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Mitski I Will
Oct 21, 2014 2:39pm | StereoGum

All of the songs we’ve heard so far from Mitski’s forthcoming full-length have been killer: There’s the wistful dream-pop of “First Love/Late Spring,” the crunchy pummel of “Townie,” and what’s perhaps my favorite song of the year so far, the guttural and vulnerable “I Don’t Smoke.” Our next taste of Bury Me At Makeout Creek is “I Will” and it’s a testament to Mitski’s vast talent as a songwriter that it sounds nothing like the tracks that came before it, yet still retains her individuality and unique perspective. Mitski lays her emotions on the table, satisfied but still wanting — “stay with me, hold my hand/there’s no need to be brave,” she sings as the music bellows behind her. It’s another stunner, and you can listen below.


Chief Keef Says Hes Been Dropped By Interscope
Oct 21, 2014 2:29pm | StereoGum

Chief Keef says he has been dropped by Interscope. The embattled Chicago rapper confirmed his departure from the label in a series of tweets today. “100% of everything goes to me now,” he wrote. “Jimmy [Iovine] it was cool splitting it with U But u gave yo spot up!”


Jerome LOL All That I Am (Feat. Sara Z)
Oct 21, 2014 2:10pm | StereoGum

The L.A. producer Jerome LOL is half of the techno duo DJ Dodger Stadium, and their swooping, gorgeously produced Friend Of Mine is probably my favorite dance album of the year. Jerome also makes music on his own, though, and he’s contributed a new track called “All That I Am” to Five Years Of Friends Of Friends, an new double-CD compilation that celebrates the anniversary of the L.A. label Friends Of Friends. Shlohmo, Tomas Barfod, and Daedelus also have tracks on the comp, and people like Nicolas Jaar, Ryan Hemsworth, and Star Slinger contribute remixes. “All That I Am” is a swelling, melodic techno track with a great diva vocal from Jerome’s frequent collaborator Sara Z. Listen to it below.


Wray released an LP, playing CMJ w/ a member of Jurassic 5 and more (dates & videos)
Oct 21, 2014 2:09pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Andrew Sacher

Like many indie bands, the members of Birmingham, AL's Wray have roots in punk, but the only thing sound-wise that's really carried over from that to this band is a love of distortion. Wray's self-titled debut LP came out earlier this year via Communicationg Vessels and it's mostly shoegazy guitars over krautrock rhythms. You can stream the album in full on RDIO and watch the videos for two tracks below.

The band only has two shows announced at the moment. One is their label's CMJ showcase happening Wednesday (10/22) at Lit Lounge with Sanders Bohlke, The Champions of Truth (Shaheed and DJ Supreme w/Akil The MC of Jurassic 5), The Dirty Lungs and The Green Seed. That's $10 at the door or free if you have a badge. Their only other show is in their hometown this November with The Octopus Project.

All dates are listed, with the videos, below...

Continue reading "Wray released an LP, playing CMJ w/ a member of Jurassic 5 and more (dates & videos)" at brooklynvegan

Save the Toronto rave forum The Vault with this crowdfunding campaign
Oct 21, 2014 2:06pm | Chart Attack

The Vault (link now dead) was a forum started during the glory days of Toronto's rave scene by Chris Smart, and was "an amazing resource of flyers, MP3s and general flashbackery" according to James Applegath, co-creator of Toronto's rave newsletter-turned-archive The Communic8r. Recently, The Vault has been taken down due to unpaid hosting fees, and will be totally erased from its servers on November 1. In response Applegath has started a crowdfunding campaign with GoFundMe to raise the $500 needed to restore The Vault and move it to The Communic8r.

