christmas”, at least we have Adam Sandler.

In 1994, Sandler gifted the chosen people with their most iconic holiday jingle ever, “The Chanukah Song”. He’s since followed up the original with two renditions, “Part II” in 1999 and “Part III” in 2002. Now, 13 years on from the last update to the song, Sandler has released “The Chanukah Song Part IV” — and it’s glorious.

The song was debuted at a gig in San Diego last week, and now video of Sandler’s latest rundown of high-profile Hebrews has come online. Jesus and Punky Brewster get mentions within the first ten seconds, and it only takes off from there. After name dropping Drake and the guys who founded Google, Sandler sings, “We got Scarlett Johansson/ Talk about a kosher crush/ And if you need a higher voice to turn you on/ How about Geddy Lee from Rush!” Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. “Jared from Subway/ God dammit, a Jew/ But guess who&rsquo...

CONTEST: Win a pair of tickets to see Al Purdy Was Here in Toronto
Nov 25, 2015 3:42pm | Chart Attack

"I don't know of any good living poets," Charles Bukowski once said. "But there's this tough son of a bitch up in Canada that walks the line."

Bukowski was talking about Al Purdy, a man who would later be called Canada's "unofficial poet laureate" but first toiled for years as a nationalist poet at a time when that category wasn't something to be advertised. Along the way he gained fans and friends in writers like Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje, all while eschewing the boring landscape clichés.

It'd also be a cliché to call him a rock star, but Brian D. Johnson's documentary Al Purdy Was Here practically begs for it. The film features performances and remembrances by artists like Jason Collett (who co-produced the film), Sarah Harmer, Bruce Cockburn and Tanya Tagaq (who you can see in the trailer doing a version of "Say The Names" with Joseph Boyden). It's as much a music story as it is a literature one.

YouTube Video

Al Purdy Was Here will be playing between December 4 & 5 and December 8 & 9 at Toronto's Bloor Cinema and we have a pair of tickets to give away. The winner will have a choice of one of the following screenings:

  • At the December 4 show, author and film co-writer Marni Jackson will ...
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