But is it worth the money? A quick Google search reveals a list of similar websites (though many of the links are dead). I wondered if The Vault offers anything other sites don't, so I asked Applegath to justify for an outsider why the forum deserves to be saved. Given how Toronto dance culture was once recognized around the world, it's not surprising that The Vault's collection has been visited by at least one very important figure in jungle:

"Although it predates our website presence, The Vault picks up where we leave off in terms documentation of the Golden age. Lots of flyers and audio from '92-'95 (and beyond) that you can't find anywhere else. When I want to find specifics about a flyer or event in that time frame, I go there. And many old schoolers do - in fact, Goldie recently lifted a recording of him[self] on the Radio from '92 from the vault and promoted i...

Song : Ghost Loft : Be Easy
Oct 21, 2014 2:02pm | My Old Kentucky Blog

Danny Choi, aka Ghost Loft, was the creator of one of our favorite tracks last year with “So High”. The elusive producer is back after a break letting us know that not everything is a big deal and, sometimes, you just need to “Be Easy”. The song has that shadowy feel to like his previous songs, but hits with a little more urgency. Hopefully, this signals a proper EP or LP from him in the coming months. You can watch the video or stream the song by itself below.

Stream Rancid Honor Is All We Know
Oct 21, 2014 1:48pm | StereoGum

Berkeley punk rock lifers Rancid, my favorite band of all time, haven’t released an album since the slept-on Let The Dominoes Fall in 2008. That changes next Tuesday. The band has a new one called Honor Is All We Know loaded up and ready to go, and we’ve posted its songs “Face Up” and “Already Dead,” as well as a video of them playing three of the album’s tracks. On first listen, the new LP isn’t quite as frenzied and anthemic as the stuff they were making two decades ago, but that only seems biologically sensible. And they’re still doing an amazing job packing giddy, beyond-catchy hooks into fast, assaultive punk rock pummels. They still sound happy to be alive, and they are incapable of making a bad album. Right now, you can stream the whole thing at iTunes Radio.

Honor Is All We Know is out 10/17 on Epitaph.

Radio Bushwick abrubtly closes (temporarily), CMJ shows being moved/canceled
Oct 21, 2014 1:48pm | Brooklyn Vegan

Fairly new Brooklyn venue Radio Bushwick had a busy CMJ week planned until yesterday something caused all their shows to be moved/canceled. They haven't made an official statement (they did not reply to our inquiry) but The New Lines wrote in about their 10/27 Halloween show with Sansyou and more to say:

OOP - quick update - show moved to the rock shop (park slope, brooklyn) due to some sort of landlordly legal-biz - please send radio bushwick your good karmic energy (/ actual support!) as they tough it out, ok?
As for CMJ week shows, some are moving to nearby Lot 45 but here's the rundown:

--Tonight's (10/21) Hallelujah Blackout showcase with Swagger Dagger, Brett Saxon and more will now happen at Lot 45 (411 Troutman).

--Wednesday's (10/22) Noise Love CMJ showcase with Honduras, Skull Practitioners and more is also going to Lot 45.

--Thursday's (10/23) Out on The Streets showcase with Seoul, Fort Lean, Rioux, Tomboy and more is also now moving to Lot 45.

--Friday's (10/24) Bird Dog Promo showcase with Boytoy, Beverly, Dilly Dally and more will now happen at The Studio @ Webster Hall.

--Black Bell CMJ showcase on Saturday (10/25)...

Todd Terje makes a used car commercial in his video for Delorean Dynamite watch
Oct 21, 2014 1:45pm | Cosequence Of Sound

After notable appearances in the Back To The Future series, the DeLorean DMC-12 became one of several go-to images for just how wacky and out-of-whack the ’80s truly were. Todd Terje was no doubt touched by the vehicle’s storied legacy, having paid sonic tribute in his own way with the single “Delorean Dynamite”, from his debut full-length, It’s Album Time. Now, in the accompanying video, Terje’s offering fans a chance to own an actual piece of history by purchasing their very own DeLorean.

Directed by Espen Friberg, the clip follows the chrome cruiser in action, hypnotizing potential buyers with its sleek design and impeccable handling. According to the car’s sale page, it’s going for 279,000 Norwegian krone, or roughly $43,000 US, which may or may not be a steal considering the car only has around 14,000 miles on it. If you’re interested in building your own time machine, or just cruising the neighborhood, contact Frank, the seller, at

In a statement, Frank described the power of the DeLorean:

The world’s most iconic movie car could be yours! The time machine from the Back To The Future movies, is a very rare and truly special American (produced in northern Ireland) sports car that always turns heads. It’s over 30-years-old, which means very low road taxes and insurance. The Delorean DM...

Album Of The Week: Jessie Ware Tough Love
Oct 21, 2014 1:30pm | StereoGum

Jessie Ware is through being cool. “Say You Love Me,” the best song on her sophomore album Tough Love, has a gospel choir and an Ed Sheeran co-writing credit and a bridge that sounds like the song from Once that won the Oscar. It is a song that fully exists in Sam Smith territory. It’s grand and hammy and sweeping. It’s also an incredible song, a warm and instinctive plea to keep a relationship from falling into inertia death. Ware sings the fucking hell out of it. That part on the second verse where she goes from coo to sob to accusation to sigh in the space of a single line — “Want to feel buuuurn-iiiing flaaaame when you say my name” — absolutely reduces me to rubble. It takes every move from the big, gooey, sweeping pop-ballad playbook and executes it perfectly, hitting all your feeling-buttons with masterly ease. And if a song like “Say You Love Me” can break through to the greater pop-cultural consciousness — don’t rule it out — I could see it becoming something like Adele’s “Someone Like You,” a song that can play over supermarket speakers and ambush you, leaving you misty-eyed in the cereal aisle.


California startup invents real-life Back to the Future hoverboard
Oct 21, 2014 1:20pm | Cosequence Of Sound

Earlier this year, a company by the name of HuvrTech emerged online with the promise of real-life, Back to the Future-inspired hoverboards for sale by this Christmas. HuvrTech supported their groundbreaking proclamation with video of musicians like Moby and Best Coast riding majestically through the air. Director Robert Zemeckis’ glorious vision of the future, it seemed, had at last been delivered onto us.

Like so much on the Internet, though, it all turned out to be just another ginormous promotional campaign, and our hopes for the future were dashed. (Not unlike how Marty McFly’s were dashed when he found out his father was a nervous pervert as a teenager.) From that disappointment, though, comes renewed promise, as another, decidedly real company has created an actual, functional hoverboard.

As Engadget points out, the California-based startup Aryn Pax is currently crowdfunding its Hendo Hoverboard, “a self-powered, levitating platform with enough power to lift a fully grown adult.” The board works quite similarly to MagLev trains, meaning it uses electromagnetic technology to repel and then float above non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper. The current version of the Hendo can support up to 300 pounds, while the final product will reportedly hold up to 500 pounds.

Unfortunately, as the folks at Engadget found out, you won’t exactly be able to outmaneuver bulli...

Dej Loaf Try Me (Remix) (Feat. Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign) & Bird Call Video
Oct 21, 2014 1:16pm | StereoGum

Detroit rapper Dej Loaf has had a breakout year, and this week she reiterated her status as an MC on the rise with updates to two of her biggest hits. Breakthrough “Try Me” blends chirpy, poppy sing-song that verges on cartoonish with the cold-hearted pulse and dead-eyed threats of Chicago drill music. On the new remix, Ty Dolla $ign and the recently released Remy Ma show up to lend their own melodic verses over a DDS beat that sounds like an ice palace with subwoofers installed. Meanwhile “Bird Call,” a DJ Whoo Kid production on which Dej outright raps (and raps well!), gets an official video shot by Dan The Man at Eminem’s Shade45 Studios in New York. It’s pretty barebones as music videos go, but the song is well worth your time. Check out both below.


Mitski released "I Will" from new LP, playing CMJ, touring with Johanna Warren (dates & stream)
Oct 21, 2014 1:07pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Andrew Sacher

As discussed, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Mitski is releasing a new album, Bury Me At Makeout Creek, on November 11 via Double Double Whammy (pre-order). It's her first for the label and follows two indie/classical-style albums, but this one sees Mitski applying her strong sense of songwriting to the kind of DIY rock that label is known for (and members of its "house band" LVL UP have been backing her at shows). The clash ends up sounding something like Torres, Sharon Van Etten, or the newest Angel Olsen album. It's good stuff, and fans of those three should give this a listen.

She's already put out three singles from the album, and all of them have been different. The first, "First Love / Late Spring," is a dose of singer/songwriter pop, maybe the closest to her older material, but the next single, "Townie," changed any idea of her you may have had with its rougher '90s-style indie rock and Mitski's wailing vocals. Then came "I Don't Smoke," a distortion-coated slab of lo-fi with those powerful pipes intact once again.

Now she's returned with a fourth single from the album, "I Will," via NME. This one starts with minimal backing -- just bass and drums -- but similar to a song like Waxahatchee's "Brother Bryan," Mitski makes it sound like a folk song. Eventually keyboards come in too, adding a few more layers but still keeping the song from crossing over into a bigger pop territory. Hear it for yourself, plus...

Stream: Francisco The Mans debut album Loose Ends
Oct 21, 2014 1:05pm | Cosequence Of Sound

California indie rock outfit Francisco The Man will release their debut album, Loose Ends, on October 27th via Fat Possum/Small Plates Records. In anticipation, the album is streaming in full below.

The band has actually been in existence for seven years, but only had a single EP and series of 7-inch singles to their name prior to the release of Loose Ends. Theres ample reason for the general inactivity, though: The last near-decade has seen the foursome take plenty of time off, move from Riverside, CA to Los Angeles, swap out members a few times, and even endure a near-death experience at a roller rink.

A press release describes the albums as being built upon questions and anxieties, “with each subsequent verse and track, (the band) seem to find the answers in themselves,” adding, “Each song comes in with a certain message, but with a sound that blends garage rock, new wave, and shoegaze, the message becomes enveloped in something complete different.”

The album is preceded by three singles, “Big Ideas”, “It’s Not Your Fault”, and “Progress”.

Pre-orders are ongoing.

Loose Ends Tracklist: 
01. You & I
02. In The Corners
03. Big Ideas
04. Loaded
05. In My Dreams
06. Its Not Your Fault
07. Progress
08. I Am Not
09. I Used to Feel Fine
10. Its True, Its You...

Sorority Noise releasing a split w/ Somos (stream it), playing Topshelf CMJ w/ TWIABP, Empire! Empire! & more
Oct 21, 2014 12:59pm | Brooklyn Vegan

by Andrew Sacher

Somos at The Studio at Webster Hall in June (more by Mimi Hong)

Somos and Sorority Noise both put out their debut albums this year, Temple of Plenty and Forgettable, respectively, and now they've teamed up for a split EP that's due out next week (11/4) via Bad Timing Records (pre-order). While Somos' debut was mostly punky indie rock, they've slowed down for their two contributions here, giving themselves space to experiment with new layers and more complexity. And while much of Sorority Noise's album was crunchy pop rock, the last three tracks had them moving in a more somber direction as well, which is what they continue here. A stream of the full EP premieres in this post and can be listened to below.

Both bands have interesting futures ahead of them too. Somos recently announced that they left Tiny Engines for their new label home of No Sleep and are planning to put out a new album for the label in 2015. Meanwhile, Sorority Noise recently mentioned that two of their members left the band but they'll be moving forward.

Both bands have shows coming too. Sorority Noise are playing The Fest but first will play the Topshelf CMJ showcase (presented by Washed Up Emo) happening Friday (10/24) at Cameo with The World Is A Beautiful Place, Empire! Empire!, Field Mouse and Wildhoney. That show is free with RSVP (no badges required). Yo...

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Buy it at Insound!


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